What Catholic Higher Education Opportunities Are Out There?

Exploring educational opportunities can be a stressful time, and that leads some of us to turn to our faith in those difficult stretches. However, we may not realize that there are options out there that allow Catholics to pursue higher education while actually keeping the presence of Christ prevalent during their studies. The ability to connect faith with higher learning is more apparent than you think. Here are just some of the options out there for everyone from soon-to-be freshmen to those looking to get back to pursuing their bachelor’s or graduate degree.

For High School Students

Whether you’re attending Catholic high school in Holmdel, NJ, or elsewhere in the United States, the teachings of Christ through the Bible have become a part of your learning for some time now. In Catholic school, you are accustomed to a private school environment with Jesuit influence, something which is actually quite common in pursuing higher learning. These high schools put an emphasis on the next step in the learning process, presenting innovative programs as well as emphasizing community service projects at the heart of Catholicism and the love of what Jesus has created.

When considering your next steps in great education, prospective students may work with admission consultants to work on their college applications, helping to get their personal statements and all necessary documentation in order to submit to the schools of their desire. If you’re looking to keep religion as part of your pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, be sure to look into universities with Catholic or Jesuit affiliation, often run by an order of priests or nuns. While emphasizing academics, this affords access to mass and spiritual guidance that may not be available at most public schools.

For Undergrad Students

You may wish to turn to admissions consultants again when it comes time to explore the next step in your learning by going after a graduate degree. During your studies at a Catholic university or college, you may have found comfort on campus. Be sure to ask consultants within the school’s admissions department about their grad degree offerings to see if it makes sense to continue your academics in an environment where you’re already quite comfortable. If the options you’re seeking to continue your education are not available at your undergrad school, check online for help with the application process.

Be sure to look into the colleges that afford you the presence of catechism and religious affiliation while also pursuing, say, an MBA in business school. You could even pursue a grad degree focused on religion. Bible studies, religious studies, and other subjects have become readily available for students to go after their MA or even their doctorate. Some religious programs have even intermingled some of the major topics of today, such as climate change and its relationship with faith, as well as ecology and its connection with theology.

For Those Returning to School

Whether you’re looking to go after your undergraduate degree again or enter graduate school after years away from higher education, there are opportunities out there to bring your Catholic faith into your studies. Work with consultants in the college admissions process to understand any necessary test prep you may have to take, as well as how the admissions process works for students who haven’t been in the classroom for a few years.

Counselors within different schools will alert you to potential scholarship opportunities, as well as student loans and grants to help you get back on track toward achieving your academic goals. Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to selective colleges to explore your opportunities out there. Plus, you’ll always have the strength of your faith to guide you through trying times.

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Breastfeeding Education for Moms

A Surprisingly Complex Reality

So you’re a new mother, and you’re eager to do the best you can. But as you cradle your newborn, there seem to be issues with breastfeeding. What’s the issue? Well, it could be a number of things. Perhaps you’re one of those rare mothers who give birth to a child who has a tooth, or even several, and this makes nursing incredibly painful.

Maybe your child is perfectly normal, but the act of nursing leaves your paps so raw, it’s hard for you to nurse regularly, and you need to use breast pumps to express milk which you store in a refrigerator for later feedings. While your nipples will “toughen up” eventually, this process can take time, and it’s certainly uncomfortable.

Sometimes these aren’t the issues you’re dealing with, but you’ve got problems expressing milk. Your baby is hungry, but your breasts are “dry”. What do you do then? Or maybe expression isn’t an issue, but your milk ducts get clogged for whatever reason. Then there’s inflammation which develops into mastitis.

These are all common issues most mothers contend with at one time or another as they nourish their newborns. Plenty of solutions exist, we’ll cover a few things you might want to consider here.

Seek Consultation

Here’s a link to a few best practices as regards what helps with milk production. Some solutions are physical, others are nutritional. Maybe you’re dealing with mastitis and clogged milk ducts owing too poor form in terms of the newborn’s latch. In that scenario, consultants can help you latch better.

