Best Bike Types for Seniors

Seniors can ride any type of bike, but some styles are made with the preferences of older riders in mind. From a standard bike with a step-through frame to a lower bicycle for short adults, there are design options and features that can make cycling more comfortable and safe. Discover the best bikes for seniors and riding solutions for your lifestyle and level of mobility.

Comfort Bikes

Comfort bikes are versatile designs. A hybrid comfort bike combines features of road and mountain bikes to provide a smooth ride across many types of terrain, from paved streets to trails. You can cover considerable distances on these bikes. A simple, single-speed comfort bike is suitable for riding on flat terrain. Models with more gears facilitate uphill riding and maximize pedaling power.

Bike frames that are made with comfort in mind tend to feature upright seating. This positions reduces joint strain while exercising muscles throughout the body. If you are concerned about keeping your balance, look for a frame with a seat that is low enough for you to put your feet flat on the ground while stopped and pedals that are positioned to enable you to fully extend your legs while on the go.

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes are stylish designs for casual riding. This type of bike typically has upright seating and handlebars and is intended for shorter rides on mostly level terrain. These bike frames may be made of lightweight material such as aluminum or heavier steel. Compare these options to select the best bikes for heavy people or a maneuverable solution for your height and mobility needs.

Cruisers may be single speed, three-speed or seven-speed, but these bikes generally have less gearing than hybrid bikes or more specialized road or mountain bikes. Wide tires and cushioned seats provide superior shock absorption for a smooth ride. Look for a cruiser bike with a step-through frame for the easiest ride from mounting to dismounting.

Adult Tricycles

If you have balance issues or have never ridden a bike, you may prefer the stability of a tricycle. This type of bike is equipped with three tires, one in front and two in the back. This design allows for superior stability and shock absorption. Tricycles are primarily intended for riding on flat terrain and often feature a built-in cargo solution in the back, such as a basket. This type of a bike may pose less of a risk of injury than any two-wheeled style.

Select the right bike by considering the distance and terrain you plan to ride. Comfort bikes are designed for longer rides on varied surfaces. Cruisers are better for shorter, more casual rides. Tricycles provide superior stability for riding on flat terrain. Any of these bikes may be available with a step-through frame and the option of an electric motor. Motorized bikes offer senior riders the option of pedal assistance or full-electric power at a range of speeds and distances. Most of these styles are also available with standard 26-inch or lower 24-inch wheels for riders of any height.

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Tiffany Ashurian – Marathon Box Sets to Get Your Teeth Into

Being stuck at home, at any time I may add not just during this current pandemic, is always a positive thing and whether you are ill, having to wait in for something or indeed you are on lockdown, we live in an age where there is more to do than ever before. My roomie Tiffany Ashurian and myself have been on lockdown now for just over 6 weeks and after working from home all day we love to unwind at night with a little glass of vino and a great box set. 

If you think you’ve run out of things to watch on TV, I’d urge you to check these out if you haven’t already. 


Blacklist does eventually become a touch formulaic but that takes nothing away from this brilliant TV show. A wanted criminal hands himself in to the FBI and helps them to capture a number of people on his very own Blackllist, criminals who work in the underbelly of global crime and who keep the main man himself out of prison. The twist here is that he ropes in an inexperienced FBI agent who he turns out to have a lengthy connection with, although she has no clue. Six seasons of brilliance and some outstanding script writing. 

La Casa de Paper (Money Heist)

Now into its 4th season this Spanish TV show features a genius called the Professor who takes a team of handpicked criminals and trains them up to steal from the Royal Mint of Spain. Every eventuality is accounted for and the show is shaped in such a way that you cannot wait for these guys to get away with it all. Once one heist closes, another opens in this brilliant show which will have you on the edge of your seat thinking every 10 minutes that they are going to get caught. 


Smooth and suave ‘closer’ Harvey Spector is working at one of the best law firms in the city when he knowingly hires a new lawyer who has not only not been to Harvard University as is required, but he hasn’t even been to law school. This young recruit however does have a photographic memory and a passion for law, so you get the feeling he’ll be just fine. Gabriel Macht is brilliant as Harvey Specter in this show of family, money, corporate law and a touch of backstabbing. 

After Life

The final one in this list is an easy watch, clocking in at just 30 minutes per episode. It tells the story of a man who lost his wife and who has now turned into something of a misery. Watch this brilliant performance from Ricky Gervais as he makes you love him, hate him and then love him again, all in the space of an episode. This is a 10/10 show which has just released its second season. 

Next time you are at a loose end, give one of these shows a try.

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Reasons to Hire a Limousine Bus

Hiring a Limousine Bus is something that you might want to do when travelling or partying with a larger group of friends. There are many reasons why you want to hire a Limousine Bus, such as a hen or stag party, a birthday celebration, prom night or basically just any excuse to want to get together with your friends. 

When you want to do something a little bit different to make your evening extra special then there is no better way to do this than to enjoy an evening in the Limousine Bus. You will be able to decorate the bus for whatever occasion it is that you wish to celebrate, adding banners, balloons or any other items that will add to creating an amazing party atmosphere. As soon as your group of friends’ step foot on the Limousine Bus they will be ready to feel the party vibes.

