Things to Know If You Plan to Use an Air Rifle in England

Air guns make use of compressed gases including air to propel bullets and other projectiles without going through the oxidation process employed in other firearms. 

Apart from guns, other weapons make use of compressed air, e.g air bows, they are called air weapons. 

Air weapons are used for hunting and other shooting sports. In England, air weapons that have a muzzle energy of less than one Joule are not considered lethal weapons and therefore, do not require a permit. 

However, air weapons can quickly become lethal weapons when they sport muzzle energy of over 1 Joule. That said, buying air rifles in the UK requires the weapon owner to learn and understand certain things about the weapon, including the rules governing the ownership of an air rifle in the region. 

Age Requirement

Not unlike other firearms, some laws guide the ownership and usage of air rifles in the UK. For instance, individuals under the age of 14 can only use air rifles on private property with permission from the owner of said property. However, they cannot own, rent or receive air rifles as a gift. Furthermore, they must be supervised by someone who is 21 years or older.

Individuals within 14-17 years see the above rule loosen a little for them. They can borrow an air rifle with ammunition, and they can fire the weapon on private property as long as they have permission from the landowner. What they cannot do is receive an air rifle as a gift or purchase one. However, they can carry the weapon in public as long as they have supervision from someone who is at least 21 years old.

For individuals who are 18 or older, there are no restrictions on buying or owning an air rifle. However, a permit is needed before the weapon can be fired. 

Basic Etiquette

It is considered basic firearms etiquette to carry your gun in a gun cover whenever you are in a public place. That, and to make sure it is not cocked. Also, before firing your weapon on private property, make sure you have the property owner’s permission. Firing on private property, or in public for that matter can lead to serious legal implications. Furthermore, firearm wielders are expected to understand the possibility of a ricochet and discharge their firearm with that possibility in mind.

It is also considered basic etiquette to be responsible for your air gun at all times, to secure its location at all times, and prevent it from being used by others without your permission, especially by persons under the age of 18. Not taking the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening can lead to legal implications.

Locations and Boundaries

Although you may fire your weapon in places where you have received permission to do so, you are not allowed to fire any projectile beyond the lands to which you have been given permission. Doing so is considered a punishable offense under the law, even if the shooter is only 14. In this scenario, the supervising adult will be held accountable for the teenager’s actions. 

In addition, it is illegal to fire any kind of weapon within 50 feet of the center of a highway. If bystanders or other road users are harmed as a result, the offender will be prosecuted.

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Great Reasons How Greyhound Racing is a Popular Sport

Greyhound racing has enjoyed more than sixty years of glory, and it came around when gambling on sports was relatively new, and few options existed. It wasn’t until the 16th century that Queen Elizabeth I regulated the Greyhound races and introduced gaming where spectators can make bets on the winner. At that time, the tracks involved two dogs. Over time, up to 8 dogs were pitted against each other as it started gaining popularity.

There were very few entertainment options, so people were willing to bet on anything back in those days. No sport was even close to being the most popular option in its respective category. It dominated the animal sector in terms of viewership, Betting, and TV deals.

Exposure of broadcasting

The popularity of Greyhound racing increased because of several TV deals in place that featured several significant events. It gave rise to its reputation, which felt as its fading due to concerns over Greyhounds’ health and injuries. But with the help of broadcasters and fans, the racing sport gained momentum and filled stadium seats easily.

Legality of Wagering

Greyhound racing is one such sport in which you can legally wager on this sport from almost anywhere. It is exempt from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and it even doesn’t wholly ban online Betting. Click here to get to know some offshore sports-book facilities that are used for Betting.

Effect of Liveliest stadiums

The tracks used for competitive greyhound racing also gave an explosion to the popularity of this sport. The terrific atmosphere attracted several punters to enjoy the thrill at such stadiums. At the venue of Waltham stow, several celebrities made their mark and graced these Greyhound events, thus making it a hugely popular place to enjoy. The natural feel of this stadium hosted numerous prestigious races of Greyhound racing, which always had a packed-out enclosure. Even the Shelbourne Park, known as one of the liveliest stadiums for Greyhound racing, guaranteed a houseful audience.

The raucous atmosphere on race-nights during seasoned racing led to many prestigious tournaments and saw the rise of Greyhound racing. It mostly attracted huge crowds who were novice bettors. The thrill of picking a winner and enthusiastically cheering for it made Greyhound racing a thrilling sport. The ambience at the stadium and the punters’ noise at the bustling stands encouraged Greyhound racing to be a hugely popular sport among fans.