Find Proper Nutrition

In other situations, the problem you’re dealing with is improper nutrition. You’re not eating right, and as a result your breasts aren’t producing milk in the amounts they should. That’s a real issue, and it’s one you have some level of control over. Fenugreek, varying grains, fish, and proteins can all help your breasts produce more.

Emotional Issues

There is an emotional component to breastfeeding. The smell of your baby’s clothes or the sound of his cries can prompt your body to express breastmilk. If you’re having trouble nursing because of associated discomfort, you can use sounds and smells to help your body produce milk, then pump that milk for use later.

It’ll keep a week in the fridge and six months to a year in the freezer; but you’ll likely want to warm it up so the baby likes it, and that can involve using a microwave, which isn’t healthy. If you’re forced into this situation, use a bottle heated in warm water, then test the heat on your wrist before feeding the child. This is superior to microwaved breast milk.

Twin Issues

With one child, if you’re having discomfort, or you’re dealing with uneven milk production, you can simply switch the child to the other breast. With twins, you’ve got two infant-shaped footballs under each arm that are exceptionally hungry. If you get sore paps then, or latching issues on one side or the other, things get complicated. Nursing consultants are integral.

Being the Best Mom You Can Be

Motherhood is always going to be difficult, and the first array of challenges you experience (after the trial of giving birth) will involve nursing. If you’re going to nourish your newborn, you want to find proper nutrition, emotionally center yourself, seek consultation, and consider what solutions exist for unexpected situations like the logistics of feeding twins.

These things are all real issues, and there are real solutions, so whatever you do, don’t give up. You can do this.

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hip jazz

hip jazz

Music has always been a notoriously fluid concept. It has defied cut and dried definitions due to its universality and today the world enjoys thousands of genres from every corner of the globe. 

The 1970s were particularly experimental for music and several genres emerged during this period, notably, funk, soul RnB, and disco. Now and then, a musical oddity emerges. These genres are mostly momentary, enjoyed for a very brief period before fading into the ether. But in rare instances, they persist, outlast their time, and morph into well-recognized and firmly established genres with revolutionary consequences. On August 11th, 1973, one of such oddities called hip hop, was born in the west Bronx, New York City. Hip hop enthusiasts played around with this highly malleable musical form for decades. The marriage of beats and spoken words or poetry allowed artists to work their creativity spinning hit after hit. This persisted into the early 90s when another musical oddity was born. Legendary hip hop duo, Gangstarr and other bands like the root, began to experiment with the iconic genre also of African American origin, Jazz. They released several songs sporting this fusion of oddities, it took off, never landed again and Hip Jazz was born.

Elements Of Hip Hop and Jazz and Why People Love It.

Hip Jazz is a fusion of hip hop and Jazz. These are two very distinct musical genres, both of African American origins, that served to reflect the socio-economic and political realities of their time. Jazz was inspired by afro American traditional folk music like the blues, spirituals, and work songs from as far back as the time of slavery. It borrowed heavily from ragtime and 19th-century band music and piano playing. Hip hop, on the other hand, started as hype for block parties among African American youth living in the Bronx. But eventually, it morphed into a musical outlet that allowed them to express dissatisfaction and a desire for an end to the oppression, marginalization, and disenfranchisement of black and inner-city communities in America. Today, they are both a beacon of proof of African American contribution to the culture and history of America and the world at large. The fusion of these distinct and very different sounds and musical styles created an unusual auditory experience that combines the lively, laid-back, and soft with the rapid, bouncy, and hypnotic beats. They have pervaded every space and can be heard in every social gathering.

Criticism Of Hip Jazz.

Most critics of the hip Jazz genre are typically purists who prefer this fusion did not exist. It has been vilified for its presumed simplicity and that it taints the style and image of Jazz while also taking away from the hard work of folks who have spent their lives honing their “Jazz skills”. This of course has not held much credence as almost all musical forms evolve at some point. It is however more widely accepted today and is considered an independent genre in its own right.


Hip Jazz has outgrown its experimental stage and has carved a niche for itself in the world of music. Its appeal continues to draw more love and appreciation and like all other musical genres, it will likely evolve into yet another interesting and beautiful form.

