5 Tips For Finding an Affordable Divorce Lawyer

There is so much to consider when getting divorced, from dividing marital assets, to spousal support, to child custody and support.

Divorce can also be an incredibly expensive process.This is especially true when it comes to hiring legal representation. In fact, divorce lawyers can take up the majority of the budget that you have set aside for divorce proceedings.

It is therefore not only important to find an attorney that is suitable and experienced for your particular case, but also to find legal representation that fits within your budget. This is why we have created a list of helpful tips for finding a cheap divorce lawyer.

Shop Around

It is important not to be impulsive when choosing a divorce lawyer, so don’t just go for the first attorney that you meet. Remember that you are not obligated to retain an attorney when you meet with them, or do you have to pay them anything unless you have agreed to do so. When meeting with an attorney, be sure to ask them about their fees and billing structure. A reputable attorney will be able to provide you with their fee schedule or hourly rate before you hire them. 

Some attorneys will offer flat-rate packages, particularly for “uncontested” divorces. With flat-rate packages, attorneys have an incentive to work more quickly and efficiently. However, this may not be the right move for everyone, particularly if your case could be dealt with at a lower cost on a per-hour basis.

With flat-rate packages, it is pretty straightforward to compare rates. Otherwise, it can be tricky to calculate the exact fee an attorney will charge (given that they are working on a per-hour basis). 

Therefore, it is important to check online reviews and consider word-of-mouth to ascertain the general cost of a particular attorney. After doing so, you should arrange initial consultations with the attorney to determine both their suitability for your case, as well as their hour rate and retainer fee (this is an upfront sum).

Explore Legal Aid and Family Law Clinics

For matters such as divorce and child custody, some cities and states offer legal aid services for lower-income residents. Others work with non-profit programs to offer low-cost, or free, family law clinics.

If you do not qualify for these programs, city and state websites often offer lists of reputable and cheap divorce lawyers. Make sure to look at your city’s website, or the website of the court where you will file, to find resources like these.

Explore Law Schools and Paralegal Programs

If you are unable to find any public legal clinics, the next step is to contact a law school or paralegal program. Many of these will offer clinics to help students gain experience working on everyday legal issues. 

These clinics are supervised by a licensed attorney who will review any legal documents that the students and paralegals prepare. Although these types of clinics will likely not be able to help you if your legal matters are highly complex, they can be a great alternative if you cannot find a divorce attorney that fits your budget.

Think About A DIY Divorce

Some people may be tempted to avoid looking for legal representation and handling the divorce themselves. However before thinking about this route, it’s worth considering the time that this will take, as well as how complicated your particular situation is.

If both parties agree on the most substantial issues involved in the case, then a DIY divorce from someone like 3Step, Divorce.com or Divorce Bob could be an affordable and relatively easy option. Some courts even offer simplified processes such as a “joint simplified” divorce. These can be quite quick and easy to accomplish, and will save both parties the cost of hiring an attorney. 

If you are unable to use a simplified divorce process, then another option is using an online divorce service

These services reduce the time spent figuring out which forms to file, how to file them, and in what order everything needs to be done. They guide you through the entire filing process and can save a lot of time. Many will also connect you with legal professionals who are able to answer your questions and review your forms for a reasonable per-hour or flat consultation fee. 

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Sexting: A New Form Of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a problem that has been faced by women in almost every society. Recently, with the rise in technology and information, sexual harassment has taken an entirely new form. Where before women had to experience catcalling or lewd glances when they were in public, now women (and men) can be coerced into giving personal pictures through sexting. As more people become comfortable sharing their bodies over the Internet, there is a risk.

Sexting is the act of sending sexual pictures or messages over the Internet. In recent years sexting has become much more familiar with the breakthrough in technologies. In the past, which still happens today, women have been subjected to sexual harassment from unwanted looks and catcalling in public. Now men can ask for personal photos simply by messaging a woman on social media websites. This is especially dangerous because it threatens the safety of the person in question. This form of harassment has become prevalent in both relationships and on social media sites. In relationships, it is often used to manipulate the other partner into accepting treatment they would not otherwise let themselves be subjected to. The issue has also been raised with regards to social media sites, including people without consent posting pictures from personal accounts.