Scope of Betting platforms

Greyhound racing has reached another landmark due to the introduction of betting platforms. People gained interest in this sport as they got the freedom to watch it live and bet on the action. The racing gained its peak after World War II. People from various countries flocked to attend these Greyhound races and even spent millions of dollars in wagering. During this era, Greyhound racing also surpassed the popularity of basketball and hockey.

The thrill of Betting

While the Greyhound racing is great to watch, betting on them even makes it more enjoyable. Greyhounds are great athletes in terms of speed and grace, and when you see them on tracks sprinting around, it makes for a thrilling spectacle. Betting gives you the excitement to predict which of these dogs will pass the winning post first? With the latest trends in betting platforms, it has enticed new generations of fans to the sport. Unlike other animal racing sports, Greyhound racing lasts for about half a minute, making it easy and fast for betting customers to track and watch these races.

Even there are loads of competitions organized less than 20 minutes between races, allowing punters in many countries to enjoy the action. Lastly, with several technological advancements and plenty of ways to bet and numerous options to select, Betting has made Greyhound racing as one of the most popular sports of our time. Thus, none other animal racing till now even has the confidence to even think about reclaiming the glory of Greyhound racing.

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Roger Wolfson – The Outlook of Heavyweight Boxing

It finally looks like we are close to a definitive answer on who is the best heavyweight boxer in the world right now and probably of this generation.  After a lot of back and forth, rematches, come backs, shock defeats and trash talk, we finally look set for unification fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.  I was watching the brilliant writer and boxing fan Roger Wolfson discuss this recently and he made some really good points on the fight, which switched up how I thought about it. Taking all of that into consideration below I have included some information on both fighters and possible outcomes for the biggest fight in British history. 

Anthony Joshua 

Now 30 years old and starting to move away from his baby face, nice guy perception, Anthony Joshua has had a challenging year or two. The then nation’s sweetheart was on the wrong side of major upset when Andy Ruiz Jr stopped the champ at Madison Square Garden in Joshua’s US debut. The defeat strengthened a lot of arguments that Joshua isn’t the full package that Eddie Hearn led everyone to believe and it was evident to see Joshua underestimated his opponent.

It was back to the drawing board for the Olympic gold medallist and a rematch was announced almost immediately. Later that year Joshua bounced back and convincingly out skilled a lackluster Luiz Jr in Saudi Arabia to reclaim his WBA IBF WBO and IBO heavyweight championships. Although Joshua’s resilience was never doubted, it was good to see his dedication to right the wrong of his defeat and return with a good performance after losing his undefeated streak.

Tyson Fury 

What a turnaround Tyson Fury has had over the last few years, after falling into depression and ballooning to an unhealthy 400 pounds, Fury has inspired millions with such an incredible turnaround. Fury’s battle with mental health has been well documented and it even got to the extreme of Fury considering ending his life. In a world where mental health issues are so evident, Fury battled addiction to make probably the greatest comeback of all time. After a few tuning fights, many thought Fury bit off more than he could chew by agreeing to a fight the dangerous slugger Deontay Wilder.

Many penned Fury as being passed it, not fit enough and unable to deal with Wilder’s devastating knock out power. Fury’s first fight ended in a farcical draw after dominating the fight which included an incredible amount of dedication by recovering from a devastating knockdown in the last round. It was evident the rematch was pending and the lineal heavyweight champion continued his amazing physical turn around and claimed the WBC championship after defeating Wilder with ease. Fury won by TKO in round seven which surprised many as Fury has never been known as a heavy handed fighter but after a change in his trainers Fury most definitely proved people wrong. A rematch clause has apparently been actioned by Wilder for their trilogy which should be the same outcome which will leave way for the unification fight to happen.


Fight Outcome

Joshua goes into this fight as the underdog which probably wouldn’t have been the case if this fight happened few years ago. Styles make fights and this certainly is a clash of skilled styles that should make a fight for the ages. Even though Joshua has his flaws I think a lot of people forget that he isn’t just a knockout puncher like Deontay Wilder. Anthony Joshua is an Olympic gold medallist and has an extremely gifted skillset, saying that I don’t know if it is enough to deal with Fury. Personally I think that Fury will win, Joshua’s best shot is within the first six rounds but after that I think Fury will dominate. Whatever the result, it’s a credit to all fighters mentioned as the heavyweight division is the best it has been in decades.