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ISPMB – Some Truly Fascinating Facts About Donkeys

When it comes to animals there are some in the kingdom which are way more exciting than others. For example if you ask most kids they will probably talk to you about lions and tigers, perhaps even sharks and crocs, but there are some animals which are much more interesting than we may have given them credit for. For this reason we are bring you some truly fascinating facts today, directly from our friends at the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros or ISPMB, about the humble donkey.

This animal has been used as a work animal for a number of centuries, and here are some pretty cool facts about this simple-looking animal.


When it comes to the memory we often talk about how elephants are the ones that never forget. This may be true but did you know that donkeys have been proven to have memories which last for over 25 years? Evidence has been seen that donkeys are able to remember places and sounds from as long ago as 27 years.

Big Ears

Donkeys have fantastic hearing and in the right conditions they can actually hear for up to 60 kilometers away. That is a phenomenal hearing range, and it must be because of those big and floppy ears right? Wrong. The truth is that those ears are in place for temperature control, and that is why they are made so long, to keep their head cool in the desert heat. The hearing which they have is because of a huge network of tiny hair sensors inside their ear canals.

Very Inquisitive

A mule is a mixture between a female horse and a male donkey, but the term stubborn as a mule can in fact be used for any kind of donkey. This phrase comes from the fact that donkeys appear to be against the idea of doing something when they are asked. The reality here however is that these are not disobedient animals at all, they do in fact just prefer to check everything out before they take action.

Using It All Up

Traditionally donkeys have lived in hot and arid conditions, and that means that there is usually a lack of food, or at least not exactly an abundance. For this reason the donkey has evolved so that it is able to actually use up 95% of the nutritional value of every single bite that it takes. This is a phenomenal way of consuming food and it leads to very little waste, and maximum energy.

Boys and Girls

The phrase ‘ass’ comes from the latin name for donkey ‘equinus asinus’ and that is why you may have heard the phrase Jackass before. What you may not be aware of however is that jackass is used for the male donkey. Females are in fact known as Jennets, yet you never hear any mention of Jennettass.

There you have it, all you ever wanted to know about the donkey.

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Roger Wolfson – Why Character Development is So Important For Writers

Script writer and playwright, Roger Wolfson has 17 years of professionally applied fiction writing under his belt. With acclaimed American television shows like Saving Grace and Law and Order along with a Washington Post column, he offers his insight into his very own experiences and understandings of good writing for television.
“Successful TV is built off from character development” Wolfson has declared.
Indeed, when you see any of his collaborations with televised programmes there is a clear value placed upon the character and the subsequent metamorphisis that occurs in front of the viewer’s perception.

Consider the great shows of our golden era of contemporary TV. The Wire and Breaking Bad and The Crown. Each production delves into the psyche of a character and the stories are often focused on the journey each character takes in response to the situation they are embedded in.

Whether they develop or whether they falter, audience engagement is reliant on this literary device.

Wolfson identifies that movement is key to character development. Whether the character is physically moving through space as in a road trip or having mental barriers in the same space, both invoke a sense of movement and this vital for the character’s development.
Characters rely on stimulus. Movement of this broad description ensures the confrontation of new challenges stimulating new discoveries. This is ideal for writing.

Social Realism
Despite the range of genres present in the literally milieu, there is perhaps nothing more reactive to characters than aspects of social realism. Whether this is combined with other genres like sci-fi or horror, bringing in an aspect of commonality to the drama will not only move the experience of the character but is provide recognition to the audience. Consider the impact of Shane Meadow’s ‘This is England’. This leads onto the next aspect.

Recognition of ourselves and others
Seeing yourself and others inside works of fiction is what makes a character so engaging. The recognition of behavioural traits and responses to situations is what drives a character to connect with the audience. In some ways this can create an illusion of character development as similar traits of oneself can be seen in the fictional person whilst they then change to react to different circumstances.

