Top 5 Glamping Must-Haves

If you want to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature without sacrificing comfort and luxury, then glamping is an activity you would not want to miss. The way people travel has changed over the years. Gone are the days when structured, one-size-fits-all vacations are the norm. It is not enough to just witness nature’s beauty – travellers now want to live in it. And with glamping, you can do so in utmost comfort and style.

Just like any other camping trip, there are a number of things you need to bring with you for a successful glamping trip.

  1. Air Bed – True glampers do not use sleeping bags. A queen-sized air mattress or air bed is a sure way to sleep comfortably. Make sure that you also bring your favorite pillows and blankets.


  1. Teepee or Safari Tents – If the holiday park you will stay in does not offer the use of yurt or safari tents, you can bring your own. Safari tents are larger than the average camping tents and they are better insulated against the cold.


  1. Inflatable hot tub – There is nothing else that spells luxury than relaxing in an inflatable hot tub while enjoying the beauty of your surroundings. Just make sure though that you set up the spa on an even surface, and near a water source.


  1. Complete camp kitchen – True lamping does not mean eating burnt meals cooked over campfires. You can enjoy hot, well-made glamping meals by bringing along a portable electric stove. This also works if you are staying in campgrounds where bonfires are not allowed or if you are camping during the dry, summer season.


  1. Portable power source – In order to enjoy creature comforts, you need electricity. This can come from portable power sources such as camping generators or solar panels. These types of gear can power air compressors to inflate your hot tub and air bed; power your electric stove, electric fans or heaters; power water heaters for showering; and keeping campsite lights on at night.

Enjoying nature can be taken one level higher in the comfort scale. And with these 5 must haves with you, there is no denying you would have the best glamping experience with friends or family.

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A cultural tour of the US

If you’re keen to see more of the diverse cultures of America, where should you begin? There’s a huge variety of ways that you could approach this rich and complex country, but these five cities are a great place to start your journey of discovery.

New York City

There’s no better place to begin a tour like this than in the Big Apple, where every different aspect of the American experience has, at some time or other, made its mark. From Carnegie Hall to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there’s an endless supply of fascinating things to see. You could take in a Broadway show such as Head Over Heels, the latest work from producer Louise Gund; watch a Shakespeare play in Central Park; or explore the city’s fantastically creative comedy clubs. With the New York City Opera, the Metropolitan opera, the New York Philharmonic and the New York City Ballet all based in the city, there’s no end of pleasure for music lovers, and the city also has strong rock, rap, jazz and blues scenes. Culinary culture is also something special here, with a greater variety of delicacies available than anywhere else in the country.


The Windy City is a place where working class culture collides with high art to produce something unique and unfailingly charismatic. It has the second most prolific supply of art galleries in any US city, and its Museum Campus, in Grant Park, makes it easy to explore its collected treasures – you could also use its excellent planetarium to get a glimpse of something rather further afield. Elsewhere, the National Museum of Mexican Art and the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture offer distinctive perspectives on our world, and if you want to experience artistic expression in a more immersive way, there are five major theatrical venues to tempt you: the Nederlander Theatre, CIBC Theatre, the Auditorium Building at Roosevelt University, the Cadillac Palace Theatre and the Broadway Playhouse. If you like music and you can time your tour right, then it’s well worth being there for Lollapalooza or the Pitchfork Music Festival.

New Orleans

In all the world, there’s nowhere quite like New Orleans. Its distinctive blend of French, Spanish and wider American influences is discernible in everything from its rich cuisine to its vibrant music and its party spirit. Mardi Gras is, of course, the big cultural event of the year, but there’s never a shortage of interesting things to see and do. A steamboat cruise is the ideal way to take in its gorgeous architecture. There are natural wonders to explore at the Audubon Nature Institute, and its myriad jazz and blues clubs offer endless delights. Music and ballet are on offer at the Marigny Opera House, and you can take in plays at the Orpheum Theater or the Saenger Theatre. Leave a little time free to explore the city’s antique shops and take a tour of its remarkable cemeteries with their elegant raised tombs.

Los Angeles

You’ll find something very different out on the West Coast, where wave after wave of settlers have found ways to make something out of nothing, resulting in an intriguing collection of architectural styles and crafts. Today, it’s a haven for contemporary art and, of course, cinema, with Hollywood making its mark on everything. It has a thriving theater-going culture – check out the beautiful Pasadena Playhouse or the Pacific Resident Theater with its mixture of classic and experimental productions. There’s also a wonderful collection of galleries there, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Getty Center, and you’ll find lots to discover on Gallery Row. Additionally, the Los Angeles Music Center is considered to be one of the country’s most important locations for the performing arts.