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Menos Hiras – Should Liverpool be Awarded The League?

The Premier League season has been left in limbo since the global pandemic of CoVid-19 hit our shores and that has left a million questions up in the air as to what the league will do. Menos Hiras and I have been locked in deep debate about this for some weeks, and we have very differing opinions on both what should happen and indeed what will happen. Assuming that the league won’t finished and that the head honchos take the decision to write the season off and commence the 20/21 season straight away in August ( assuming this is possible), the question that would remain is whether or not Liverpool should be given the league.

Let’s have a look at both sides of the argument.

The Case That They Should

Menos firmly believe that the Reds should be given the Premier League title based on the fact that they are simply so far ahead of everyone else. In fact there was actually a chance prior to the season being suspended that Liverpool could have won the league without even kicking another ball, should Man City have dropped points against West Ham. Menos reckons it is absurd for them not to be given the trophy, it may have been mathematically possible but the likelihood of anyone catching Liverpool was out of this world.

The Case That They Shouldn’t

I honestly don’t believe that Liverpool should be handed the trophy unless the season is finished. I take the point that the chances of Man City making up the 25 gap lead are absurdly high, although we could argue that gap is 22 points given that City have a game in hand, but as long as this is possible, we have to take it seriously, as improbable as it may be. I think if we are going to take a decision like this then we can’t consider the details around how far ahead Liverpool are, we have to think of this as a rule which may be applied in the future. Imagine Liverpool were just 1 point ahead and City had a game in hand which was against bottom of the table Norwich, would we still be assuming that the title should go to Liverpool? In this case there would be far more fans saying that the title most certainly should not be handed to the Reds.

For me I think the season has to be finished, by hook or by crook, failure to do so will have a lasting impact for years to come, not just on the Premier League but on the Football League as a whole. After all if you gave the title to Liverpool, you’d surely have to relegate the bottom 3, with seems harsh if they have a chance of staying up. Alternatively the idea of gifting Liverpool the title because they are 25 points clear and then choosing to not relegate teams, as many have suggested, would be a terrible plan if someone was 25 points behind at the bottom.

Finish the season properly and let’s move on.

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The Best Golf Courses in These FL Cities

Florida offers some of the best golf courses in America. With sunny, tropical weather, the golf courses can always be enjoyed. Hit the links with choosing the golf course that fits your needs best. Below you will find five of the best golf courses in Florida cities to hit the links this season.

1. The Best Golf Course in The Villages, Florida

The Links Club at Spruce Creek South is considered by many one of the best golf courses in The Villages, Florida. This golf course is specifically in The Villages, Florida. It offers great membership packages and great conditions, being sure to take care of its guests.

The course offers a beautiful and challenging round of golf. Any level of player can utilize this course. It has beautiful, rolling greens and beautiful scenery throughout. The course also offers many holes with long Par 4’s. Experience how The Links Club can benefit you.

2. The Best Golf Course in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Many consider TPC Sawgrass to be one of the best golf courses in the whole state of Florida. This makes it the best golf course in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida as well. This course does have public access to anyone who wants to play.

TPC Sawgrass is home to the PGA Tour. It does have eighteen holes of beauty throughout the course. The most famous hole this course offers is its seventeen hole that is par 3 and 137 yards. It is an island that is completely surrounded by water.

3. The Best Golf Course in Brooksville, Florida

The best golf course in Brooksville, Florida has to be the World Woods Golf Club. Two unique eighteen hole courses make up the club including the Pine Barrens course and the Rolling Oaks course. Both courses are designed by Tom Fazio and are public.

Each golf course offers beautiful scenery. There are wide fairways and sand bunkers. On the grounds of the club there are also features such as a nine-hole executive course, three practice holes and a putting green. There is something for everyone at this beautiful course.

4. The Best Golf Course in Miami, Florida

The best golf course in Miami, Florida is one that is well known all over the world. The Trump Blue Monster Golf Course is located at Trump National Doral Miami. It is a challenging course even for professional golfers.

Trump Blue Monster Golf Course has been in existence for over fifty years. It is a private course that lies over 7,608 yards. Features on the course include bunkers, rough, water hazards, greens and fairways made from Bermuda grass. All of the features are more extreme as they are deep, difficult, and rough.