Can weave between fiction and fact
Often it is the situation that causes the character to change. Without this, there can be little movement as aforementioned. Therefore, dramatizing reality or merging fiction with fact can lead to reactions to characters like volatile chemicals meeting. Consider the hugely successful ‘The Crown’. Real life characters are embedded inside actual moments of history. But where there are no records of responses from research, dramatized fiction begins. This tension creates visceral human responses and allows the viewer inside the mind of the character.

What is the function of story?
Overall, in considering the very function of ‘Story’, it can often be implied as a learning device. Recounted stories of danger or moral disobedience served to enlighten societies and groups as to how to navigate through their reality more knowledgeable of the pitfalls that are inherent. As a consequence, character development is intrinsic linked to the very nature of story.

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4 Creative Ways to Keep Your Alumni Lively -Top Networking Ideas

If you’re a member of any alumni association, you’ll opine that such networks offer both social and economic benefits. They offer a platform to share opportunities, contribute to the well-being of your former school, and even have fun! 

However, an average institution will have thousands of former students and staff. As such, you can be sure that managing such a large group will not be a cushy job. 

This article offers alumni networking ideas that will strengthen the glue holding the members together. Read on irresistible insights. 

Why An Alumni Network?

It is not uncommon to think that you’ll be self-sustaining after graduating with top honors from your dream university. However, this belief fades away when reality sinks in and graduation excitement vanishes.

It’s at this point that you realize that an alumni network is essential!

When you connect with former students, you’ll get crucial tips that will help you to navigate through your job search escapades fast. 

This way, you’ll get golden job opportunities while helping others to jump the hurdles you’ve struggled with in the past. 

Besides the benefits that students get from alumni networks, the institutions also benefit a great deal. Some of the gains include:

  • Monetary help in infrastructure development and other projects – alumni in the US contributed a whopping $12.5 billion to their institutions
  • Insights on the dynamics of the job market, thus influencing the curriculum of their respective courses
  • Unique ambassadorial roles where they further the agenda of the institution with minimal cost implications

How to Remain Active in Your Alumni Association

If you want to obtain optimal benefits from your alumni network, you should regularly engage in all activities. This way, you’ll showcase your loyalty to the institution, thus ensuring that you remain relevant. 

While this sounds simple, its implementation can be tricky. Here are several methods that you can use:

  • Join all the Alumni’s Social Media Platforms. Once you join these groups, you should share insightful messages to draw the attention of all members 
  • Answer Questions. Most of the alumni’s platforms will be flooded with questions on different topics. If you give factual information, you can be sure that you’ll remain in the limelight
  • Keep Constant Communication. Always ensure that you check on alumni members. Let them know about your challenges and experiences. 

Top 4 Alumni Networking Ideas for Your Consideration 

1. Friendly Tournaments 

Meeting and having fun is one of the cheapest yet highly effective alumni networking ideas. You can decide to form teams based on factors such as the program, year of graduation, or any other parameter. 

2. Service Day

Engaging in charitable work will offer you both fulfillment and a chance to bond. You can decide to visit the destitute, the elderly, or the sick. 

3. Seminars and Conferences

This is one of the most impactful activities that you can undertake. It allows alumni members to share their knowledge and experiences with others. 

4. Alumni Night Out 

An alumni night out offers a chance to raise funds for helping needy students. You can charge all the attendees a fee that’ll be instrumental in offering scholarships.

Additionally, the platform allows mingling and sharing of ideas. 

Bottom Line

While creating an alumni network is easy, ensuring that it remains active requires concerted efforts. If inactivity reigns, then you can be sure that the association will not meet its objectives.

This article enumerates the 4 best alumni networking ideas for your consideration. If well implemented, these techniques will certainly make achieving your goals a breeze.

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Online Learning: Comprehending 6 Perks it offers

Before signing for online Learning, one can be a little apprehensive about joining. So, it is better to gather some information, read other’s experiences, and then get your hands on it. To make you understand the benefits of online learning platform we are listing some comprehending six perks that will give you an overview of this platform –

Opportunity for Career advancement

Online Learning presents a valuable opportunity for people who want to build their careers. One can simultaneously work and develop their skills through online programs. These platforms provide convenient settings to log in at a specific time for a live session, interact with your instructor, or study at your own preferred time. With online Learning, many people have reported improvements in their employment standing.