Honolulu may be rather out of the way, but that’s what makes it so interesting. Hawaiian culture has developed along its own path and has something all of its own to contribute to American life. The Waikīkī Shell is a fantastic place to enjoy outdoor music in all genres, including local work, and the Hawai’i Theatre puts on plays that will give you a real insight into the experience of life on the islands. The Honolulu Museum of Art brings together Western and Asian traditions, tending to focus on the past. Various island tours are available that can give you the chance to learn the stories – both historical and mythological – associated with its dramatic natural landscape.

These cities are just the tip of the iceberg where US culture is concerned, but visiting them will give you a taste of what’s out there and are a good grounding from which to go exploring further afield. If you live your life right, then this is a journey that will never really end.


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Top 4 Friendliest Cities in Florida

No matter your chosen Florida destination, the beaches, sunshine, and ample attractions ensure that everyone in your family has an adventure of a lifetime. The state isn’t one of the top tourist destinations in the United States year after year for nothin’! However, choose one of the friendliest cities in the state and your trip becomes an even more unforgettable adventure. Which cities qualify as the friendliest in Florida? The four on the list below are visitors’ top picks for friendliest cities.

1- Jupiter

You won’t need a spaceship to visit the out-of-this-world city known as Jupiter, Florida. The small town has the heart of a big city, but with the warmth, relaxation, and friendliness that out-of-towners crave. Jupiter is a coastal town filled with a myriad of outdoor activities for all ages to enjoy. Parks and beaches are two popular activities. Getting around is easy when you’re in Jupiter and it’s usually on the less expensive list of Florida visitor locations.

2- Sarasota

Sarasota has everything a visitor could possibly want for a near-perfect getaway. Scrumptious dining suitable to every palette, beaches and gorgeous coastline, perfect weather, and many attractions ensures that your vacation is an adventure you’ll never forget. Sarasota is a great family destination, but there’s also a ton of college-age students in town most any time of the year. It seems that people in Sarasota have never met a stranger. Whether you need directions or recommendations for a place to eat, you’ll appreciate the friendliness that Sarasota offers.

3- Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is one of Florida’s more expensive regions, but it’s easily accessible and has plenty of attractions for visitors. There are also fewer people scattered about the city than in some of the other areas. Fewer crowds and more enjoyment are benefits you’ll appreciate. Shopping is a favorite activity for visitors to Fort Lauderdale, but golf is also in full swing! Fort Lauderdale has amazing beaches like most other cities in Florida and plenty of fun activities to choose from for your vacation. People are fun and friendly and leaving with a few new friends is more than likely how you’ll depart.

4- The Villages

Do you love golf? Looking for a relaxing, friendly vacation spot that is less crowded than more popular destinations? The Villages has you covered. In fact, many people who visit The Villages find themselves on the telephone with long distance movers to The Villages, making plans to relocate, after their visit. Along with the best golf course in The Villages Florida for every skill level, The Villages is home to many social venues and attractions to fill your time. People in The Villages maintain a close-knit relationship and welcome visitors with open arms.

Millions of people visit Florida every year. While many of those people come for attractions such as Disneyworld, Six Flags and Everglades National Park, the state offers so much more than meets the eye when you look beyond the hype. The four cities on the list above represent just a handful of the state’s friendliest places to visit. When you travel to Florida, choose one of these destinations and secure an amazing adventure that you won’t soon forget.

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Auro Hotels – Tips On Picking a Great Hotel Online

Recent figures show that 83% of all hotels which are booked are done through the web, and that figure is growing each and every year. With so many hotel booking websites it makes sense to use this medium to pick the perfect hotel for your vacation. Sometimes however hotels are not all they seem, and sometimes they can really surprise you, I had a fantastic experience last year with Auro Hotels which I stumbled on by chance and they really impressed. When booking hotels online there are some things which you need to consider to make sure that you get the right hotel for your needs. 


Location is one of the most important aspects of booking a hotel so once you have picked your destination you should research the area and see where the best place is to base yourself. Do you want to be in the city center? By the beach? Or perhaps further out from the action? These are the first things to consider before you book a hotel, sometimes you can find delightful hotels which are far from where you want to be. Continue reading at Mysterious Heartland to explore some old abandoned houses.