5. The Best Golf Course in Fort Meade, Florida

The Streamsong Resort is a beautiful resort in Fort Meade, Florida with both a spa and golf course. There are two courses at the resort that are called the Streamsong Red and Blue. Specifically, these courses are simply called the Red and Blue.

The two courses consistently offer beautiful views of the resort. The Golfweek magazine ranks both of these eighteen hole courses as some of the top forty public courses in the world. Features of these courses include wide fairways, ponds, and bunkers.

No matter where you decide to golf in Florida, there will be beauty offered. Above, you have read about some of the top five best and most beautiful golf courses in Florida cities. Visit one for yourselves, and determine your favorite city to golf in Florida.


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Who can stop Lewis Hamilton this season in Formula One?

There is nothing like the sport of Formula One racing to get the blood pumping. Full of glamour, glitz, speed and fabulous races, it is one of the best sports around to watch. It is also a sport that many people love to put bets on in order to win money. Real money gambling apps make this even easier than ever now in states where you can legally bet online. One thing is for sure – whether you like to bet on F1 or not, it will always be an exciting sport to follow.

The next F1 season is due to get underway in March 2020 in Australia and will run until November 2020 in Abu Dhabi. Many people will already be tipping British driver Lewis Hamilton to retain the drivers’trophy. It is easy to see why when you look at his achievements and how dominant he has been in recent years. Hamilton has now won six titles, which includes a superb 2019 season with Mercedes. His will to win, reaction speed and experience combinewith raw pace in order to make him truly special. 

This does not mean that he will have it all his own way in 2020 though. The below drivers could well stop him from claiming another title and spring something of a surprise to make major sporting news.

Valtteri Bottas

If there is one person who could pose a serious threat to Hamilton in the 2020F1 season, it is flying Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas. It is not only his talent behind the wheel that will have Hamilton worried. Bottas is on the same Mercedes team, so he will have the same support and technology to take advantage of. 2019 was a superb year for this driver as he won four races in all. There is no doubt that Bottas is a great racer on his day and has the speed to compete with teammate Hamilton. As the 87-point margin between the two in 2019 showed though, it is consistency over a whole season where he has to improve. 

Max Verstappen 

After the glory years of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull have unearthed another gem in the form of Dutch flyer Verstappen. Many are actually picking him out as the main challenger to Hamilton in 2020. Looking back at his 2019 performance, it is easy to see why. His racing speed and intelligence along with a powerful new engine from Honda saw him put in some eye-catching drives. In the end, he scored three race victories and ended up in the top three of the drivers’ championship in 2019. Let’s not forget the spirit he showed when vying for the lead against Hamilton in numerous Grands Prix last season. This led many to believe that he can be a future F1 champion, but could 2020 be the year? 

Charles Leclerc

Another who is fancied to stop Hamilton in 2020 is French driver Charles Leclerc. He also shone in 2019 and outlined why Ferrari were so keen to have him in their team. He did so well in his first year at Ferrari that he finished fourth in the drivers’ championship and outdid his more illustrious teammate Vettel. What was really promising was the progress that Leclerc made last year and the strong finish to the campaign he had.Raw speed is his main asset, but this can sometimes be undone by basic errors. If he can cut these out and Ferrari can find more reliability in 2020, he could be a real contender. 

Sebastian Vettel 

You just cannot count a driver like Vettel out of it before the season starts. Anyone with four championship titles to their name deserves respect, and he is widely considered one of the greatest F1 drivers ever. There is no doubt that 2019 did not go great for him, but a fifth-place finish in the overall standings was no disaster. Indeed, if you look back to the previous two seasons before that, Vettel was arguably the biggest challenge to Hamilton. If he can get back to that level and Ferrari have a car that is competitive, he could well be the man to push Hamilton all the way.

It will not be easy to usurp Hamilton 

Although the above drivers are all very talented in their own right, it really will take something special to challenge Hamilton. The British driver is at the peak of his powers now and is with a team that give him the tools to perform at each race. Since 2017, Hamilton has been almost flawless, and this could be the case again in 2020. With this in mind, it will take a huge effort from others or reliability issues with his car to stop Hamilton claiming a seventh F1 Championship win.

