Earnity’s Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa and Expound UX’s Role

In December 2021, Earnity raised more than $20 million, with $15 million from the stock offerings it closed with Bitcoin mining firm BitNile. The company’s goal is to develop and launch an online platform that will enable users to learn about crypto while earning and collecting tokens. Under the leadership of executives Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa, Earnity looks to solve the hindrances holding back mass crypto adoption rates. One way to promote cryptocurrency, especially to new users, is through seamless user experience (UX).

There was a time when crypto was only for the most tech-savvy internet users. However, as the digital currency’s popularity booms, so does its target market. In fact, in late 2021, it was reported that more than 100 million people worldwide had already bought in some form of cryptocurrency. So, the days that blockchain trading services were focused on backend engineering and cryptography are gone. Instead, developers should give the UX part more attention and effort.

Because not all crypto traders and buyers have enough experience with the financial system, some, if not most, of them hope to be guided and helped when completing crypto transactions. Blockchain services providers and crypto-based applications should educate the mass users and deliver a smooth and frictionless experience.

UX can also reduce the learning curve that comes with understanding and using the many decentralized finances (DeFi) and crypto protocols and products. Concepts like crypto accounts, private and public keys, block height, and others can be challenging to comprehend, especially for new users. More users will likely get on board the crypto train by designing the platform to be customer-centric, easily navigable, and intuitive.

Earnity looks to help demystify users’ crypto journey. Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa understand that users, especially newcomers, have to bear the heavy load of understanding all of the value propositions and reasons behind the existence of different kinds of crypto. The Earnity team intends to address the massive crypto access bottleneck by creating an easy-to-use, highly secure, social-first, and user-driven platform.

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Why You Must Cover Your Drains with a Grate Cover

Correctly dealing with a variety of types of water run-off is essential if you operate an industrial or manufacturing facility while you should also be aware that the drains in your property play an important role in taking different types of waste water away from the property. Furthermore, many industrial businesses require drain covers to be installed for a variety of different reasons, especially preventing accidents and injuries from occurring as well as diverting waste, flood or rain water away from a particular property. If you need to discharge considerable amounts of waste water on a regular basis, you should be aware to make sure your drain covers are in working order at all times. However, if you require replacements for drain grate covers then you should be aware that a specialist supplier in Australia can provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

1. Ensure your drains are clean at all times

One of the reasons that you must cover your drains whenever you are releasing wastewater is so that you can ensure the drains do not get blocked or polluted. Indeed, drain grate covers can prevent organic material from getting into the drainage system, which could potentially stop water from draining away from a facility. As a consequence, if you want to make sure your building is as safe as possible, as well as ensure any waste water run-off is taken away from the property, you must think about installing drain grate covers from a specialist supplier as soon as possible.

2. Prevent contamination

Another important reason to cover your drains with a drain grate cover is that you can potentially protect the environment, as well as stop environmental contamination from occurring. If you want to prevent chemicals or hazardous materials from getting into the drainage system, then you must be aware to cover the drains in your property with a specialist type of cover. If you want more information about the various drain grate covers that are available on the market, then you must think about talking to a specialist company in Australia while you should also check your facility for water leaks to avoid drainage issues.

3. Protect drinking water supplies

Lastly, it is essential to be aware that drain grate covers can provide you with a cost-effective and easy to use solution while you can also protect drinking water supplies in a particular area. In addition, if you are experiencing a chemical or rainwater run-off, then you can stop pollution from entering the water supply as a result of covering the drains on your property. This is especially pertinent if you have to carry out a procedure in which you may have to discharge chemicals or rainwater into the environment. Storm drain covers can also help your business to maintain legal compliance with the relevant environmental legislation that is in operation in your local area.

  • Ensure uncontaminated water enters the drains
  • Prevent contamination of the local environment
  • Protect local drinking water supplies

To conclude, if you operate an industrial, manufacturing or commercial facility, then you may need to release contaminated water into the environment while if you want to prevent serious contamination of the water supplies, you must think about purchasing drain grate covers for your facility.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Finding what to buy the man in your life can definitely be a struggle and many of us succumb to buying socks or gift cards. Despite this, gifts such as these can seem impersonal and many of us are in search of something more. We’re edging closer and closer to Christmas and time is wearing thin to find the perfect gift. So, what should you be on the hunt for ahead of Christmas day?