Flexible environment and schedule

Online Learning provides a flexible environment for learners as it caters to every need. You can study from your bedroom, at a café, or listen to the lecture from a podcast. It is an excellent platform and user friendly in all respects. Which means you no longer need to worry about finding a proper place for studying. The study materials are also convenient, and one can learn them at their own pace and schedule.

A student can start completing the targets at any time and make progress with rhythm that suits them. This freedom is one of the critical perks that a traditional educational system cannot beat. Visit website and get to know the difference between conventional Learning and online Learning.

Better Time Management

One of the things an online learner needs to develop is time management, as online Learning expects them to develop this skill. While there are no set classroom times, one has to create their schedules. With proper planning and time management habits, they need to complete assignments on time proactively.

Online classes keep you on a regular schedule to stay productive and also to meet your deadlines. This habit can only be achieved by being an online learner, and building this vital skill of managing time is essential at every future workplace.

Self-discipline and responsibility

As we have seen, online Learning has some exceptional perks and not to forget that it also helps one in building self-discipline. One needs to be focused on their self-discipline and meet their deadlines. With timely self-motivation, you can embark on this online study and earn some great certificates in your name that will add a significant presence to your resume.

By succeeding in making an online degree, you can also prove to your employers that you are quite capable of multi-tasking and can adapt to any work conditions.

Learn Virtual Communication and Collaboration

With the system of online Learning, a student gets a scope to develop their critical leadership skills. While participating in discussion boards or forums or while communicating your ideas with your online peers or teachers, you get a hand on interacting and collaborating virtually.

As the program progresses by utilizing specialized knowledge and creating efficient processes, you understand what should be discussed in-person or electronically. With Learning, you get to master all virtual communication programs and make reliable, professional texts necessary for a virtual workplace.

Develop many Refined Critical-thinking and Technical Skills

With more companies using virtual teams to collaborate remotely, embracing technology becomes a crucial part of our life. Online Learning makes a student capable in all respects. It challenges you to think differently and force you to develop your critical thinking skills. Additionally, you also get to utilize digital learning materials and get familiar with new tools and software that might be useful in your future workplaces.

Besides this, you also get used to troubleshooting common issues or technical hurdles that come in your way and adapt yourself in every situation. Having such credentials in your resume can garner you excellent opportunities and make you confident working proactively and independently around a virtual workplace.

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Competent leaders run their organizations effectively and efficiently. It doesn’t matter which company or institution they work in; they aim to achieve their goals. They have a desire to make optimal efficiency and constant progress. They have the power and the ability to make any company successful.

In the case of educational institutes, the school leaders have significant responsibilities. They have to keep the discipline and maintain the school’s image while sustaining a quality education that produces an accomplished generation of future leaders. The education industry has shown tremendous growth by introducing innovative techniques to enhance the quality of education. Such as creating a more engaging environment in classrooms so that the students are encouraged to participate. If the students are involved, then they will take a greater interest in what they are learning.

School leaders desire to hire the best teachers for their facility, but not every teacher has the necessary expertise. Most require detailed and extensive training to be proficient.

Hence, effective school leaders strive to improve their performance by enhancing student performance. That is only possible through positive strategies, which encourages the students to perform their abilities out and get good grades. One way of being a good leader is to obtain a master’s in education policy to make better decisions and equip yourself with the essential skills to create a successful institute.  

Following are the seven ways a school leader can enhance the quality of education:

1. Evaluation

A school leader must know the quality of education that their school provides. It is essential to know where you stand if you want to progress and compete with other leading schools. One way of doing this is to conduct thorough evaluations. A school leader should regularly observe the classrooms and students’ behavior while they engage with their teachers. A good school leader should be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their staff through this observation. They can take action to work on their weaknesses so that they can provide the best education to their students.

2. Hire Skilled Teachers

It is no secret that the quality of teachers directly impacts the quality of education. If school leaders wish to enhance student learning, then they must focus on hiring skilled teachers. If, for some reason, they are unable to afford experienced teachers, then they must introduce programs that prepare teachers to keep up with the current requirements of a successful institution. 