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Bravia Capital – Football on Another Level

 I always knew that the Birth loved their football, or soccer as we refer to it here in the USA, but it wasn’t until I witnessed this first hand that I truly began to understand. It started when I came to London to work for Bravia Capital. I was rooming with a guy called Bharat Bhise. Bharat spoke to me on the first night about what sport I liked and began to try and teach me a little more about his beloved Tottenham Hotspur, and the Premier League in general. I have never witnessed the fandom of people like Bharat before and here is why it blew my mind. 


The night ahead of a big game for Spurs and Bharat can’t eat, he is already nervous ahead of the following day’s action, so much so in fact that he hardly sleeps the night before. This is a level of support which I have never seen for a sports team in the US, and I quickly found out that much of Bharat’s family are exactly the same. 


A big win, especially against a local rival is celebrated for days and weeks after the event. Bharat even has WhatsApp groups with his friends who support different teams, and this chat descends into chaos after a game. It is amazing just how much it means for people like Bharat when their team beats the favorite team of one of his friends or family members. 


A loss is mourned just as heavily as a victory is celebrated and when Spurs lose Bharat simply disappears to his room, he doesn’t want to talk to people until at least 24 hours have passed. To watch this level of disappointment when the team loses just shows how strongly people like Bharat feel about their team. 


Bharat may be on the slightly more extreme side of being a fan but he is most definitely not alone in this. At the turn of the year Bharat and I were looking for a new sofa and I found one which was exactly what we were after and with the price that we could afford. Silly me however, as it turns out a red and white sofa simply won’t do as those are the colors of Arsenal, the arch-nemesis of Tottenham Hotspur. This is not to say that these colors don’t exists in Bharat’s life, just not on big pieces of clothing, vehicle or furniture. 


When I first started working for Bravia Capital, neither Bharat or I had a great deal of money, yet he would spend huge amounts each month on tickets for games, new shirts with his team’s logo on them, as well as a bumper TV subscription so that he could catch all of the games. I couldn’t believe that despite the fact that he had no money for day-to-day life, he would always have money ready to spend on his beloved club.

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Tips for Running a Successful Fitness Club

You’ve finally got your dream business of running your own fitness center. You get to spend all day teaching others about the exercises that you love to do. However, there are more factors to consider as a business owner that contribute to running a successful fitness club. In this short article, we’re going to look at some necessary components you’ll need to have at your fitness center to ensure that people stay active with your business.

Have a Fun-Filled Environment of Acceptance

As a gym owner, you must know that you’re the tone that sets how your gym members treat one another. You should provide a comfortable environment for members of all walks of life to come and enjoy the activity of fitness. It doesn’t matter if a member’s goal is to deadlift 800 pounds or to lose 200 pounds, you want to set an example of creating an environment of acceptance. When people come to your gym and feel as they belong, they’ll invite more friends to come along with them. Concern for the comfort of members applies to their physical comfort as well; your gym should be adequately climate controlled all-year round. Simply put, air conditioning service in San Diego will be essential and the same goes for heating repair in Minneapolis.

Manageable Prices

Pricing and managing memberships can be a difficult task for any gym owner. It may seem like you got things straight when you only have a handful of members, but once your memberships start to explode, it can be difficult to keep up with the demand. For this reason, you should have a clear system set up to handle the management of your members so that new members can join with ease. Your pricing scale should be competitive to other local gyms in the area which have similar equipment as your own.

Keep Things Clean

Cleanliness is very important when it comes to owning a gym. Since members will be sweating and using equipment, it can be a breeding ground for some unsightly odors. However, you should do your best to maintain a clean and odor-free environment. This not only includes the gym, but also the bathrooms and changing rooms. People just like to be in clean atmospheres and you should use that fact to your advantage.

Provide the Extras Your Clients Need

To gain loyal members, you want to think from the customer perspective as much as possible. Think about the things that they can use to help their experience at your gym become even better. You can offer post-workout drinks and snacks, fresh towels to use in the showers, shower products, and cold water bottles. Think about these extras as investing in your clients to ensure they absolutely love your gym every single time they walk through the doors.

Offer Free Classes

Whether it’s martial arts or yoga, people love to try out new forms of fitness. It’s a great idea to get various instructors in your doors to offer a variety of fitness courses. We suggest offering beginner level courses for free. This will give a great introductory experience for your gym members. Then, you can always offer more advanced courses at a fee. This will ensure you only get interested members who want to devote time to learning about a specific type of fitness activity.