A Bracelet

Usually, your mind won’t go straight to jewelry when tracking down a gift for a man, but a bracelet is a present with great potential. Men’s bracelets are becoming increasingly popular and act as a great feature of any outfit. Leather bracelets and silver cuffs are ideal candidates as they’re minimal, simplistic, and won’t overwhelm a jewelry novice. Even the most macho of recipients can appreciate a jewelry gift as the connotations of such are no longer feminine. Jewelry is for everyone, and a bracelet gift is a great way to introduce your man into the world of accessories.

A Cozy Jumper

What’s not to love about a fuzzy jumper in the midst of winter? A lot of men won’t think to regularly replenish their wardrobe and may still be wearing a ten-year-old jumper. No matter the amount of fabric softener, a jumper’s softness will not be able to withstand years of wear. Therefore, a new cozy jumper is a thoughtful gift that shows someone you’re concerned about their comfort. Additionally, you can be sure that the recipient will get ample wear out of the item for years to come, especially across the festive period.


Scents are extremely personal; in fact, smells, memories, and emotions are interwoven. Scents are dealt with by a structure at the front of the brain and are directly sent to the areas that handle memory and emotion. Therefore, you will associate certain scents with loved ones and these smells will trigger emotional responses. Whether you opt for a fresh, floral, spice, or woody smell, you’ll be gifting someone with a deeply thoughtful present.

An Electric Toothbrush

Not only is an electric toothbrush a gift of convenience, but also a luxury. A lot of people won’t think to invest in an electric toothbrush as their standard alternative suffices. Additionally, an electric toothbrush comes at a much higher cost that many people don’t want to fork out for. However, electric toothbrushes are much better for your oral hygiene and leave you with a much cleaner feel. Not only will this gift display your appreciation for your recipient, but it’ll greatly benefit them from a health stance.

A Smart Watch

Smart watches are great gifts that allow you to combine the functions of a smartphone with the compact convenience of a watch. A smart watch allows you to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, utilize apps, and, of course, tell the time. To personalize the gift slightly more, you can even purchase straps of different patterns and colors. This will give your recipient the opportunity to match their watch to their outfit from day to day.

A Small Pizza Oven

Outdoor pizza ovens are no longer bulky and fixed to the floor; you can now purchase portable appliances that weigh as little as 10 kg. Not only will these cook delicious pizzas in as little as a minute, but their setup is effortless. The man in your life is sure to enjoy a pizza oven, producing restaurant quality pizza at a fraction of the price. This gift will ensure minimum effort and maximum satisfaction.

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What Makes The Best Tobacco E Liquid?

In the world of vaping there is an enormous range of tobacco e liquid options which you can buy. Such is the popularity of vaping, there is not only and abundance of products which you can choose from, but also an abundance of flavors and styles. No matter which is your favorite flavor or which particular product you enjoy, it is critical that you buy and enjoy the very best tobacco e liquid that you can. When we talk about the best though, what exactly does this mean? Let’s take a look. 

Thickness of The Juice

It is very difficult to know which is the best by looking at cost, but it is important to avoid the super cheap options here. The reason for this is that the liquid in those products is often very thin, and that means that you end up getting through it much quicker. A slow burning thick liquid is what you should be looking for here. Even if the poorer product costs less, you will actually find that you have to buy twice as much, because of how thin the liquid is, and how quickly it smokes. 

Flavor Profile 

If you have a favorite e liquid flavor such as menthol or a fruity flavor, then you want to make sure that the flavor is exactly what it says, and that it actually tastes good. There are so many poor products on the market which have flavors that simply don’t taste as good as they should, and others which don’t even taste like what they say they do. It is important that in order for you to enjoy this experience, that you have a quality product which delivers on what it says. 

Competitive Pricing 

When it comes to pricing you shouldn’t be looking at the cheapest option, but nor should you be looking at the most expensive. The reason for this is that the very best products are those which are competitively priced. If you can find this kind of mid-level product then you are sure to get a great experience without it hitting you too hard in the pocket. Always remember that the price of a product is not always indicative of its quality, but low prices usually do indicate that the product is not of the highest quality. 

