Rose Burillo – To People Go Over The Top About Tacos In Mexico?

Each country has its own favorite, or famous cuisine, and there is often temptation by many of us to fall into the trap of thinking that this is their favorite too. Do Italians like pizza? Of course, but they are not eating it day-in and day-out, they have a broad range of delicious foods. The same cane be said about Americans and BBQ, Brits with fish and chips or the Germans with bratwurst. This brings us to the Mexican taco and the question is whether or not they have a similar situation, do people go a bit overboard when they talk about the taco culture in Mexico

The answer is absolutely not! 

Streets Adorned 

It only takes a day or two in Mexico to recognize that the streets are absolutely packed with street vendors and the majority of them are selling tacos. This is not just something which you will find in the capital for the tourists, throughout the towns and villages of the country you will find an enormous range of taco stands on the streets, and that is because they form such an important layer in the fabric of life here. During the day, at the popular meal times, you will see people of all ages and backgrounds congregate around their favorite taco stands, devouring this amazing snack. 

Wide Range of Options 

It wasn’t until I went on a taco tour with the incredible Rose Burillo that I had my eyes opened as to just how many types of taco you can find in Mexico. From slow cooked pork to crunchy skirt steak, marinated fish tacos, offal tacos, ox tongue, slow roasted goat and many more, these guys will throw just about everything into a taco and I absolutely love it. This is surely one reason why the taco has remained so popular during the ages, because there are so many choices that you’ll never really get tired of eating one. 

Snack Food 

Whilst you certainly can sit down with an alambre and fill up taco after taco for a meal, generally speaking these little delights are really taken as more of a snack food. This again is why they are so popular because you can grab on on the go, and continue to eat little and often throughout the day. There is no need for a grand event of fine dining here, simply turn up, ask for you taco, dress it well and then enjoy a tasty snack before going about your day. 


Further evidence of the obsession with tacos here can be found in the totrillerias, the open-front stores here which make thousands of tortillas per day. Here people buy the small, taco-sized tortilla by the kilo, showing just how much the country consumes. Each of those little tortillas is going to soon be filled up with a delicious filling and enjoyed by the locals. 

When you hear talk of Mexicans and their tacos, it is absolutely accurate.

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