3. Introduce Activities Apart From Academics

Extra-curricular activities are a brilliant method of keeping the students fresh and interested in school affairs. These activities have shown significant improvement in student attendance as well as participation. That will consequently have a positive impact on what the students are learning in class. The school can arrange science exhibitions or sports activities and encourage them to participate after school clubs so that they remain engaged.

4. Accessibility Of Resources

Even skilled teachers need a particular set of resources to give students the best quality of education. School leaders must make sure that their teachers have easy access to all the tools that they need. That may require some extra funding, but the quality of education should always be a leader’s priority. The institute must have a good Wi-Fi connection along with the latest technology such as computers and projectors so the students can enjoy the new era of technological advancement.

5. Make Use Of The Statistics

The leaders should regularly evaluate student performances. They can use these figures as comparative data to see if they are making any improvements and devise a strategy to always remain on top. The goal should be to have the best academic results. It will show that the institute provides the best quality of education.

6. Alternative Discipline Methods

The leaders should devise innovative ways to discipline students apart from using traditional suspensions and detentions. These alternative methods should not degrade the students, but instead, they should give students the motivation to be better. An excellent example of such purposes is conflict resolution and counseling. 

7. Valued Feedback

All evaluations must include detailed feedback from the school leaders. They must give their teachers constructive criticism regarding their teaching methods and advice on how to improve their performance. This way, teachers will learn to improve their skills and will be motivated to do their best in the classroom.


Several factors can impact an institution’s quality of education. Still, if school leaders remain attentive and vigilant, they will be able to come up with strategies to improve and enhance their performance gradually over time.  Hopefully, with the help of the tips mentioned above, you can achieve your goal to improve student performance and improve the quality of education in your institution.

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Nine University – Reasons to Go Back to Studying

Simply because you have left the traditional education system does not mean that your time with education is up, in fact you have even more reason than ever to go back and focus once again on your education. Each year there are literally thousands of people around the world who go back to study for courses, diplomas and certificates, and they do so for a number of reasons. I can include myself in this as I have just recently started an online course at the brilliant Nine University after putting it off for far too long. 

If you needed any inspiration which may help you to avoid waiting on the fence for as long as I did, then here are some reasons why people will go back to education once they have finished their mandatory schooling. 

Career Change 

Studying so that you can change career is a big one and that was the key reason as to why I have started the course which I did. Nine University specialize in teaching people how to launch and succeed with an Amazon FBA business and given that I had always wanted to start a business this just made the most sense to me. If you have spent your career as an accountant and you wish to switch to marketing, you may feel that this is something which you are not skilled to do, this is why heading back to education could very well be a smart move and it could increase your prospects greatly. 

Failed It 

When you get older you have a completely different view to education, in part because nobody is forcing you to do it any more. It is for this reason why many people who have either failed certain classes in the past or perhaps didn’t get the grades that they wanted, will opt to go back into education in order to get those grades which they feel that they should have got first time around. When you do go back in this capacity you can do so in a more relaxed manner and that can often mean that you end up with those higher grades. These of course can be used to get a job or perhaps just because you begrudge the fact that you didn’t get them first time around. 

Just Because

Going back to education doesn’t have to mean going back to get a qualification and many people simply go to short courses in order to gain a new skill or because they wish to add something to their arsenal. Night schools for example are very popular and whether you are looking to learn woodwork or a new language, these courses can provide a great deal of benefits to all ages. 

There are many reasons to go back to education and it is important that we crush this taboo that adults shouldn’t keep learning, we most certainly should and in doing so we will make ourselves better people with healthier brains.

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Online education, another name for distance learning. The culture of using technology for learning was introduced decades ago that eventually transformed the entire methodology of education. Traditional classrooms dramatically shifted to online classes and e-lectures. E-books and e-journals have replaced books. Technological advancement blessed the education system with the concept of online education that is now a basic need of the students. Since the advent of online degree programs, demand has been increasing.  If we talk about the statistics, a global survey claims that more than six million students take online courses. Surprisingly, another survey validates the claim that more than three million students enrolled in online degree programs in 2018. In this discussion, we will be advocating some of the value-added benefits of choosing online degree programs over the traditional education system. 

