The Premier League Is The Toughest In Europe

The Premier League has long been hailed as the most competitive and challenging domestic football competition in Europe, if not the world. With its unparalleled depth of talent, relentless pace of play, and unprecedented financial resources, the English top flight has established itself as the undisputed heavyweight champion among European leagues.

One of the primary factors contributing to the Premier League’s reputation for excellence is the sheer quality and depth of its playing talent. Year after year, the league attracts some of the world’s best footballers, who are drawn to the allure of playing in one of the most watched and prestigious competitions. From global superstars to emerging young prodigies, the Premier League boasts an embarrassment of riches when it comes to individual quality.

This high concentration of elite-level players creates an environment of constant, high-intensity competition, where even the so-called “smaller” clubs possess the quality to topple the giants on any given day. The unpredictability and lack of clear dominance by a single team or handful of teams is a testament to the overall strength of the league. In the Premier League, there are no easy fixtures, and no guaranteed wins which see visitors of australia online casino sweat to win big – every match is a battle that requires the utmost focus, skill, and determination from the players.

Adding to the Premier League’s reputation for toughness is the relentless pace of play. Characterized by a high-pressing, high-tempo style, the English top flight demands exceptional levels of fitness, stamina, and work rate from its participants. The sheer physical and mental toll of navigating a gruelling 38-game season, with matches coming thick and fast, is a true test of a team’s resilience and adaptability.

Furthermore, the Premier League’s financial power has allowed its clubs to attract and retain world-class talent, creating an arms race of sorts that has raised the overall standard of the competition. The influx of investment, both from domestic and international sources, has enabled Premier League teams to compete for the best players, managers, and resources, further widening the gulf between England’s top flight and its European counterparts.

This financial might has also allowed Premier League clubs to build state-of-the-art training facilities, employ world-class coaching staff, and provide their players with the optimal conditions to perform at the highest level. The combination of elite talent, intense competition, and unparalleled resources has created a uniquely challenging environment that sets the Premier League apart from other European leagues.

Ultimately, the Premier League’s reputation as the toughest in Europe is a testament to the incredible depth of quality, the relentless pace of play, and unrivaled financial muscle that distinguish it from its continental rivals. For any football player, manager, or club, conquering the Premier League remains the ultimate test of their mettle and ability.

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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Victoria Derby Betting


Victoria Derby Day is a celebration of horse racing, captivating enthusiasts and bettors with its blend of competition and excitement. As the horses line up and the anticipation mounts, the allure of Victoria Derby betting becomes irresistible. However, successful sports betting requires careful consideration and strategy. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore five common mistakes that bettors should steer clear of when engaging in Victoria Derby betting. By sidestepping these errors, you can enhance your betting experience and increase your chances of success.

Skipping Research on Horses and Jockeys

One of the most significant mistakes to bet on the Victoria Derby is underestimating the importance of researching the participating horses and jockeys. Placing bets without a solid understanding of the horses’ recent performances and the jockeys’ skills can lead to unfavourable outcomes. Dedicate time to researching each horse’s track record, recent form, and the jockey’s rapport with the horse. Informed bets are more likely to yield positive results in any race. 

Ignoring Track Records

The track conditions can be a decisive factor in a horse’s performance, particularly on the unique setting of Victoria Derby Day. Disregarding the track records of the horses on the specific racecourse can be a costly oversight. Some horses excel on certain track types, while others struggle. Evaluate how well a horse has performed on similar tracks in the past, considering any changes in weather or track conditions on Victoria Derby Day.

Neglecting Diverse Betting Markets

Victoria Derby betting offers an array of diverse betting markets beyond the standard win, place, and show bets. Neglecting these options can limit your potential for successful sports betting. Explore alternatives like exactas, trifectas, quinellas, and more. These markets provide various ways to strategize your bets, potentially enhancing your success while punting.

Overspending on Bets

The excitement of Victoria Derby betting can sometimes lead to overspending on bets. Establishing a budget and adhering to it is crucial. Falling into the trap of exceeding your predefined budget can sour your sports betting experience. Responsible betting ensures that you can enjoy the thrill without risking more than you’re comfortable losing.