 Using the Limousine Bus will mean that you will get to party in luxury, enjoy the music playing with plenty of space for every member of the party. You will be able to arrange for pick up and drop off points for each of your guests or collectively if you wish to be picked up from the same address. You just provide the details and you can be sure that your driver will do the rest and will leave your night hassle free so that you too can get fully involved in the party. Your driver will be very familiar with the roads and routes to any destination so you will arrive safely with a well planned out journey. When organizing a night out or celebration you can guarantee that one of your friends will always turn up late but by hiring a Limousine Bus there are no excuses to be late because the driver will be at your desired destination with plenty of time to spare and your whole group of friends will be together on the bus partying the night away.

Hiring a Limousine Bus for your party evening will always be made a night to remember, so much so that once you have experienced it you will probably want to organize more events just to have a reason to hire the Limousine Bus again. It is a great way of celebrating in style but sitting back and letting someone else do the work. All you would have to do is arrange the decorations and leave the rest to the driver. You may want to arrange a playlist for the party as the limousine bus comes with surround sound and flashing lights. A playlist with all your favorite songs, bringing back memories of your youth or growing up with your friends, all the songs that make you want to dance the night away. You would want to make the most of your experience by using the facilities that come with the Limousine Bus, it is an experience you will not forget in a hurry. 

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Harris Scott Kreichman – Conference Call Ideas For The Family

Given that much of the world is in lockdown right now over the CoVid-19 pandemic we have seen a huge rise in people using conference calling to stay in touch with family I was introduced to this by my colleague Harris Scott Kreichman who was kind enough to invite me to a chat with his family and it was a real hoot. Hopefully after all of this pandemic situation has passed us by we can still maintain this level of contact with our friends and family who we may may not live near, and here are some great ideas for what you can do during the chat.


You don’t have to be in the same room as each other to play bingo and this makes for a really fun idea to play with the family. Online you can find ready made bingo cards as well as virtual bingo machines which will give you randomly numbered balls. All you need is someone with a little bit of humor about them to call out the numbers and then all people need to do is mark the numbers as they go, and shout nice and loud when that House comes in.

Pub Quiz

There is no reason why you can’t complete a pub quiz with the family as well, albeit without the pub! There are two ways in which you can do this, the first is that you have a dedicated quizmaster who asks the questions, alternatively you can ask each group or person to ask the questions. If you like you can think up the questions on your own, alternatively you can download them from the internet, where you will find an enormous range of quiz questions about a range of topics. Remember that if you are going to take it in turns to ask questions that you must ensure each round is worth the same points so that nobody is at a disadvantage.

Board Games

There are a whole host of board games which you can still play, despite the fact that you are not together with your family .Take a game such as Monopoly for example, all you need to do is have one person or group with the board and the money divided up, and then roll the dice for each member who will then decide on how to proceed. This requires quite a bit from the person with the board but it can still be a great deal of fun. You can also play some card games such as poker, which are ideal for this scenario. Naturally you are going to have to put your faith in the fact that everyone is honest and assuming that they are, you can have a g great time playing cards with the family.

Charades is also a great idea and a lot of fun!

Just because you aren’t together does not mean that you cannot enjoy a fun game with the family.

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The Future of Casino Slots Lies Firmly Online

Many things in life change and move at speed, but the casino industry moves especially fast. Since slot machines were invented, they have changed immensely and in many ways.

Since the first online casinos were produced in the late 1990’s, slot and casino games – such as those at Gold Rush Slots – have not stopped growing and adapting in line with technological advancements. Offering an incredible variety of games, Gold Rush has become one of the hugely popular online casinos that players flock to for modern and state-of-the-art online slots and games.

But what can we expect from slots in the future? Only by studying their impressive history, can we make a few informed predictions on their outlook. Stick with us as we summarise some of the key elements of the evolution of slot games over the years.

Historical Slot Machines

Charles Fey, an American, created the very first slot machine in 1895 entitled Liberty Bell. Incredibly simple to play, this original one-armed bandit was developed with just 3 reels and 1 payline. To play, you had to pull down a large lever at the side of the reels. If you landed 3 identical symbols on the payline you had a winning combination! A very easy slot game to play.

The next key development in the history of slots was the launch of an electromechanical slot game. This was in 1963 and was called Money Honey. This machine was certainly more advanced than its predecessors and allowed players to win up to 500 coins.

The first video slot machine appeared next, in 1976. These have, of course, evolved a lot since. Featuring amazing graphics, many with 5 or more reels and exciting bonus features, today’s video slots are thrilling, entertaining and can be highly rewarding.

The Launch of Online Casinos

In 1996, the world’s very first online slot game was launched. ‘Reel ‘Em In’ by WMS featured an exciting bonus round and was more refined then classic slot machines. In just a few years, the number of online casinos tripled, with more and more games available for every type of player. In 2018, according to Wikipedia, online casinos profited $56.05 billion.

Latest Developments

Within the last 10 years, online slots have evolved even further. Advances in technology over the last decade has led to casino games being transformed forever. Let’s have a look at some of the most important modifications.