Once you start searching the wide range of options available it can be easy to get tempted into spending over the top for a hotel which looks amazing. For this reason it makes much more sense to work out your budget first and then search for a hotel which falls within your budget. Now you may find that you are unimpressed with the hotels that do fall within your price range, so you may have to make a decision to spend a little extra to secure the best one for you. Nonetheless you need to begin this search with a price in mind. 


It is important that you invest some time in reading the online reviews which people have left. For example you may find a hotel which has a customer rating of 4.5, which is obviously very positive. If however the customers who have left these reviews were looking for something different in a hotel than you are, these reviews become irrelevant. Read the reviews to see what the customer thought of the hotel and its facilities, to see if they are commenting on the same thing that you are looking for in a hotel. 

Where to Book

Very often 3rd party sites have much better prices on hotel rooms than if you were to book directly, but not always. For this reason once you have found a hotel which you want to stay in, you should always check out the hotel website directly to see how their prices fare. Given that 3rd party websites take a commission, you can often find lower prices by booking directly on the hotel website or by calling them to discuss pricing. 

Instead of just booking the first hotel which takes your fancy, it is far better to spend some time and energy on this to make the right choice.

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James Haidak – Top Sights to See in Mexico City

After college my buddy James Haidak and I made the decision to move down to Mexico City for a few months with the aim of improving our Spanish. That was 5 years ago and whilst James moved back up north a couple of years ago, I decided to stay down here, and I have a feeling that James may wish to come back down to, we both love it so much here. Mexico City is a great place to live and a great place to visit and I would recommend it to anyone. Should you come down here, these are the best things to do and see. 


In the south of the city there is a place called Xochimilco which has an expansive canal network to explore. The boats that take to the water are called trajineras and they are these long crafts which are all decorated with bright colors and quirky names. If there is a group of you then you can load up on snacks and supplies and privately rent one of these boats for less than $20. This is a great way to see a different side to the city. 


Zocalo is also called the Historic Center of the city and it is a great place to spend an afternoon, as well as being a great base during your time in Mexico. Here they have the famous Plaza de Constitucion square, which is where major events take place, political demonstrations, artisan markets and it is also where President goes when he gets sworn in. The cute little streets around Zocalo are packed with great places to go shopping and eat, as well as many small museums and art galleries. Music on the streets, old buildings to see and plenty of opportunities to get some authentic souvenirs. 

Anthropology Museum

If you like museums then this is the perfect city for you as there are over 150 throughout the capital. The most famous of them all is the anthropology museum which is home to a plethora of ancient artifacts from Mesoamerica. Discover the history of Mexican civilizations from the Olmecs, the Toltecs to the Mayans and the Aztecs. This is a fascinating place where you can spend hours learning about the history of this incredible country, and how it got to be where it is today. 


Chapultepec is one of the largest urban parks in the world, even bigger than Central Park in New York. This is a lovely place to pass your time in the city and there is a boating lake, a zoo and huge areas of open space where you can relax and people watch as you eat some local cuisine. There is a castle in the middle of Chapultepec which has been perfectly preserved and offer a great little place to visit. 

If you don’t do anything else during your time in CDMX, make sure that you visit these four places. 

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Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, the third largest island in the Hawaiian chain of islands, is also known as ‘the gathering place’. The nickname perfectly suits the island, which is home to two third of the total population of Hawaii. Also, Oahu bears a diverse range of ethnicities and cultures. Indeed, Oahu is ‘the gathering place’! Oahu can, no doubt be a firm candidate for one of the best tourist destinations in the world! With warm and balmy weather year round, Oahu boasts to greet its visitors with a pleasant aura, unlike their hometown or country. With a miscellany of traditions, art, food and language, even a casual stroll on the island can become an interesting, and mesmerising trip. Oahu is almost shaped like a diamond and, is covered with ocean and mountains from all sides. This makes it a very natural and serene tourism place. There are many beaches surrounding the pacific oceans and sitting by the bay is always a fun thing to do. Some of the famous tourism places, which makes Oahu, one of the best travel destinations to visit are,


Luau is a place with a very unique concept. You won’t find this kind of place with such a unique concept, elsewhere. Here, you will get to know the history of the Hawaiian people in a very entertaining and engaging way. You’ll get to know the day to day activities of the people of the past. The food, the celebration, the activities, you’ll get to know all of these. What’s more is that you’ll get to participate in these activities! You’ll literally perform the activities of the Hawaiian people while learning about their history. You’ll get to enjoy the scrumptious seafood famous for the region.