Ignoring Expert Analysis and Tips

While independent decision-making is valuable, ignoring expert analysis and tips can mean missing out on valuable insights. Expert opinions can offer perspectives that you might not have considered. Engage with trusted horse racing analysts, read articles, and listen to podcasts for well-informed advice. Combining your research with expert insights can lead to a more comprehensive and strategic approach to your Victoria Derby betting.


As Victoria Derby Day approaches, the atmosphere is charged with energy and excitement. To make the most of your sports betting experience on this special occasion, avoid these common mistakes. Refrain from skipping research on horses and jockeys, ignoring track records, neglecting diverse betting markets, overspending on bets, and disregarding expert analysis and tips. By steering clear of these pitfalls, you can approach your Victoria Derby betting with greater confidence, strategy, and the potential for a rewarding sports betting experience.

Betting with a licensed and respected online bookmaker is crucial. Palmerbet is an Australian owned and operated bookmaker with three generations of racing experience. They offer great odds and racing promotions. Visit and start betting with them today. 

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Why Manchester United Need To Cut Their Losses On Harry Maguire This Summer

Harry Maguire, England international and Manchester United captain is one of the most divisive characters in football, especially since he moved to Old Trafford in the summer of 2019. The defender was signed by Ole Gunnar Solksjaer to offer solidity to the United backline and was soon handed the captaincy on a permanent after Antonio Valencia left the club. He was signed for a then world-record fee of £80m from Leicester, eclipsing the £75m Liverpool paid for Virgil Van Dijk but his time at the club has failed to live up to his billing, on the pitch, and off the pitch.

It is a common axiom in football that “attacks win games, but defenses win championships”, and it is not a surprise that the club has not won a trophy in close to 5 years. The club has defensive issues, with Maguire leading that department.

The English giants should cut their losses on the player, and here are 3 reasons why.

His lack of exemplary leadership at United

For a club of United’s ilk, Maguire doesn’t offer that kind of leadership that the club craves. He is not vocal on the pitch, doesn’t offer enough quality to inspire his teammates and doesn’t look like a player that can drag the rest of the team by the scruff of their necks in bad moments.

Maguire is a proper lad, looks like a decent human being, represents the club well and fits the archetypal model of a captain: someone who embodies what the club stands for. However, all these should also be matched by his performances on the pitch, which is virtually non-existent, as his performance away at Burnley recently showed.

His age and style of play

Maguire is turning 29 next month, and is not the youngest of players anymore. Defenders are usually at their peak around 27-34, but for Maguire, his continued presence in the starting eleven means that the club will miss out on some important targets that are younger and can play football the modern way.

Maguire, while he is comfortable on the ball, often makes the wrong decisions and puts his teammates under pressure with his bad decision-making, especially when pressed. United need defenders that are calm on the ball, can exploit passing lanes and can maneuver the press.

His wages

Maguire is on a mammoth £190k-a-week deal at Old Trafford and is one of the club’s better earners, but his performances are not commensurate with the amount of money he earns. Maguire signed a six-year deal upon signing from Leicester back in 2019, meaning that he still has 3 years left on his current deal. It puts him and his representatives at an advantage compared to the club, given that he is under no obligation to leave should the club decide they want to move him on.

Selling him this summer will save the club about £30m they’d have had to pay him. United should count their losses and let him go. There are no sentiments at this level of football.

The Odds

The bookies have United as slight favourites but shop around for the most favourable odds and for a lighter bet try the online casino and claim free rewards.

If you’re in Manchester, try the best online casinos for real money here to get bonuses and high percentage payouts.

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Does The Arrival Of Luis Diaz Mark The End of Sadio Mane At Liverpool?

Sadio Mane is undoubtedly one of the best players in world football. The Liverpool forward, on his day, is one of the most devastating widemen in the world, and at just 29, still has a lot to offer for the English outfit and the Teranga Lions of Senegal, who he led to Nations Cup glory just a few days ago against Mo Salah’s Egypt. Mane comes back from Cameroun as a man reborn, having regained his mojo away with his international teammates. In his time at Liverpool, he has often played second fiddle to Salah, who has been in remarkable form.

Mane, on the other hand, has struggled for form at some points in the campaign, and it seems going away to Senegal may have done him a lot of good. However, there is someone newly arrived that might question the long-term stay of Mane at Anfield. Step forward to see odds on the best online casino new zealand for Luis Diaz. The 25-year-old signed from FC Porto late in the transfer window, as another long-term replacement for any of the front three at the club. Dias is a very exciting player, and ticks all the boxes of a Liverpool frontman, with his pace, directness, energy and finishing. He even offers the kind of eccentricity Luis Suarez thrilled the Anfield crowd with, as his flick to set up Minamino’s goal against Cardiff last Saturday showed.

