What to Look For in Hiring a Long Term Disability Attorney

Is it finally time that you hire a long term disability attorney? It can feel overwhelming in where to look for one. It can feel overwhelming in the process of who to trust and who won’t be too expensive. Long term disability insurance attorneys can do a wonderful job, but it’s still important to do your research so that you find that trustworthy long term disability attorney. These 7 steps will help you find that person!


What have previous clients said about them?

It’s important to know what previous clients have said about the specific long term disability attorney. Do you have a friend or family member that has used them before? If so, they will be able to tell you good or bad stories about a specific one. Perhaps they know someone that has used a long term disability attorney and can steer you in the correct direction or tell you who not to be trusting. Regardless, they will be able to be of assistance. If you are new to the area and don’t know who to ask or you don’t have friends or family members that have used one before, a great alternative is to check out reviews online. These people will be able to tell you what experience they had with a specific long term disability attorney. Make sure that you read them too and not just the star amount. This will tell you specifics about what that attorney can help with. You can check Yelp, their personal business Facebook page, and Google to see some different reviews.


Are they available?

You don’t want to work with an attorney if they are too busy for you. That is why it’s important to find out right away how busy that attorney is. Will they be able to make time to meet with you? Will they have enough time to do the proper steps? Will they do a good job? This all can partly be answered by finding out the availability of the schedule of the attorney and how free they are. It also can be a bad sign if their schedule is completely open. Why are they so free? Is that a bad sign? Make sure that you try and find this out right away when you start calling around.


What will the process be?

It’s important that you understand the process. This will not only allow the attorney to show that they are educated and know what they are talking about but it will allow you to understand your process and exactly what you would be paying them to do too. You may not need or want all of the details and you want them to take it over, but understand what will happen when will help you in making your decision of which attorney will help you and help the process move along the best.


How long have they been in business?

Although it’s not always a bad thing if an attorney is new. They may have fresh new ideas and a lot of energy. With that said, an experienced long term disability attorney has seen it all and knows what to expect. Both can be positive but someone that has been in a business multiple years and has been successful should be an added bonus for you.


Can they legally practice in your state?

It may seem obvious but it’s important to ask if they can legally practice in your state. Make sure that you ask where they went to school and verify that they legally can be an attorney in your specific state. It could end up saving you a lot of time and money.


What happens if I lose?

You never want to think about losing your case, but it’s a good idea to realize that it can happen. Ask the long term disability attorney what happens if they lose. Do they charge less? Can you reapply? What is the following process and what are they going to do to ensure or hopefully ensure that does not take place. As we said, you want to prepare yourself for every situation, and even losing, even though you don’t want it to happen, is a possibility.


What is the cost?

The cost is one of the most important things. Long term disability attorneys can truly vary in cost ranges. Before you start working with them and looking around, make sure that you set a price for yourself. Some people can end up getting ahead of themselves when they hear a good pitch and put in too much money. This is especially harmful if you lose. Make sure that you understand losing is a possibility so you would end up losing that money too. The most expensive attorney doesn’t always mean the best one. Just as the cheapest attorney does not always mean it is the worst. That is why these other steps are so important in choosing your attorney and going through the entire process. Make sure that you take cost into consideration and have a budget but make sure that it does not make your final decision. That can end up costing you even more money if you do this.


There are a lot of questions that can be asked to a potential long term disability attorney, these are 7 of the best ones that will help you understand if they are an attorney that you want to work with and one that you can trust. Make sure that you trust your gut throughout the entire decision and don’t feel pressured into working with any of them right away. From there, you will find your answer and be on your way to winning your case!

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