Iolani palace

Iolani palace, is the only royal palace in the USA. You’ll get to have a royal experience when you’ll enjoy the traditional music and dance in the throne room. You’ll also enjoy the royal feast in the banquet room of the palace. You can also play on slot sites or similar casinos and enjoy other rich urban experiences.

Kailua beach

Sunrise is always a desirable sight when the first rays of the sun, gently kisses the horizon. Kailua beach is the perfect place to enjoy the scenic rise of the sun. The palm fringed beach further enhances the view and makes it picture perfect.

Kahanamoku beach

Sunset is also not to be missed. Kahanamoku beach will give you a dream sunset view, which you will cherish for a long period of time.

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Travel Checklist: The 3 Things You Should Pack

Traveling is the kind of activity that everybody desires to engage in more often since it represents such a rare experience. Due to the mist that comes with it, traveling, especially abroad, can result in plenty of long-lasting memories. However, to ensure that your experience is of the highest quality, certain things must be packed.

You will often find out that packing a handful of basic things comes naturally. But, there’s still a couple of other stuff that’s often easily forgettable. They can make the difference between a great and average holiday. In this article, we’ll showcase three of those essential things that everybody should pack while traveling.

Appropriate Clothing

Having the right clothes with you while being abroad might prove to be life-saving. Being in too cold of an environment without your winter gear or not having your bathing suit while being at the beach could surely ruin your holiday. Not packing in the right way will result in a few headaches and potentially a walk to the nearest clothing store.

If you’re planning a holiday long ahead of time, make sure to check the weather in-depth. Getting some accurate temperatures months before your holiday date is improbable, but it can still give you a general idea of the weather. Expect things to go south so make sure to pack clothes for most situations. Don’t be afraid to bring an extra jacket even if it’s summer.

Now, if you’re traveling constantly, packing all of the right clothes ahead of time is unlikely. While moving from one country, and maybe even continent, to another, the weather will change dramatically. If you can carry a wardrobe that’s as variable as possible the transition will surely be easier. However, you might still have to rely on a bit of shopping.


Regardless if you’re traveling on your own or as part of a group, having access to various entertainment opportunities will prove helpful. As fun as constantly exploring new locations might be, you will still feel the need to disconnect and enjoy some private time every once in a while.

Your laptop will prove to be your best friend while traveling. As long as you have access to the internet, your entertainment opportunities are endless. However, you should plan this ahead of time as well. Movies are a great activity for relaxation so make sure to create a list before traveling. Most movie streaming services allow for offline storage so make sure to download a couple.

Gaming is another good option for entertainment. Contrary to popular belief, you can still play games while traveling. Your phone constitutes the best traveling gaming device due to its increased mobility and convenience. Since your internet might be limited abroad, you should stick to a few resource-efficient types of games.

Regardless if you’re using a laptop or a smartphone, casino games are a great option for traveling. They are easily accessible and can be lots of fun. If you enter an online casino such as Stargames Casino, your access to quality games is endless. The best part is that you can opt-in and out of most casino games, ensuring your flexibility.


Although food might be widely available while traveling since it represents such a huge industry, packing a few snacks just in case it’s always a good idea. If you’re traveling by train or bus don’t hesitate to bring some real food with you since it will prove helpful.

If you’re planning to visit some remote and less-conventional locations having some extra food in your backpack is a must. It is highly unlikely that you will find a food truck in the middle of the desert or the jungle. Also, don’t forget about packing enough water. Regardless of how long you’re traveling for, carrying some water with you, it’s advantageous.


Everybody has their custom travel packing checklist featuring various needed things. Such a list is essential for every traveler since it can save you from a lot of headaches. Although rather fundamental, the three things mentioned above should be present in everybody’s backpack while traveling.

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Living in Mexico City With Bogoljub Karic

Just after college my buddy Bogoljub Karic and I decided to take up jobs here in Mexico City, a decision which we were quite worried about at first, but 5 years on we are pleased to call this place our home. Whenever we speak to people back home they’ll ask us what it is like to live here and so I wanted to share a few take-aways from our time here in the Mexican capital. If you fancy visiting then I’d certainly recommend it and if you want to live here then here is how you may find it. 


Mexico City is one of the cheapest cities in the world to live in and in truth this was one of the reasons why we made our way down here. What I love about this city is that it is cheap if you want it to be, but if you want to live well then you can still find expensive places to live, eat and enjoy your time. 