The trio of Bobby Firmino, Salah and Mane have become one of football’s greatest tridents, but it seems manager, Jürgen Klopp is thinking long-term. Salah and Mane will be 30 this year, while Firmino is already 30, and has lost his starting place to the irrepressible Portuguese, Diogo Jota. In 26 matches this term, Mane has only registered 10 goals in 26 matches, while his body language has not always been positive. His contract at the club ends in 2023, but it would seem that the club feels he is no longer at the top level to make a significant outlay on wages entering the tail end of his career. All the buzz at the club has been about extending the contract of Salah, which might mean they don’t reckon a lot with Mane.

As revealed by best online casinos usa, Mane showed at the Nations Cup that he is still a world-class player, and that might be the spark his season needs. The presence of Diaz means he knows there is quality available to replace him should he falter, and in typical Mane fashion, he won’t want anything more than to show he still has it. Anfield will soon sing his name again.

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Gerrard vs Lampard: A Debate That Will Never Die

Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard are two personalities who have spoken of their admiration for one another, and it seems the former England internationals have renewed their “rivalry” as managers in The Premier League, having traded blows as midfield players in the Premier League. Gerrard is the manager at Aston Villa while Lampard just took over at stricken Everton. There have been many unending debates in the world of football, and new ones will keep coming up increasing the chances of best online casino users, as more quality players keep coming through. Pele vs Maradona. Ronaldo vs Messi. Zidane vs Ronaldinho. Xavi vs Iniesta, Terry vs Vidic, Henry vs Nistelrooy.

Vieira vs Keane is probably the most famous on English shores because of the sheer “hatred” both of them have for each other, but Lampard vs Gerrard is one that is also very debatable. Both are goalscoring midfielders, holders of over 100 caps, supremely talented, and are club legends at Chelsea and Liverpool respectively. They were part of the famous English golden generation of the early and mid-2000s that promised so much but ultimately fell short, suffering heartbreak at Euro 2004 and Germany 2006. Lampard was the more attacking of the two, scoring goals with reckless abandon, especially from the edge of the box. He mastered the art of arriving at the box at the right time but was criminally underrated in terms of his all-around play in the middle of the park.

His tenacity and work in the tackle were often overshadowed by the consistency he showed with goals and assists, and he remains as the midfielder as most goals in Premier League history with a whopping 177 goals. Gerrard, on the other hand, was simply a force of nature. Often time, he dragged Liverpool with his sheer will and never-say-die attitude, exemplified by the 2005 Champions League win against AC Milan in Istanbul and the 2006 FA Cup Final against West Ham in Cardiff, where he shone like a million stars and hauled the Merseysiders from the jaws to victories that are still whispered in awe from football stakeholders.

As managers, their trajectories have been somewhat different, with Gerrard slightly the better one. He went from Liverpool under 18s to becoming manager at Rangers, where he won the title unbeaten, and crucially stopped Celtic from winning the famous 10-in-a-row, a fact that the Gers couldn’t think of. He is now at Aston Villa, and seems to have instilled his no-nonsense and no-fear factor into his players. Lampard did a decent job at Derby, guiding The Rams to the cusp of promotion, and then took the job at his beloved Chelsea. He maneuvered a transfer ban, lost the club’s best player in Eden Hazard, but still guided The Blues to a Cup Final and a top 4 finish. His second season would unravel quickly but he is still credited as to having laid the blocks for The Blues’ improbable Champions League win under Thomas Tuchel.

Time will tell who will have the greater managerial career but like their playing career showed, we are in for something exciting as seen here casinos online.

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How Formula 1 Racing Will Evolve in the Future – Dan Schatt

Formula 1 racing is one of the world’s most popular sports, according to fans like Dan Schatt. In this article, we’ll look at how the sport may evolve in the future. Here are just a few of the ways Formula 1 will change in 2022 and beyond:

Increased Sponsorship

One thing that makes Formula 1 racing so popular is its unpredictability. In any given race, any driver could win. This is because Formula 1 cars are so evenly matched. However, one of the problems with the sport is that the cars are so expensive to build. As a result, many Formula 1 teams have gone out of business in recent years because they can’t afford to compete.

