Top 5 Action films to put on your re-watch list

Looking for ideas to add to your Summer 2020 list? Movie nights are a great option for no hassle get-togethers with family and friends alike. On the plus side, they’re easy to organise. All you need is a good screen, a comfortable seating area, and some popcorn. On the flip side, you’re bound to have clashing opinions on which movie to pick!

To help out, we’ve collaborated with Bgo to create a list of films to poll with your guests before you organise your movie night. We’ve picked the action genre knowing it’s sure to be a favourite with most viewers.

Plus, we’ve focused on classic movies that have stood the test of time with their audiences. From a heart-racing adventure on a mysterious island in King Kong, to a thrilling expedition in ancient Egypt in The Mummy, we’re certain there’s one movie on our list that will make the cut.

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