Easy to Use

When you are refilling your vape you need it to be as easy as possible. This is something else which low quality juices get wrong, and they are just not able to deliver a product which is easy to use. The last thing that you want is to have juice all over your hands when you are trying to refill, so try to find a product that makes your life easier. 

It is worth branching out and trying as many products as possible when it comes to vape juice, because there is just such a wide range on the market. If you can get this right, you’ll find a great product which you can use for a long time to come.

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5 Reasons to Consider Hydroponic Gardening

There are many reasons to take up gardening. Whether it’s to plant and grow tasty food, tend to your shrubs, or have a lower environmental impact on the planet, you need to pick the right method to get the maximum benefits.

Hydroponic gardening is a popular method that grows plants without the need for soil. Instead, you will feed your plants on mineral nutrient salts that are dissolved in water. Even if you are used to growing plants traditionally in soil, here are some of the key benefits you can gain from hydroponic gardening.

Uses Less Water

Watering and gardening go hand in hand, helping to keep your plants healthy and growing correctly. What you may not realise is that you’re able to save close to 90% of the water that you would regularly use in traditional gardening if you switch to hydroponics. When you water your plants every day, most of the water runs off them, meaning they don’t get the full benefits. If you choose hydroponics, there is no worry of water running off, as it’s circulated continuously through your plant’s roots. 

Full Control

Another reason to try out hydroponic gardening is that you’re in full control of the water. This means you can experiment with various nutrients to create an easy formula for your plants, helping to keep them at their healthiest. Not only will you oversee when your plants eat, you can decide how much water they absorb. 

Improved Quality of Produce

When you grow plants hydroponically, you will find the taste and quality of your produce is enhanced. The reason for this is down to your hydroponic system as it utilises the quality of clean water and nutrients under a controlled environment without the worry of herbicides or pesticides. What’s more, hydroponics reduces the supply chain drastically, meaning your greens will taste much better when compared to those that have had to travel hundreds of miles from a farm to the supermarket. 

No Limitations

Having a hydroponic garden gives you minimal restrictions both in terms of space and location. This means you’re able to grow a much larger quantity of plants in a hydroponic setting when compared to open fields. Whether you want to grow herbs like mint or basil, or vegetables like lettuce or cauliflower, you’ll be able to grow beautiful and tasty produce all year round with hydroponic supplies from Progrow, regardless of how much room you have. 

No Pests, Weeds, or Diseases

Many pests and diseases are already born in the soil, meaning they will infest your garden from the beginning of the growing process and cause numerous challenges both mentally and financially. As there is no soil involved in a hydroponic system, you won’t have to worry about weeds, pests, or diseases wreaking havoc on your plants. 

If you want to be more eco-conscious and have healthier plants, hydroponic gardening may be the right method for you. Growing hydroponically allows you to leave your comfort zone and try something different. If you’re worried about the end result, don’t be: hydroponic gardening results in healthy and tasty produce.

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Rose Burillo – To People Go Over The Top About Tacos In Mexico?

Each country has its own favorite, or famous cuisine, and there is often temptation by many of us to fall into the trap of thinking that this is their favorite too. Do Italians like pizza? Of course, but they are not eating it day-in and day-out, they have a broad range of delicious foods. The same cane be said about Americans and BBQ, Brits with fish and chips or the Germans with bratwurst. This brings us to the Mexican taco and the question is whether or not they have a similar situation, do people go a bit overboard when they talk about the taco culture in Mexico

The answer is absolutely not! 

Streets Adorned 

It only takes a day or two in Mexico to recognize that the streets are absolutely packed with street vendors and the majority of them are selling tacos. This is not just something which you will find in the capital for the tourists, throughout the towns and villages of the country you will find an enormous range of taco stands on the streets, and that is because they form such an important layer in the fabric of life here. During the day, at the popular meal times, you will see people of all ages and backgrounds congregate around their favorite taco stands, devouring this amazing snack. 

Wide Range of Options 

It wasn’t until I went on a taco tour with the incredible Rose Burillo that I had my eyes opened as to just how many types of taco you can find in Mexico. From slow cooked pork to crunchy skirt steak, marinated fish tacos, offal tacos, ox tongue, slow roasted goat and many more, these guys will throw just about everything into a taco and I absolutely love it. This is surely one reason why the taco has remained so popular during the ages, because there are so many choices that you’ll never really get tired of eating one. 