This might be one reason why an increasing number of manufacturers are choosing to sponsor racing teams rather than own them outright. Manufacturers may also choose to work with existing teams, providing technical support. For example, Audi currently supplies engines to the team WRT.

There will always be a small number of manufacturers who want to own their teams, but many others may choose not to for economic reasons.

More Junior Formulas

One of the biggest problems with Formula 1 racing today is that there are no strong feeder series. Many of the drivers who could have become great Formula 1 stars are now choosing to race in other series – but only because there are no vacancies in F1.

The problem here is that there is no clear path from Formula 3 racing to Formula 1 . Consequently, teams are left to choose drivers solely on their ability to bring sponsorship money with them. This is not ideal, and one of the reasons for this lack of feeder series is that Formula 1 itself was spoiled by money in the 1990s.

Currently, there are two main junior racing series – GP2 and Formula 2 . However, neither of these provides a good bridge to F1 because they lack competition and prize money.

In the future, we may see more junior formulas that are better suited to preparing drivers for Formula 1. These could include a new GP3 series and a Formula 3 series that uses electric cars.

More Races in Asia

Formula 1 is currently very popular in Asia, and this is set to increase over the coming years. The Chinese Grand Prix was recently dropped by the Formula 1 calendar but will return in 2020 at a new track in Shanghai.

The move is part of Formula 1’s attempt to balance its traditionally European calendar with more races in Asia. It also reflects an increased focus on the Asian market, which will become the world’s largest market for luxury goods by 2020.

4) Virtual Reality

One of the ways Formula 1 is looking to stay ahead of the curve is by embracing virtual reality technology. In the near future, fans will be able to experience races from the cockpit of a Formula 1 car using virtual reality headsets.

This will give fans a much closer view of the action and allow them to experiment with different driving strategies. It may also be used to train drivers in the future.

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Things to Know If You Plan to Use an Air Rifle in England

Air guns make use of compressed gases including air to propel bullets and other projectiles without going through the oxidation process employed in other firearms. 

Apart from guns, other weapons make use of compressed air, e.g air bows, they are called air weapons. 

Air weapons are used for hunting and other shooting sports. In England, air weapons that have a muzzle energy of less than one Joule are not considered lethal weapons and therefore, do not require a permit. 

However, air weapons can quickly become lethal weapons when they sport muzzle energy of over 1 Joule. That said, buying air rifles in the UK requires the weapon owner to learn and understand certain things about the weapon, including the rules governing the ownership of an air rifle in the region. 

Age Requirement

Not unlike other firearms, some laws guide the ownership and usage of air rifles in the UK. For instance, individuals under the age of 14 can only use air rifles on private property with permission from the owner of said property. However, they cannot own, rent or receive air rifles as a gift. Furthermore, they must be supervised by someone who is 21 years or older.

Individuals within 14-17 years see the above rule loosen a little for them. They can borrow an air rifle with ammunition, and they can fire the weapon on private property as long as they have permission from the landowner. What they cannot do is receive an air rifle as a gift or purchase one. However, they can carry the weapon in public as long as they have supervision from someone who is at least 21 years old.

For individuals who are 18 or older, there are no restrictions on buying or owning an air rifle. However, a permit is needed before the weapon can be fired. 

Basic Etiquette

It is considered basic firearms etiquette to carry your gun in a gun cover whenever you are in a public place. That, and to make sure it is not cocked. Also, before firing your weapon on private property, make sure you have the property owner’s permission. Firing on private property, or in public for that matter can lead to serious legal implications. Furthermore, firearm wielders are expected to understand the possibility of a ricochet and discharge their firearm with that possibility in mind.

It is also considered basic etiquette to be responsible for your air gun at all times, to secure its location at all times, and prevent it from being used by others without your permission, especially by persons under the age of 18. Not taking the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening can lead to legal implications.

Locations and Boundaries

Although you may fire your weapon in places where you have received permission to do so, you are not allowed to fire any projectile beyond the lands to which you have been given permission. Doing so is considered a punishable offense under the law, even if the shooter is only 14. In this scenario, the supervising adult will be held accountable for the teenager’s actions. 

In addition, it is illegal to fire any kind of weapon within 50 feet of the center of a highway. If bystanders or other road users are harmed as a result, the offender will be prosecuted.