Sexting is becoming increasingly popular; people find new ways every day to share their bodies over the Internet. However, this poses risks to both parties involved. Women can be coerced into sending intimate pictures of themselves.

How Does Sexting Occur?

Sexting can occur in two different ways. The first is that the person sends a picture to another person, with or without consent. It can be done through insecure applications such as Snapchat, where it is meant to disappear after a few seconds, but if the receiver takes a screenshot of the image, then it’s too late. Another way sexting can occur is when someone is coerced into sending a picture of themselves. This type of sexting is more dangerous because the sender can be threatened or even assaulted if they refuse to send it.

This type of sexting usually happens through social media applications such as Facebook Messenger. If a person sends a sext and then is coerced into sending another one, it can escalate into an issue that puts the sender at risk.

Sexting has increasingly become a form of sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexting may not be as severe as physical or verbal abuse, but it is no less than bullying, and if you feel uncomfortable with this type of activity, then you should take action. This can include reporting the incident to your superior or human resources department, depending on what the company’s policies are regarding sexting.

In 2012, Amanda Todd, a 15-year-old girl from Canada, committed suicide because she was being blackmailed after sexting someone over a webcam. The perpetrator forced her to send more indecent pictures by threatening to post the ones he already had. She ended her life out of fear of what could happen next if she did not comply with his demands.

In 2013 Rehtaeh Parsons from Canada attempted to kill herself after pictures were distributed around her school of her being raped by multiple boys.

How Can You Fight Sexual Harassment Online?

There are a number of ways that we can fight sexual harassment through the Internet. As technology evolves through time, so do the means of harassment and bullying. In addition to social media, there have been cases in which employers have harassed their employees. Even children have been subject to sexual harassment from adults on social media. In order to combat this, we can create better laws and rules for materials online.

In situations, you may even need a sexual harassment lawyer. Laws and regulations do not currently address all the forms of sexual harassment that can take place on the Internet. It is important that victims comprehend that they have a right to feel safe wherever they go and whoever they talk to. We must continue to fight sexual harassment and find ways to deal with it appropriately.

If you feel like you are in immediate danger, then call the police. There are many other laws and lawyers that can be used to get you out of this situation. You can get in contact with a lawyer that specializes in cyber-harassment, or you can go through human resources.

Researching for a lawyer can be time-intensive. Fortunately, you can look online to simplify this process and find the best lawyer for your case. If you feel like someone is harassing you over the Internet, stay calm and make sure to record every single thing that occurs in case you need evidence later on. For those who need more info, you find helpful resources through a sexual harassment lawyer Los Angeles firm. Although it may be difficult, strategize any possible solutions in order to avoid feeling helpless.

Sexual harassment is a serious criminal offense and can take many forms. Although sexting may not be as severe, it is still a form of bullying that can take place anywhere. It targets a person’s sexuality and forces them to do something against their will. Sexting has become a major problem among teenagers and adults because they are constantly using social media sites to communicate with one another online. In addition to this, receiving unsolicited sexual images from strangers over social media can cause young adults distress. No matter what age you are, there are ways that we can fight sexual harassment through the Internet by creating stricter laws and rules for materials put online. In order to combat this effect, we must continue fighting sexual harassment and find effective solutions. There are thousands of online groups dedicated to helping victims of sexual harassment through social media or email. We must continue fighting for our rights against sexual harassment no matter what form it takes. The Internet isn’t entirely a secure place, and you can find yourself in dangerous situations. It is good to have an awareness of these threats and know that you have the power to fight them off.