The food here is so good that it is always the first thing that I tell me friends and family about. I love tacos and since I moved down here I have been blown away by the range of amazing Mexican foods which I had never heard of until I moved here. The street food is to die for and whilst you do have to be careful in terms of getting sick, there is so much range that there will be something for everyone here. 

The People

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Mexico is not without its problems, socio-economic issues mainly. What I love however is that this doesn’t stop the Mexicans from being creative, entrepreneurial, passionate about who they are and most importantly, welcoming. The locals here don’t mind if you can’t speak their language, or if you don’t understand something, they will always look to help you out. Family is huge here as well and you will find that you will be treated like a brother/son/grandson within a few hours of meeting someone. 


There is no overspill here in the city in terms of the drug war in the north of the country, i contrast to what many people will tell you. There is petty crime here like there is in most cities in the world however and most people have a story of when they got mugged. I have been lucky in the last 5 years that the only crimes I have seen have been against fashion, beyond that I have been pretty safe. 


Mexico City is a forward thinking city who have loads of trials and tests going on to try and minimize pollution and traffic and take the city into the future. I love the openness to new ideas here and it is part of the reason why I have stayed here so long. 

If you want to visit somewhere in Mexico, make sure that it is the capital.

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5 underrated cities to visit in the UK

When you finally visit the UK, the first city you’re going to want to visit is London. Of course, this is the natural place that everyone wants to go, after all it’s the capital of the UK. It has monuments, theatres, historical treasures, markets, restaurants and crowds and crowds and crowds of tourists. If you’re looking to avoid getting over-heated and being forced to wait for ages to get into one venue, you might want to reconsider your travel plans. Try out some of these less crowded areas of the UK. They are so worth it!

Newcastle upon Tyne

This isn’t the biggest city in the UK, but it’s perfect for people who are ready to explore the North. Not only is it only 1 hour away from Edinburgh, but this small city is cram-packed full of culture. During the day, you can visit an insane amount of historical monuments, including Greys Monument, the bridges (including the Tyne & Millennium Bridge), Newcastle castle keep, the Baltic, the SAGE, Hadrian’s Wall and the famous Angel of the North. Not only that, but when the night falls, the party life in the Geordie city awakens! You can explore the clubs either with your friends, romantic partners or with one of the beautiful Newcastle escorts, it doesn’t make a difference.

No matter who you go with, you will find the nightlife full of hype, fun and excitement. Some of the best bars include Jalou, As you like it, The Botanist and Jam Jar. So, allow yourself to unwind with a cocktail and prepare yourself for the night of your life. There will always be a nearby chippy to end your night on a good note.

Newcastle is the perfect place to go to if you are looking for a place to relax without too many people spoiling your day. There is a bit of a party culture, but don’t worry, this only comes out at night. If you have a free day in Newcastle, why not head down to the River Tyne to enjoy a cocktail al-fresco. You will feel all of your worries melt away before you know it!


After you have visited Newcastle, you may be longing to explore a bit of a bigger city that’s not too far down south. If you crave a metropolitan city that has a mixture of gorgeous green spaces, free festivals and cultural hideaways, Leeds is the perfect place for you.

Did you know that Leeds has some of the most gorgeous green spaces and nature reserves? From The Holies to Rodley Nature Reserve, St Aidans, Yeadon Tarn to Kirkstall Abbey, there are so many places that you can spend the day exploring that you will just have to pack a dozen picnics in preparations. These green areas are great places to simple sit back, relax and watch the world go by.

However, if you are fancying something that is a bit more cultural, there’s no harm in exploring the city. With its hundreds of stores (the best ones being in the Corn Exchange) and Grand theatre, which is the perfect place to catch a quick opera production, and fantastic museum options, you will be entertained for hours on end.

Longing for something that is a little different that can entertain your friends and family? Why not check out “Tick Tock Unlock”? This is one of Leeds most popular escape rooms. You will have 60 minutes to get out of a room by solving a number of riddles, puzzles and challenges. It is an hour of fun and is the perfect bonding experience for both you and your friends. However, you can also do it on your own if you feel brave enough.


Ah, York, one of the major historical cities of the UK. Where can we even begin? York Minister is the natural option for an culture explorer but what about Clifford’s tower, the National Railway museum or walk along the River Ouse? Better yet, why not take a trip through the Shambles to look at York’s quirky shops and restaurants? This is a city that is full of life and excitement. They even have an ancient fortified wall that you can go explore!