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Great Reasons How Greyhound Racing is a Popular Sport

Greyhound racing has enjoyed more than sixty years of glory, and it came around when gambling on sports was relatively new, and few options existed. It wasn’t until the 16th century that Queen Elizabeth I regulated the Greyhound races and introduced gaming where spectators can make bets on the winner. At that time, the tracks involved two dogs. Over time, up to 8 dogs were pitted against each other as it started gaining popularity.

There were very few entertainment options, so people were willing to bet on anything back in those days. No sport was even close to being the most popular option in its respective category. It dominated the animal sector in terms of viewership, Betting, and TV deals.

Exposure of broadcasting

The popularity of Greyhound racing increased because of several TV deals in place that featured several significant events. It gave rise to its reputation, which felt as its fading due to concerns over Greyhounds’ health and injuries. But with the help of broadcasters and fans, the racing sport gained momentum and filled stadium seats easily.

Legality of Wagering

Greyhound racing is one such sport in which you can legally wager on this sport from almost anywhere. It is exempt from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and it even doesn’t wholly ban online Betting. Click here to get to know some offshore sports-book facilities that are used for Betting.

Effect of Liveliest stadiums

The tracks used for competitive greyhound racing also gave an explosion to the popularity of this sport. The terrific atmosphere attracted several punters to enjoy the thrill at such stadiums. At the venue of Waltham stow, several celebrities made their mark and graced these Greyhound events, thus making it a hugely popular place to enjoy. The natural feel of this stadium hosted numerous prestigious races of Greyhound racing, which always had a packed-out enclosure. Even the Shelbourne Park, known as one of the liveliest stadiums for Greyhound racing, guaranteed a houseful audience.

The raucous atmosphere on race-nights during seasoned racing led to many prestigious tournaments and saw the rise of Greyhound racing. It mostly attracted huge crowds who were novice bettors. The thrill of picking a winner and enthusiastically cheering for it made Greyhound racing a thrilling sport. The ambience at the stadium and the punters’ noise at the bustling stands encouraged Greyhound racing to be a hugely popular sport among fans.

Scope of Betting platforms

Greyhound racing has reached another landmark due to the introduction of betting platforms. People gained interest in this sport as they got the freedom to watch it live and bet on the action. The racing gained its peak after World War II. People from various countries flocked to attend these Greyhound races and even spent millions of dollars in wagering. During this era, Greyhound racing also surpassed the popularity of basketball and hockey.

The thrill of Betting

While the Greyhound racing is great to watch, betting on them even makes it more enjoyable. Greyhounds are great athletes in terms of speed and grace, and when you see them on tracks sprinting around, it makes for a thrilling spectacle. Betting gives you the excitement to predict which of these dogs will pass the winning post first? With the latest trends in betting platforms, it has enticed new generations of fans to the sport. Unlike other animal racing sports, Greyhound racing lasts for about half a minute, making it easy and fast for betting customers to track and watch these races.

Even there are loads of competitions organized less than 20 minutes between races, allowing punters in many countries to enjoy the action. Lastly, with several technological advancements and plenty of ways to bet and numerous options to select, Betting has made Greyhound racing as one of the most popular sports of our time. Thus, none other animal racing till now even has the confidence to even think about reclaiming the glory of Greyhound racing.

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Roger Wolfson – The Outlook of Heavyweight Boxing

It finally looks like we are close to a definitive answer on who is the best heavyweight boxer in the world right now and probably of this generation.  After a lot of back and forth, rematches, come backs, shock defeats and trash talk, we finally look set for unification fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.  I was watching the brilliant writer and boxing fan Roger Wolfson discuss this recently and he made some really good points on the fight, which switched up how I thought about it. Taking all of that into consideration below I have included some information on both fighters and possible outcomes for the biggest fight in British history. 

Anthony Joshua 

Now 30 years old and starting to move away from his baby face, nice guy perception, Anthony Joshua has had a challenging year or two. The then nation’s sweetheart was on the wrong side of major upset when Andy Ruiz Jr stopped the champ at Madison Square Garden in Joshua’s US debut. The defeat strengthened a lot of arguments that Joshua isn’t the full package that Eddie Hearn led everyone to believe and it was evident to see Joshua underestimated his opponent.