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What to Look For in Hiring a Long Term Disability Attorney

Is it finally time that you hire a long term disability attorney? It can feel overwhelming in where to look for one. It can feel overwhelming in the process of who to trust and who won’t be too expensive. Long term disability insurance attorneys can do a wonderful job, but it’s still important to do your research so that you find that trustworthy long term disability attorney. These 7 steps will help you find that person!


What have previous clients said about them?

It’s important to know what previous clients have said about the specific long term disability attorney. Do you have a friend or family member that has used them before? If so, they will be able to tell you good or bad stories about a specific one. Perhaps they know someone that has used a long term disability attorney and can steer you in the correct direction or tell you who not to be trusting. Regardless, they will be able to be of assistance. If you are new to the area and don’t know who to ask or you don’t have friends or family members that have used one before, a great alternative is to check out reviews online. These people will be able to tell you what experience they had with a specific long term disability attorney. Make sure that you read them too and not just the star amount. This will tell you specifics about what that attorney can help with. You can check Yelp, their personal business Facebook page, and Google to see some different reviews.


Are they available?

You don’t want to work with an attorney if they are too busy for you. That is why it’s important to find out right away how busy that attorney is. Will they be able to make time to meet with you? Will they have enough time to do the proper steps? Will they do a good job? This all can partly be answered by finding out the availability of the schedule of the attorney and how free they are. It also can be a bad sign if their schedule is completely open. Why are they so free? Is that a bad sign? Make sure that you try and find this out right away when you start calling around.


What will the process be?

It’s important that you understand the process. This will not only allow the attorney to show that they are educated and know what they are talking about but it will allow you to understand your process and exactly what you would be paying them to do too. You may not need or want all of the details and you want them to take it over, but understand what will happen when will help you in making your decision of which attorney will help you and help the process move along the best.


How long have they been in business?

Although it’s not always a bad thing if an attorney is new. They may have fresh new ideas and a lot of energy. With that said, an experienced long term disability attorney has seen it all and knows what to expect. Both can be positive but someone that has been in a business multiple years and has been successful should be an added bonus for you.


Can they legally practice in your state?

It may seem obvious but it’s important to ask if they can legally practice in your state. Make sure that you ask where they went to school and verify that they legally can be an attorney in your specific state. It could end up saving you a lot of time and money.


What happens if I lose?

You never want to think about losing your case, but it’s a good idea to realize that it can happen. Ask the long term disability attorney what happens if they lose. Do they charge less? Can you reapply? What is the following process and what are they going to do to ensure or hopefully ensure that does not take place. As we said, you want to prepare yourself for every situation, and even losing, even though you don’t want it to happen, is a possibility.


What is the cost?

The cost is one of the most important things. Long term disability attorneys can truly vary in cost ranges. Before you start working with them and looking around, make sure that you set a price for yourself. Some people can end up getting ahead of themselves when they hear a good pitch and put in too much money. This is especially harmful if you lose. Make sure that you understand losing is a possibility so you would end up losing that money too. The most expensive attorney doesn’t always mean the best one. Just as the cheapest attorney does not always mean it is the worst. That is why these other steps are so important in choosing your attorney and going through the entire process. Make sure that you take cost into consideration and have a budget but make sure that it does not make your final decision. That can end up costing you even more money if you do this.


There are a lot of questions that can be asked to a potential long term disability attorney, these are 7 of the best ones that will help you understand if they are an attorney that you want to work with and one that you can trust. Make sure that you trust your gut throughout the entire decision and don’t feel pressured into working with any of them right away. From there, you will find your answer and be on your way to winning your case!

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Is Someone Missing in Your Life?

Over time, you may lose track of one or more people you were close to at some point in your life. As a result, you may try a variety of means to find them.

That said there are options on the table for you when it comes to tracking down those you would like to know about.

Whether to make contact or curious what they have been up to, use resources available to try and get the job done.

With that in mind, is someone missing in your life?

What Resources Can You Turn to?

In trying to find someone missing in your life, one of the first options on the table for you is the Internet.

