It’s Your Choice for Online Entertainment – or Is It?

Do you have a choice when it comes to Online Entertainment?

When it comes to entertainment, there are an insane variety of options you can choose from. And most of them will cost you money, either in the form of fees you pay to consume them or as advertising you’ll have to endure in the process. But not all forms of entertainment are created equal. Some of them, like real money online gaming, are not as well-seen by society than others. Millions of people around the world are restricted from accessing their games of choice, not allowed to play the slot machines vailable at All Jackpots, even if their land-based gaming industry thrives. Which is not fair, if you ask me.

Rules and regulations

Europe, as well as many other countries around the world, have chosen to regulate the online gambling industry. Residents of most European countries can play without restrictions at the All Jackpots Online Casino – provided they are of legal age (18 or older in most countries). Operators, in turn, are required to obtain a license to offer their services to the public. The above-mentioned All Jackpots Casino runs under a license issued by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), a very strict one that regulates player access, game fairness, security, privacy, and anti-money laundering measures, too. This offers All Jackpots players access to their favorite games on any device they might own, and peace of mind, too.

State monopolies

Some countries allow online gambling, but only for certain companies. In Canada, for example, state lotteries are the only companies that are allowed to offer real money online gambling services to their players. Unfortunately, not all Canadians can legally play at these gaming destinations – they are available to the residents of their own provinces only. And, since not all provinces’ lotteries have decided to open their own online casinos, Canadians are still almost forced to rely on offshore operators to be able to play their favorite games.

Restrictive laws

In Australia, only sports betting is allowed over the internet – and the services can only be offered by companies based in the country. Thus, major international operations had no choice but to acquire Australian companies to be able to enter the market. When it comes to casino games, the laws are clear: it’s forbidden to offer and promote online gambling services to Australians. But, as they like to play the pokies, Aussie players need to rely on offshore operators to get their fix.

In the US, there is no law that expressly forbids online casino games – but money transactions to and from real money gaming venues outside the country are restricted. There are just a handful of states that regulate online gambling – Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey. Although there are several other states discussing the legalization of the industry, little to no progress was made in the area in the last five years.

It’s time for a change

Science has already had its say on online gambling years ago, stating that it’s not as evil as its opponents would like it to sound. Still, the industry is in a regulatory limbo, balancing on the thin line that’s known as the “gray zone”. A comprehensive, global regulation of online gambling could allow people to choose their preferred form of online entertainment, at the operator of their choice, but it might harm some interests, which is possibly the explanation for the long debate over its viability.

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