Snack Food 

Whilst you certainly can sit down with an alambre and fill up taco after taco for a meal, generally speaking these little delights are really taken as more of a snack food. This again is why they are so popular because you can grab on on the go, and continue to eat little and often throughout the day. There is no need for a grand event of fine dining here, simply turn up, ask for you taco, dress it well and then enjoy a tasty snack before going about your day. 


Further evidence of the obsession with tacos here can be found in the totrillerias, the open-front stores here which make thousands of tortillas per day. Here people buy the small, taco-sized tortilla by the kilo, showing just how much the country consumes. Each of those little tortillas is going to soon be filled up with a delicious filling and enjoyed by the locals. 

When you hear talk of Mexicans and their tacos, it is absolutely accurate.

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Marrison Family Law – How Lawyers Can Help You Through a Divorce

If you are going through divorce proceedings no matter if they are amicable or otherwise you will of course need to get some lawyers to help you to make this happen. What many don’t realize however is that lawyers are not just on hand in this situation to deal with all of the legal stuff, they can also be of great help to you in other ways. During my divorce settlement last year I was working with the team at Marrison Family Law who were absolutely incredible. I have since spoken to friends going through a divorce about what they should expect from a great legal team and here is exactly how a great legal team can help you through a divorce. 

Clear Explanation 

Given that a divorce is hardly something which you are likely to have experience in, unless you are Liz Taylor of course, this is a process which can be very tricky to understand. If you are anything like me, you need to know what is happening and where things are going in order to get your head around them and plan your days. What a great legal team will be able to do for you is explain the process so that you feel comfortable as you move through what is a very distressing time. 

Checking In 

 Even though lawyers do offer a service I genuinely never expected them to really care too much about how I was doing emotionally, yet this was something which Marrison did really well. I used to hate the idea that weeks would go by and I wouldn’t hear anything, my friends had told me that this was how it would go. Thanks to the legal team however I would get little 5 minute calls to check that I was alright and to simply say that nothing had happened, or with an update as to where we were. This was so reassuring and it just helped me to keep my eyes on the end of the process. 

Brutal Honesty 

No matter what kind of person you are, when you go through something such as a divorce you need absolute honesty when people are describing what is going on. There is little point in sugarcoating things here because you need to be both aware of everything that is taking place, and what you should be expecting. I would say that my own divorce was as  amicable as it could be but there were still moments of nastiness there and this was much easier because I was pre-warned about the possibility of things turning that way. 

Ultimately a great legal team is one which not only is able to help you get the divorce done from a legal sense, but also one which can support you through this difficult time and keep you informed about how the process will work and updating you as it continues. This is what you should expect when you find yourself a divorce lawyer.

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What All Qualities To Look For In A Vaporizer

The vaping industry is witnessing a new boom with the coming generation inclining towards experimenting with their smoking choices. However, the debate of conventional smoking products and the vape will always remain a topic of interest for health experts; this article aims to provide you with the significant factors to consider while making a purchase. 


This is one of the vital features while choosing the perfect vaping device for you. You wouldn’t want the entire neighborhood to know what you’re carrying to the picnic, would you? 

A perfect vaping device should be small enough to fit into your pocket or a handbag quickly. Along with this, look at the grip of the device. The more natural the feel and grip is, the better the experience is. Cylindrical or long vapes are a popular choice among customers. SOC Portable E-Nail Kit acknowledges this requirement of the customers and offers you a handy solution. 


The power of the device is often underrated and paid little attention to. Unless there is a registered problem with the vapor cloud or the throat hit, power doesn’t attract many inspections. 

However, to have a smooth experience, the optimum level of power should be between 40 watts and 80 watts. Though there will always be users lying beyond both sides of the fence, this range is useful in producing satisfactory vapor and hit. Therefore, go for a device that has a higher degree than that of the required amount, since it is always easier to lower the power controls than the other way round. 

Temperature control

A vital trick lies in the act of temperature control of a vaping device. There are a variety of herbs that are used for vaping. And, interestingly each herb has its optimum temperature level setting. Herbs with enhanced moisture content require a higher temperature while dry herbs work in relatively lower temperatures. 

Knowing the perfect temperature that goes with each herb determines the flavor of the vapor. An appropriate temperature allows you to enjoy an enhanced taste and improves the quality of the experience. If you use a triple vaporizer, a temperature setting will prove vital to you. 