Yes, countless people go online when trying to learn information on a wide variety of topics.

So, what if the person you are missing may have ended up in jail at one time or another? What if they are there now?

You could go online and conduct a free federal inmate search.

Such a search can get you closer to finding out where the person is, how they are doing and more.

Sure, you are likely not happy they are in jail in the first place. That said they are there for a reason. The hope is it is not anything serious and they will be out of jail sooner than later.

Whether you decide to reach out to them is of course up to you.

For some people, contacting a person in jail that they know can be tricky. Do they want to try and regain contact with the individual given the circumstances? This is especially true if children are involved. Some adults may not want to have any contact with one they know in jail due to the safety of their children.

Again, use the Internet and also word-of-mouth to try and find that person you have been missing for a while now.

Someone in your life may know the person you are trying to find. As such, they may have a resource or two that can lead you to locating that person.

Do They want to be Found?

Of course one of the questions you will have to try and answer is does the person want to be found in the first place?

Yes, some people do try and disappear from the world for a wide variety of reasons.

Among the reasons can be:

· Troubled life and running away from one or more things

· In need of a fresh start

· Chasing after someone they want to be with

No matter the reason or reasons the person missing left, you have no guarantees they want to be found.

In the event you do reach them and they want to be left alone, it is best more times than not to honor such wishes. Trying to force yourself back into their life will often go nowhere.

When you are trying to find a person, weigh the pros and cons of reaching out to them in the first place.

If it sounds like a good thing to do, use any resources possible to find where they are at.

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Reasons Why You May One Day Need a Lawyer

I have always been of the opinion that it makes sense to be prepared for just about anything and that is that way that I have always lived my life. Whether this be buying insurance to protect my assets, planning months ahead of certain events, or filling my contact list with people who I may need in the future, I have always been a planner. One area that I am always prepared for, are any legal issues which may come my way in my personal or my business life.

In my first year in business I faced some legal issues and I used the fantastic legal professionals at www.grothlaw.com to help me out of my jam. Ever since that unfortunate experience, I have always been prepared with a selection of specialist lawyers who could help me out should I ever need it. If you are in any doubt as to why this is a good idea, here are just some situations which could see you in need of legal representation.


Divorce rates in the USA sit at around 40-50%, a worrying number and one which must be taken seriously. Regardless of how happy your marriage may be, the possibility of divorce is something that will always exist and whilst nobody wants to think about the prospect of going through a divorce, it makes sense to have someone on hand who could help you out. Children in particular suffer greatly from a divorce and if you are able to find a lawyer who has both your’s and your kids’ interests at heart, then you can make this process run as smoothly as it possibly can.


A friend of mine was charged with a DUI last month after driving on the morning after a party, he is usually a law-abiding citizen yet he made an error of judgement and was rightfully forced to pay. This could happen to anyone and I put myself in this category too, which is why I have a contact for someone who could help me should I even find myself in that situation. After being charged with a DUI you will not have time to search for hours and hours to find the best attorney and so having one in hand before the event makes a great deal of sense.

Workplace Issues

Whether you are an employee or employer, workplace issues could happen at any time and when they do, it makes sense to have a professional looking out for your best interests. There are many legal problems which you could run into in your place of work from bullying to wrongful dismissal, violence or contract issues and if you want to give yourself the best protection against this, you should ensure that you have a specialist attorney onside who can help you out.

There are many legal problems that you could run into during your lifetime and if you want to be like me, a planner, then you need to fill your contact book with some specialists who can help you out.

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Know your rights: what you should do when faced with an eminent domain order

Faced with an eminent domain order? Here's what you need to do...

If you own property, getting served with an eminent domain order is something that will definitely ruin your day.

As hard as it is to believe, the forced expropriation of private property for public use is an action that is protected by the Constitution.

Worse yet, most cases where individuals fight to retain their land end in failure for the owner. This might sound unfair, but it is best to negotiate with the government than try to defeat them on this issue.