1. Global Accreditation Of The Institute: 

Global recognition and accreditation are one of the essential key factor students look upon when they are selecting the institute to continue their education. One of the most significant differences between online degree programs and conventional degree programs is the level of accreditation. Even though conventional institutes are recognized, but the local authorities mostly recognize them. In contrast, the institutes that offer online degree programs have the affiliation of the global authorities that becomes a value-added benefit. This worldwide recognition and accreditation improves the weightage of the degree earned and eventually helps the student to prosper more rapidly. It is often seen that the resumes are rejected based on non-accredited degree programs. Considering the example of an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) accreditation with the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is deemed to be the most authentic and significant accreditation. 

2. Networking Opportunities And Exposure:

Generally, on-campus degree programs offer several local conferences to expose their students to innovation. The notable difference here is that apart from regional meetings and networking opportunities, it is the right of the student to know and understand the global perspective. Online bachelor’s degree programs overrule this aspect as the students are not only exposed to local seminars and conferences; they also have the opportunity to do networking on an international level. Students enrolled in online degree programs have access to international academic events that enrich their careers. Somehow, the conventional education system slightly offers a lower number of opportunities to students, which reduces the chances of professional and personal growth. Institute offering online degree programs also bless their students with access to globally available digital libraries, which help them to access e-books and research journals that enhance learning opportunities.

3. Quality Of Education And Faculty: 

When we talk about online degree programs, people have a misconception that online classes and modules are conducted by using e-lectures only. Answer to the myth is that online degree programs are also conducted under the supervision of highly qualified professors and associate professors similar to an on-campus class. Many of the professors taking classes in conventional institutes offer online degree programs, which eventually becomes a strong point to defend online degree programs. The presentable advantage here is the quality of education delivered by the professor. The conventional setting has a certain number of students, which means the teacher cannot focus on every student. Still, a digital platform individual attention can be given, that enhances the quality of education. Another impact of creating an advantage is the availability of recorded lectures. If you miss out on any concept or a theory, you can simply play the recording of the lecture and understand the concept. It is as simple as you are watching an academic tutorial, which can be replayed as many times as you want. 

4. Money Matters: 

It has been observed that education on digital platforms is way more cost-effective than on-campus education. Expenses that have to be done on commute, books, hostel, and other institutional affairs can be saved as the online programs offer a wide range of low-cost options. This cost-saving approach is planted with the ideology of saving time of the student that he has to spend earning for completing education. Scholarships are offered to students to encourage participation in such programs that helps to reduce the overall cost of tuition. Hence, another value-added benefit of earning an online degree is a cost-effective education. 

5. Flexible Scheduling And Self Paced Education: 

Among several advantages, this is the best part of online learning. Whenever you enroll in the bachelor’s program, there are multiple time options from which you can pick and choose according to your feasibility. Whatever time slot suits you, you can get yourself enrolled. It is not like the conventional on-campus education that you have to attend class at the same time every week. It is more likely to be self-paced that helps the student to grab knowledge and information with ease. Being a morning person gives you the option to study in the morning before your work hours. If you are more comfortable studying at night, lectures and recordings are available online that can be accessed on the convenient time slots. 

6. Professional Growth And Online Education: 

It is a pretty common thing that on-campus classes consume most of your time. A full-time job is not possible if you are enrolled in a regular degree program. However, either you have to lose your job, or your education will be hampered. On the other hand, online degree programs push your professional career without hampering your job and professional life. Hence, professional growth and education are possible simultaneously only if you are convinced to get enrolled in an online education system. 


Apart from these benefits, there is a whole list of advantages that are sufficient enough to convince students to choose online degrees over on-campus education. But if you are confused about whether an online bachelor’s or master’s degree is good for you or not, then you can evaluate your surrounding issues like working hours, family time, and others. Students looking forward to international standard education can equip themselves with the globally accredited degrees. As a concluding point, students enrolled in online degree programs complete not only their coursework but also gain global experience.  

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