The brand of the product should be your first priority while making a purchase. For someone so specific about their food choices, clothes, and even dogs, do not settle for a device just because it is cheap. 

With an increased demand for the products, the market is witnessing a flood of new vendors entering the business. Hence, it is critical to explore the company’s history and brand value before you look into their range of devices. Online reviews can also help you significantly in understanding the legacy of the organization. Along with this, look for websites offering you expert advice on the best brands offering products in the best price range. 

Battery life

Think of this as the battery of your laptop. How irritating could it be to have the laptop shut down in the middle of a movie’s climax? Similarly, if invested insufficiently, the battery of your vape can destroy your entire experience, along with costing your pocket. 

Look for a device that offers a battery life of at least a day or beyond. Typically, box and tube mods provide longer battery life and also come with replaceable batteries. Therefore, in place of buying new devices, you could simply buy new batteries, which will cost you much less. Power also impacts the device’s battery life; therefore, do a rain check for your preferred power range before making the deal. 


The real fun of the experience lies in the vapor, isn’t it? However, vapor quality and flavor are primarily dependent on the device’s temperature and power settings. Other reasons involve the material of the vape. A vape of ceramic or glass air path can hold the taste for a longer time duration. You can also explore Vape Shop to find suitable alternatives. 

The atomizer also significantly affects the vapor. In case of unsatisfactory experience, you might need to replace it. Interestingly, the market also offers you products without the need for an atomizer; however, it depends on your familiarity level with the device. 

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Top 5 Action films to put on your re-watch list

Looking for ideas to add to your Summer 2020 list? Movie nights are a great option for no hassle get-togethers with family and friends alike. On the plus side, they’re easy to organise. All you need is a good screen, a comfortable seating area, and some popcorn. On the flip side, you’re bound to have clashing opinions on which movie to pick!

To help out, we’ve collaborated with Bgo to create a list of films to poll with your guests before you organise your movie night. We’ve picked the action genre knowing it’s sure to be a favourite with most viewers.

Plus, we’ve focused on classic movies that have stood the test of time with their audiences. From a heart-racing adventure on a mysterious island in King Kong, to a thrilling expedition in ancient Egypt in The Mummy, we’re certain there’s one movie on our list that will make the cut.

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3 Things To Consider Before Starting A Career As A Police Officer

While many children grow up wanting to be police officers in order to help protect and serve their communities, the realities of being a police officer are usually much more bleak. In general, being a police officer is very hard work that only a few people can do day-in and day-out while still holding onto the people they were before they joined the force. With this in mind, there are a few things you should seriously consider before you invest too much of your time and energy into this career option.

To help you with this, here are three things you should consider before starting a career as a police officer

The Long And Arduous Selection Process

Getting a job as a police officer isn’t the same as getting a job with any other company or organization. Because police officers are supposed to be trusted members of our society who serve and protect people within their communities, it’s important that you have a proven history of being an upstanding citizen before you’re put in this position.

To become a police officer, you’ll have to go through a long and arduous selection process. According to Rick Michelson, a contributor to PoliceOne.com, this process includes things like interviews, assessments, tests, background checks, and much more. Not only will you need to participate in these things, but people who are close to you will also be interviewed and potentially investigated to ensure that everything about you and surrounding you is on the up-and-up. 

The Extent Of Training

Because of the amount of responsibility police officers have, they are required to go through a lot of training before they’re ever able to get a job in a precinct. 

According to Timothy Roufa, a contributor to The Balance Careers, the training you’ll receive as a police officer will include things like how to use and safely possess a firearm, how to defend yourself against someone who may be trying to harm you or someone else, how to give first aid to someone who’s been injured, how to drive when in pursuit, and much more. 

Take On A Speciality

Becoming a police officer can be the first step in a long career in law enforcement. However, if you don’t have a plan for how you’d like to progress in this career, you could wind up losing a lot of time on your way to your ultimate professional goal. 

To keep this from happening to you, LearnHowToBecome.org recommends that you think about taking on a speciality as you’re learning and training. This could include things like becoming a supervisor or detective, working with fish and game, being a transit officer, working as an investigator, and more. 

If you think you might like a career as a police officer, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you in making this decision.

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