This article will lay out what you need to do to protect the rights you do have when the government moves to evict you from your land.

Hire an attorney who specializes in eminent domain

Don’t make the mistake of trying to take on the government yourself. Eminent domain orders are full of hard to understand terms that are designed to give governmental bodies the best deal possible. As such, you’ll want an attorney who can help protect your rights to the fullest extent.

If you live in Southern California, there are plenty of capable eminent domain lawyers in LA who can take on your case, as they have helped past clients get a level of compensation far above what they would have gotten if they had just settled for what the government was going to give them.

Know what your home is truly worth

A crucial aspect of getting the most from your eminent domain case is to have an appraiser tell you exactly what your land or property is worth.

The government has this data already, but don’t think for a second they are going to give you a fair deal. Instead, their first offer will often be laughably low, as they are eager to show voters how financially responsible they are with public funds.

Once the appraiser on your team tells you how much you should get for your property, you and your attorney can proceed with confidence in your eminent domain case.

Should you settle or try to get more?

Now you should you have an accurate representation of the value of your home – should you try to settle for a price not far from what the government is offering, or should you dig in your heels and try to get more?

If the compensation offered is over and above what your valuation is, or if the housing market in your area is terrible, you should be inclined to settle close to what the government is offering.

However, if they are trying to fleece you with an offer only suckers would take, the local housing market is on fire, or if your home/land will play host to a development that will have a significantly higher value than your property currently has, hold your ground and ask for more – a lot more.

Don’t be too greedy, though: follow all advice given to you by your attorney, or you might wake up one day to find you have had a settlement imposed on you, along with a 30-day notice to vacate.

Resisting eminent domain: a risky play to make

Think you can achieve total victory over the government? To be fair, some people have, as there are many examples over time where roads have been built around property lines after the owners fought a pitched political battle against local authorities.

For every success story, though, many get crushed, with only a pitiful compensation check to show for their struggle.

Don’t martyr yourself over a piece of land – hire a smart eminent domain lawyer, and you’ll be able to get a settlement that will give you all the cash you’ll need to reboot your life in a better neighborhood.

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Are You a Victim of Professional Negligence?

English common law is revered because it is one of the oldest and broadest set of laws in existence today. The essence of English common law is that it is made by judges sitting in courts applying statute, and legal precedent from previous cases. In the English law of tort, professional negligence is a subset of the general rules on negligence that cover the situation in which the defendant has represented him or herself as having more than average skills and abilities i.e. a professional.

Professional negligence occurs when a professional fails to carry out his or her duties to the required standard of care for a client. This can result in a claim brought by a client, or, in certain circumstances the professional may be found to owe specific duties to third parties. The specialised set of rules encompassing how a professional should behave determines the standards against which to measure the legal quality of the services actually delivered by those who claim to be professionals. A claim in professional negligence may be based upon: a breach of a contract; or a breach of a duty of care owed in the tort of negligence; or a breach of a fiduciary duty; or a breach of a statutory duty.

When someone asks a professional for advice, he or she should expect to receive professional advice. But what if that advice causes you problems or losses? Then damages may be due. Which professionals are most often found liable?

  • Financial advisors, banks, insurance brokers and accountants – Wrong advice about your financial situation or taxes owed.
  • Engineers and architects – Bad design and construction advice.
  • Estate agents – Selling your property for too low a price.
  • Insurance brokers – Giving you the wrong insurance leaving you exposed.
  • Doctors, Dentists and other medical practitioners – Misdiagnosis and treatment.
  • Solicitors and other lawyers – Missed filings or not getting you the right compensation.
  • Surveyors – Missed defects or bad advice about key areas of the property.
  • Barristers – Poor performance in the courtroom.
  • Will writers – Mistakes or omissions in the will.

