5 Reasons to Consider Hydroponic Gardening

There are many reasons to take up gardening. Whether it’s to plant and grow tasty food, tend to your shrubs, or have a lower environmental impact on the planet, you need to pick the right method to get the maximum benefits.

Hydroponic gardening is a popular method that grows plants without the need for soil. Instead, you will feed your plants on mineral nutrient salts that are dissolved in water. Even if you are used to growing plants traditionally in soil, here are some of the key benefits you can gain from hydroponic gardening.

Uses Less Water

Watering and gardening go hand in hand, helping to keep your plants healthy and growing correctly. What you may not realise is that you’re able to save close to 90% of the water that you would regularly use in traditional gardening if you switch to hydroponics. When you water your plants every day, most of the water runs off them, meaning they don’t get the full benefits. If you choose hydroponics, there is no worry of water running off, as it’s circulated continuously through your plant’s roots. 

Full Control

Another reason to try out hydroponic gardening is that you’re in full control of the water. This means you can experiment with various nutrients to create an easy formula for your plants, helping to keep them at their healthiest. Not only will you oversee when your plants eat, you can decide how much water they absorb. 

Improved Quality of Produce

When you grow plants hydroponically, you will find the taste and quality of your produce is enhanced. The reason for this is down to your hydroponic system as it utilises the quality of clean water and nutrients under a controlled environment without the worry of herbicides or pesticides. What’s more, hydroponics reduces the supply chain drastically, meaning your greens will taste much better when compared to those that have had to travel hundreds of miles from a farm to the supermarket. 

No Limitations

Having a hydroponic garden gives you minimal restrictions both in terms of space and location. This means you’re able to grow a much larger quantity of plants in a hydroponic setting when compared to open fields. Whether you want to grow herbs like mint or basil, or vegetables like lettuce or cauliflower, you’ll be able to grow beautiful and tasty produce all year round with hydroponic supplies from Progrow, regardless of how much room you have. 

No Pests, Weeds, or Diseases

Many pests and diseases are already born in the soil, meaning they will infest your garden from the beginning of the growing process and cause numerous challenges both mentally and financially. As there is no soil involved in a hydroponic system, you won’t have to worry about weeds, pests, or diseases wreaking havoc on your plants. 

If you want to be more eco-conscious and have healthier plants, hydroponic gardening may be the right method for you. Growing hydroponically allows you to leave your comfort zone and try something different. If you’re worried about the end result, don’t be: hydroponic gardening results in healthy and tasty produce.

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