As you can see, running a successful fitness club can be done with various methods. We highly encourage you to try and implement as many of the above suggestions as possible. Always take the time to think about what your customers want as that is the best way to figure out what to do next to be even more successful than you already are.

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The Evolution of the Fitness Industry

fitness industry

The health and fitness industry continues to evolve around the world, and in the US it surpassed $30 billion alone. It has been a similar process in the UK, as more and more of us become aware of the benefits of keeping both physically and mentally fit. The fitness industry has shown no sign of slowing down, so this is only set to continue to grow in the coming years. Whether this is sorting your health out or simply getting in shape for that Vegas summer holiday, in which you may want to use the Book of Ra bonus, ahead of the slots in the major casinos. Here we cover some of the key changes that have taken place in recent times.

  • Virtual training is now available

Fitness classes are still a growing fitness trend and a popular choice for many alongside personal training. However, this has now all become available from your own home through virtual training, which is a popular choice for those who dread training in a gym in front of others. There are a vast number of training options available both free and paid, so it does not have to cost for you to get training. You can also fit this in with your busy lifestyles and train at any time of the day.

fitness industry


  • Fitness Apps

Similar to the previous points with the freely available access of Apps. A large amount of us now have smartphones, so many of these apps can be acquired easily, with many at zero cost. These include the likes of the popular Nike running app or Freeletics training. Zwift run and bike are also becoming a very popular choice for a man, as it brings a fun element for training within your home, which many do during the winter months.

  • Active wear

There are now a vast amount of options available when choosing your clothing whilst training. This is completely changed from the days of spandex and neon colors, which were rather embarrassing back in the 80s. You can now acquire high-quality products for very little cost, due to the competitive nature of the industry. With these high-level products, it means it has never been a better time to be getting involved in fitness training.

  • Wearable technology

Whether competitively training or not, many of us are looking to keep track of our training and progress. This can now be done through some top end smartphones but it is wearable technology that is the best for this. As with everything in the fitness industry, it is a competitive market, which means you can get a lot for your money. These watches can track virtually anything you need to know from max heart rate to overtraining. These products are a fantastic addition to get you improving yourself each time you train. Polar offers some of the best products on the market with their Vantage series proving popular.

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The Best Way to Avoid Sports Injuries

Since the beginning of civilization mankind has engaged in sporting activities where we pit ourselves against each other to see who was stronger, faster, or smarter. Sports has been an important part of society and continues to be because of our inner drive to win.

Sporting competition, by its nature means that participants will exert themselves physically. They will test their strength, and other attributes, and in many cases push themselves past the point of endurance. Because of this intrinsic quality found in sports, we can expect that there will be many injuries on the sports field. Whether it’s a professional game or a group of weekend warriors, injuries will most likely occur.

If you are someone who plays sports, you need to be concerned about injuries because some injuries can be physically devastating. Others might be not as bad but can still cause pain, make you lose time at work, and take away your quality of life for an extended period of time. Those who participate in sports need to have a strategy for staying injury free. Their first line of defense is to visit a reputable physical therapist. These medical professionals can minimize the potential for injury and even help you heal when you are injured.

Here are some more ways for those who are active in sports to avoid injury.

Make Sure That You Warm Up Well

Many professional athletes will argue that warming up exercises are so important that they should be considered part of the game. These exercises are specifically chosen to help athletes become more limber and strong on the field. Athletes utilize exercises from many fitness routines but many are often from Pilates routines.

Pilates is chosen so often because it strengthens the body’s core, provides a full body exercise, and provides great flexibility routines for any athlete. Pilates classes provide an athlete with warm up exercises that can be done before any game and without any additional equipment. Once an athlete has gone through the Pilates routine, they will be warmed up, and ready for the game.

Avoid any Unnecessary Contact

Some sports are full-contact while others, even non-contact, generally involve varying degrees of contact during play. In terms of injuries, contact is a typical & prevalent cause. When adrenaline is pumping and bodies are moving at top speed, contact can occur that results in someone being injured. Although contact cannot be avoided in all cases, if you play sports you should do all you can to avoid unnecessary contact. If there is an opportunity for you to move out of the way and it does not negatively impact the game, you should take that opportunity.

Quite often when people are injured because of contact it is unintentional. Although unintentional, these incidents contribute greatly to the large number of people who are injured while playing sports. The key is to always pay attention and be aware of where other players are. Staying alert might save you a trip to the hospital.

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