It was back to the drawing board for the Olympic gold medallist and a rematch was announced almost immediately. Later that year Joshua bounced back and convincingly out skilled a lackluster Luiz Jr in Saudi Arabia to reclaim his WBA IBF WBO and IBO heavyweight championships. Although Joshua’s resilience was never doubted, it was good to see his dedication to right the wrong of his defeat and return with a good performance after losing his undefeated streak.

Tyson Fury 

What a turnaround Tyson Fury has had over the last few years, after falling into depression and ballooning to an unhealthy 400 pounds, Fury has inspired millions with such an incredible turnaround. Fury’s battle with mental health has been well documented and it even got to the extreme of Fury considering ending his life. In a world where mental health issues are so evident, Fury battled addiction to make probably the greatest comeback of all time. After a few tuning fights, many thought Fury bit off more than he could chew by agreeing to a fight the dangerous slugger Deontay Wilder.

Many penned Fury as being passed it, not fit enough and unable to deal with Wilder’s devastating knock out power. Fury’s first fight ended in a farcical draw after dominating the fight which included an incredible amount of dedication by recovering from a devastating knockdown in the last round. It was evident the rematch was pending and the lineal heavyweight champion continued his amazing physical turn around and claimed the WBC championship after defeating Wilder with ease. Fury won by TKO in round seven which surprised many as Fury has never been known as a heavy handed fighter but after a change in his trainers Fury most definitely proved people wrong. A rematch clause has apparently been actioned by Wilder for their trilogy which should be the same outcome which will leave way for the unification fight to happen.


Fight Outcome

Joshua goes into this fight as the underdog which probably wouldn’t have been the case if this fight happened few years ago. Styles make fights and this certainly is a clash of skilled styles that should make a fight for the ages. Even though Joshua has his flaws I think a lot of people forget that he isn’t just a knockout puncher like Deontay Wilder. Anthony Joshua is an Olympic gold medallist and has an extremely gifted skillset, saying that I don’t know if it is enough to deal with Fury. Personally I think that Fury will win, Joshua’s best shot is within the first six rounds but after that I think Fury will dominate. Whatever the result, it’s a credit to all fighters mentioned as the heavyweight division is the best it has been in decades.

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Menos Hiras – Should Liverpool be Awarded The League?

The Premier League season has been left in limbo since the global pandemic of CoVid-19 hit our shores and that has left a million questions up in the air as to what the league will do. Menos Hiras and I have been locked in deep debate about this for some weeks, and we have very differing opinions on both what should happen and indeed what will happen. Assuming that the league won’t finished and that the head honchos take the decision to write the season off and commence the 20/21 season straight away in August ( assuming this is possible), the question that would remain is whether or not Liverpool should be given the league.

Let’s have a look at both sides of the argument.

The Case That They Should

Menos firmly believe that the Reds should be given the Premier League title based on the fact that they are simply so far ahead of everyone else. In fact there was actually a chance prior to the season being suspended that Liverpool could have won the league without even kicking another ball, should Man City have dropped points against West Ham. Menos reckons it is absurd for them not to be given the trophy, it may have been mathematically possible but the likelihood of anyone catching Liverpool was out of this world.

The Case That They Shouldn’t

I honestly don’t believe that Liverpool should be handed the trophy unless the season is finished. I take the point that the chances of Man City making up the 25 gap lead are absurdly high, although we could argue that gap is 22 points given that City have a game in hand, but as long as this is possible, we have to take it seriously, as improbable as it may be. I think if we are going to take a decision like this then we can’t consider the details around how far ahead Liverpool are, we have to think of this as a rule which may be applied in the future. Imagine Liverpool were just 1 point ahead and City had a game in hand which was against bottom of the table Norwich, would we still be assuming that the title should go to Liverpool? In this case there would be far more fans saying that the title most certainly should not be handed to the Reds.

For me I think the season has to be finished, by hook or by crook, failure to do so will have a lasting impact for years to come, not just on the Premier League but on the Football League as a whole. After all if you gave the title to Liverpool, you’d surely have to relegate the bottom 3, with seems harsh if they have a chance of staying up. Alternatively the idea of gifting Liverpool the title because they are 25 points clear and then choosing to not relegate teams, as many have suggested, would be a terrible plan if someone was 25 points behind at the bottom.

Finish the season properly and let’s move on.

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