Marrison Family Law – How Lawyers Can Help You Through a Divorce

If you are going through divorce proceedings no matter if they are amicable or otherwise you will of course need to get some lawyers to help you to make this happen. What many don’t realize however is that lawyers are not just on hand in this situation to deal with all of the legal stuff, they can also be of great help to you in other ways. During my divorce settlement last year I was working with the team at Marrison Family Law who were absolutely incredible. I have since spoken to friends going through a divorce about what they should expect from a great legal team and here is exactly how a great legal team can help you through a divorce. 

Clear Explanation 

Given that a divorce is hardly something which you are likely to have experience in, unless you are Liz Taylor of course, this is a process which can be very tricky to understand. If you are anything like me, you need to know what is happening and where things are going in order to get your head around them and plan your days. What a great legal team will be able to do for you is explain the process so that you feel comfortable as you move through what is a very distressing time. 

Checking In 

 Even though lawyers do offer a service I genuinely never expected them to really care too much about how I was doing emotionally, yet this was something which Marrison did really well. I used to hate the idea that weeks would go by and I wouldn’t hear anything, my friends had told me that this was how it would go. Thanks to the legal team however I would get little 5 minute calls to check that I was alright and to simply say that nothing had happened, or with an update as to where we were. This was so reassuring and it just helped me to keep my eyes on the end of the process. 

Brutal Honesty 

No matter what kind of person you are, when you go through something such as a divorce you need absolute honesty when people are describing what is going on. There is little point in sugarcoating things here because you need to be both aware of everything that is taking place, and what you should be expecting. I would say that my own divorce was as  amicable as it could be but there were still moments of nastiness there and this was much easier because I was pre-warned about the possibility of things turning that way. 

Ultimately a great legal team is one which not only is able to help you get the divorce done from a legal sense, but also one which can support you through this difficult time and keep you informed about how the process will work and updating you as it continues. This is what you should expect when you find yourself a divorce lawyer.

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