Tips for Mixing Your Bold Gold Jewelry With Other Metals 

Gone are the days when mixing metals would have landed you on the bad side of the Fashion Police. Today, mixing metals has become a playful trend, and the result is often a daring and stylish look that adds personality to any outfit. Some of the metals you can pair with your gold jewelry include silver, rose gold, white gold, platinum, brass, and steel.

Read through the simple tips below to create a unique look by mixing your bold gold jewelry with other metals. 

Consider Your Skin Tone

One of the first things to consider when choosing metals to mix with your gold jewelry is your skin tone. Some metals work better on some skin tones than others. Silver and white gold, for example, complement people with cool undertones, while rose gold looks better on those with warm undertones. Neutral undertones will pull off all metal types. 

Embrace Contrast

A good tip for mixing metals is embracing the contrast between warm and cool metals to create visual interest. For instance, you can pair your yellow chunky gold necklace with your white gold or silver necklace earrings. Or pair your gold hoops with a delicate rose gold chain.

Keep it Simple

The last thing you want is to make your metal mix look cluttered. Try to keep things simple by going for one or two metals to pair with your gold jewelry. Having more than two metals on you may work against the cohesive look you are trying to create. 

Consider Texture and Proportion 

Another tip to consider when mixing metals is the textures. It’s best to combine different textures of jewelry to create a balanced look that works well with your outfit. For instance, it’s best to pair a smooth, polished gold bracelet with a hammered silver ring or matte bracelet. 

Proportion also matters, so if you are wearing your chunky gold necklace, it will be fashion-forward to pair it with a simple silver bracelet or delicate rose gold earrings. 

Layer with Purpose

Layering multiple metal pieces allows you to create a personalized look that shows you have a great fashion sense. There are two essential things to consider when layering metals on your neck. First, choose a piece that will act as a centerpiece for your layered look. We recommend making your dominant metal a bold gold necklace and then pairing it with silver chains or a rose gold pendant. The second tip is to go for necklaces of varying lengths to make your neckline look perfectly curated. So, if you’re combining 3 necklaces, one could be a collar length, another a princess length, and the last a Matinee length. 



There are no strict rules dictating which metals can be worn together, so don’t be afraid to try different combinations until you find what works for you.  By embracing contrasting tones, experimenting with texture, and layering with purpose, you will be able to create a personalized look that shows a unique sense of style. So, why not dare to match your bold gold jewelry with other metals to create a stunning look? 

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