York is practically the very model of an English town, so it’s not surprising that it’s a great tourist spot during the summer time. You can take trips up the river and feel wonderfully overwhelmed by the medieval feeling that practically pervades through the city.


Manchester is one of those cities that is bursting with colour and pride. No matter where you go, you will find people relaxing and chilling out on the city city streets. Just look at Piccadilly gardens! With its weekend market, beautiful greenaries and relaxation spots, you will find yourself in a world of bliss. However, if you fancy something that’s a little more cultural than restaurants, bars and parks, why not check out the John Rylands Library, Manchester Art  Gallery, Museum of Science and Industry or Trafford’s football park?

To be frank, one of the main appeal of Manchester is how many sociable areas there actually are. Whether you choose to go to Deansgate, China Town, Spinningfields or Manchester Central, you will find a wide variety of markets, restaurants and al-fresco bars. The true treasure of Manchester’s night life though is Canal Street, also known as Manchester’s Gay Village. It is basically known as party central and is fantastic if you are planning to paint the town red!

Lake District

Now, the Lake District is more an area of the UK than an actual city. But it is honestly worth visiting the countryside then it will be the perfect place for you to take a moment to breath and appreciate your surroundings. With over 3,100 of countryside at your fingertips, you can walk, run, cycle or even get on the water of the lakes of the area. Book a cabin and join in a guided walk. This can be on the rambles or to the higher mountain peaks. You can even hire a bike if you fancy taking some of the cycle routes or a boat if you want to get on the lakes.

Once you are done with your daily adventures then get ready to snuggle up with your loved ones around a camp fire. There are even glamping areas which contain BBQs and jacuzzis for you to try out! If you are feeling stressed then this is truly the best place to go to get away from the world.

Have fun on your journey!

The UK is truly a wonderful place to explore. Don’t just stick to London. Instead, spread yourself out and see what the Brits have to offer. With our marvellous castles, multi-cultural cities and immersive culture, you certainly won’t get bored.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

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Where to go with your partner in Mumbai??



Have you ever been to Mumbai? The financial capital of India is not just about dreams but about leisure too. The tourist spots dotted in this city are pleasing, satisfying, and rich. The best thing is you can spend a whole day exploring different spots and the list would not finish.  

If you live in Bangalore and you have a few holidays off in near future, then why not go out for a trip?  You can travel by Bangalore to Mumbai buses and reach there in around 15 hours. You can easily do the booking and there would be no hassle at all to reach the destination. Anyhow if you are planning to go to Mumbai with your partner, then too the city would not disappoint you. Have a look at some of the romantic spots in the city.

Marine Drive

This place is well lit up with calm and lively sea breeze. It is a brilliant idea to take your partner out for a late-night coffee at this spectacular Marine Drive as you sit there and the breeze splashes your face. Towards the north of Marine Drive is the well-known Chowpatty Beach that attracts attention of food junkies. It is one of the most romantic and lively spots in the city. Book bus ticket from Bengaluru to Mumbai and visit this city for this splendid experience.

Worli Sea Face

Whether it is the rising morning sun on eastern horizon or that of setting sun in the regal Arabian Sea, there is no better spot to visit in Mumbai with partner. With number of scenic surroundings and noteworthy attractions and like Fort Worli, Haji Ali Dargah, a wonderful view of the sea link, premium restaurants and shopping arcades, this is even the finest place to visit in Mumbai with your loved ones. The place gives a refreshing feel and the view treats the eyes with wow.

Madh Island Beach

Want to get away from the humdrum of city life with partner? Then go for this romantic place to visit in Mumbai known as Madh Island Beach. It will leave you spellbound with its charm and calmness. Coast lined by mangroves, tranquil waters, calming scenery, Madh Island caters few other optional private places for couples in Mumbai.  You can have a special time at this place.

Carter Road

Carter Road is a popular hangout spot alongside Bandstand Promenade. It is a jogging track, a park and also a Lovers Point. Carter Road fascinates a lot of couples and singles, as it has a cooking line full of elegant eateries and cafes. Relish the romantic sunset and drinking roadside coffee at this road along with the weather that is perfect to make your evening idealistic with your partner. It will give you a relaxed time for sure.

Thus, look for Bengaluru to Mumbai bus schedule and book a bus for your next weekend with your beloved! Your special one would be loved to be at all these spots.

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