Included, but not in this list are other professional services providers who are hired to offer their expert advice. If their advice is negligent and it can be proven the client has suffered financially because of this negligent advice, the client has the right to and should make a claim because if proven accurate the claimant may receive a substantial settlement.

Professionals carry insurance for these types of claims and the insurer will most likely fight the claimant for the compensation sought. Therefore the claimant needs to hire a law firm specialising in professional negligence disputes. Dealing with a dispute will take time and demonstrating negligence (and the losses suffered) can be complicated, so well trained and experienced experts are a necessity.

If you suspect that you have not received professional level care from a professional services provider, and have been damaged financially as a result, contact a professional negligence solicitor and discuss the circumstances of your case.

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Get Educated on the Best Paralegal Schools

What are the Best Paralegal Schools?
Photo by CC user Mdesigns on Pixabay

If you’re shopping around for the best paralegal schools nationwide, how do you know which ones stack up to be the best?

As more people gravitate towards adding to their knowledge base in order to advance through the workforce, having as much education on your side as possible is crucial.

That said many people are holding down full-time jobs, not to mention several part-time jobs too in order to get by. In those situations, it can seem like getting more education is all but impossible. Where do you find the time? Can you afford to get the education given your income abilities? Will the education you go after now be enough in today’s demanding workplace?

In order to answer some or all of those questions, it is important that you do your research, looking for the best opportunities for you.

So, are you ready to become educated on how to locate the best paralegal school for your needs?

Do Your Research

So that you can find the best paralegal school out there, keep a few pointers in mind:

First, make sure you look for a number of schools, allowing you a solid list of candidates with which to choose from. While you may ultimately end up selecting the first school you come across, having myriad of choices will allow you more time to think through your decision.

Among the qualities you want in a paralegal school would be:

  • Best learning environment – Is the school conducive to your career needs? Does it provide you with the tools to become an outstanding paralegal when all is said and done? Will you be exposed to some fantastic coursework and some of the best professors (see more below) out there?
  • Best professors – Although you may learn a lot about the paralegal field on your own through studying and attention to detail, your professors certainly make a difference. Look for a paralegal school where your instructors are the best out there. You not only want professors with great experience as lawyers and paralegals, but also those willing to help you become a great paralegal in your own right. That means taking the time to answer your questions and encourage you to want to learn as much as possible.
  • Best accreditation possible – You want a school that is accredited, giving you some muscle when you go in for job interviews or look to move up the ladder in your current position. Be sure to go to a school that is known for producing only the best students in the best learning environments possible.

Time Management is Critical

If you are currently in the workplace, getting a paralegal degree will take both time and effort, so make sure you are able to provide both.

While the onus is on a paralegal school to provide you with a well-rounded education, it is up to you to commit 100 percent of yourself to the process.

Look to see how you will properly divide your time between your current job and studying for a paralegal degree. If you have a family, properly juggling everything can prove even more of a challenge, but it is one that will be well worth it in the end. You should discuss with your partner and children (depending on their age or ages) how they can help you to allocate time for studies etc.

Make sure you also do not take too much time away from your current job, thereby not risking losing that position while studying for a paralegal degree.

Opening the doors to a job in the legal profession isn’t always easy, but it can be very rewarding once you are firmly inside.

By taking the proper amount of time and focus on where to get your paralegal degree, you can properly position yourself in the legal field.

Once there, the sky can be the limit.

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How to get a job in the legal profession

Learning How to get a job in the legal profession will get your career off the start you want and need
Photo by CC user 60588258@N00 on Flickr

While the legal profession offers some of the best-paying jobs out there, the education required to allow applicants to even compete for these positions is rather expensive.

For most, it is necessary to take out sizable student loans in order to pay for their law degree, leaving them with a considerable debt load.

As such, there is an urgency to get a job in the legal profession that every law school graduate feels, especially in today’s job market.

Below, we will share a few tips that will help these soon-to-be law graduates get a position in the legal profession as quickly as possible.

1) Consult law-centered recruitment agencies

The first thing that you should do when you are learning how to get a job in the legal profession is to get in touch with recruitment agencies that are focused on this sector of the economy.

When you work with a specialist law recruitment agency, they are able to take the education that you have acquired over the years and match it up with a firm that is looking for someone with the abilities that you possess.

The versatility of the internet these days makes working with these companies a no-brainer, so make this the first thing you do when you are looking for your first legal gig.

2) Be open to relocating for an available position

The labor market varies greatly from one part of the country to the other, so it may be worth your while to consider relocating outside of your home region.

Furthermore, there are many excellent opportunities available overseas, so don’t discount the possibility of becoming an expat in order to give your legal career the start you are looking for.

If the state of job listings in your area is too depressing to think about, figure out which parts of your home country or the world have thriving economies, and aggressively seek out an opportunity there.

3) Always be networking

This bit of advice is applicable to most fields, but it is especially true in the highly social legal world. If you make the effort to get to know as many people as you can in your local legal community, it is inevitable that you will make good friends with more than a few of them.

Even if these people aren’t decision makers, they will be able to recommend you to their superiors when they hear about a job opening within their firms.

When it comes to hiring people, referrals are often trusted above other indicators, as people making the referrals put their personal reputation on the line when it comes to recommending qualified candidates for an open position.

By being an affable, competent person at social gatherings, you will be doing 80% of the work required in order to be viewed as a good fit for any position.

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It’s Your Choice for Online Entertainment – or Is It?

Do you have a choice when it comes to Online Entertainment?

When it comes to entertainment, there are an insane variety of options you can choose from. And most of them will cost you money, either in the form of fees you pay to consume them or as advertising you’ll have to endure in the process. But not all forms of entertainment are created equal. Some of them, like real money online gaming, are not as well-seen by society than others. Millions of people around the world are restricted from accessing their games of choice, not allowed to play the slot machines vailable at All Jackpots, even if their land-based gaming industry thrives. Which is not fair, if you ask me.

Rules and regulations

Europe, as well as many other countries around the world, have chosen to regulate the online gambling industry. Residents of most European countries can play without restrictions at the All Jackpots Online Casino – provided they are of legal age (18 or older in most countries). Operators, in turn, are required to obtain a license to offer their services to the public. The above-mentioned All Jackpots Casino runs under a license issued by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), a very strict one that regulates player access, game fairness, security, privacy, and anti-money laundering measures, too. This offers All Jackpots players access to their favorite games on any device they might own, and peace of mind, too.

State monopolies

Some countries allow online gambling, but only for certain companies. In Canada, for example, state lotteries are the only companies that are allowed to offer real money online gambling services to their players. Unfortunately, not all Canadians can legally play at these gaming destinations – they are available to the residents of their own provinces only. And, since not all provinces’ lotteries have decided to open their own online casinos, Canadians are still almost forced to rely on offshore operators to be able to play their favorite games.

Restrictive laws

In Australia, only sports betting is allowed over the internet – and the services can only be offered by companies based in the country. Thus, major international operations had no choice but to acquire Australian companies to be able to enter the market. When it comes to casino games, the laws are clear: it’s forbidden to offer and promote online gambling services to Australians. But, as they like to play the pokies, Aussie players need to rely on offshore operators to get their fix.

In the US, there is no law that expressly forbids online casino games – but money transactions to and from real money gaming venues outside the country are restricted. There are just a handful of states that regulate online gambling – Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey. Although there are several other states discussing the legalization of the industry, little to no progress was made in the area in the last five years.

It’s time for a change

Science has already had its say on online gambling years ago, stating that it’s not as evil as its opponents would like it to sound. Still, the industry is in a regulatory limbo, balancing on the thin line that’s known as the “gray zone”. A comprehensive, global regulation of online gambling could allow people to choose their preferred form of online entertainment, at the operator of their choice, but it might harm some interests, which is possibly the explanation for the long debate over its viability.

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