Slots Variety

If you’re a fan of traditional slot machines, you can still enjoy the classics amongst the variety of slots on the internet. Choose one of the fruit machines by Microgaming, for example, and enjoy simple 3 reel games with few paylines. If you love slots with entertaining themes such as history, science, animals or movies, just browse the list on your favourite casino. A good online casino will provide slots suitable for everyone’s preferences.

For new players, we’d recommend having a go at simple and easy to play online slots with 3 reels and 3 pay lines. For the more advanced player, more complex games might be ideal for you; such as those with 5 reels, a multitude of paylines and at least one bonus feature. You are completely spoiled for choice, with options including jackpot slots, video slots, reel-spinners, video bingo, video poker and many more.

3D Slots

Featuring exciting animations and many interactive elements, 3D slots have become increasingly popular. To get the most benefit from these games, they are better played on modern desktops or smartphones. They can be highly entertaining and immersive.

Mobile Slots & Casino Games

One of the main benefits of playing online casino games is their flexibility. Play at any time of the day, and with the addition of mobile casino games, you can play from wherever you like too. All you require is a mobile or tablet, and an internet connection, be it wi-fi or phone network-based.

To enhance the mobile casino experience even further, the largest casino operators have even developed advanced software and apps tailored for mobile devices. Players can often download apps and launch their favourite casino and games completely hassle-free.

VR Games

In a move akin to video games evolution, some slots have now introduced VR (Virtual Reality) software. These are highly interactive, virtual games often much appreciated by the younger generation.

To play, special equipment is required (microphone, 3D visor, headset). By diving into an incredible virtual world, players have an exciting and active role in the game. Technology at its best.


Virtual currencies – another new phenomenon – has also transformed the online gambling industry. The number of online casinos accepting virtual cash has hugely increased in recent times. Virtual currencies – another new phenomenon – has also transformed the online gambling industry. The number of online casinos accepting virtual cash has hugely increased in recent times.

Cryptocurrency makes online payments faster and much more reliable; account holders have a virtual wallet to store cash and can sign up to – and deposit at – an online casino. Player’s data remains secure and safe, thanks to encrypted technology.

This has also brought previously reluctant players to online casinos. It’s so simple, safe and secure, that even some of the most resistant players have been won over by this impressive technology.

Casino Tournaments

Playing online slots can often be a solitary activity, but take part in mega tournament and this is quickly changed. Tournaments stimulate players’ competitive nature and add an extra thrilling element to the activity of playing online slots. Players must be registered with the casino hosting the tournament in order to join in, and occasionally there is a fee to pay to participate.

This is another step whereby online casinos are sharing more and more similarities with land-based casinos, which often hold exciting gambling tournaments and competitions.

What Should We Expect for the Future of Online Slots?

It’s unlikely that these brilliant casino games will revert to their predecessor states, thanks to new technology and evolution that we have mostly fully embraced. Based upon the past and current modern software, we expect that these games will become yet more interactive, with many processes entirely automated. We would expect an even greater leap in terms of graphics, animations and functions too.

The world’s leading iGaming manufacturers aim to improve their offering constantly. New special features are added to their games regularly, and we are often spoiled for choice when it comes incredible slots. New transformations are inevitable, based on the past and present. Meanwhile, be sure to make the most of the current, amazing innovations – there are so many out there – but all while keeping your eyes peeled for the next generation of online slots, of course.

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Common Casino Myths and Superstitions

From roulette and baccarat to slots and keno, most games in the Casino are a test of luck. So, it probably comes as no surprise that casino gamblers rank amongst the most superstitious people on the planet. It seems every casino goer has their ideas about what can help you stay lucky when you bet, whether it’s donning a pair of lucky pants or entering the casino through the back door.

Granted, there’s no logic behind a lot of these superstitions. But there’s no harm in putting a few of these ideas to the test the next time you bet online or in a real land-based casino. Check out the infographic below to discover some of the most common gambling myths and superstitions found across the world. Let’s see if any can help keep fortune on your side on your next visit to the casino.

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Alexis Fecteau – How to Improve Your Pool Playing

During college my buddy Alexis Fecteau and I used to spend hours upon hours playing pool, and we both thought that we were at a pretty good level. In our final year there was a new pool place which opened up by the college and we joined the league that they started there. Both Alexis and I were pretty confident going into this league, but we soon learned that we were way off the pace. We both decided to put the work in and became far better players as a result. If you want to improve how well you play pool, here are some tips which will help. 

Practicing Alone

Playing pool on your own gives you the chance to try out all kinds of different shots and try out different things, without it costing you a game if things go wrong. If you are really committed to this then you’ll find that you improve very quickly, especially if each time you focus on different types of shots and try to nail them. One week try and practice your cuts, the next try to practice your long potting, positioning etc. You will get better if you practice like this. 

Play Better Players

Something which really helped me to improve was playing against different and better players than myself. When you do this it really forces you to up your game and find new ways of getting out of sticky situations. Because I had played Alexis so much I knew his strengths and his weaknesses and I probably got a bit complacent. Once I started playing in the league however, I was facing a range of opponents, many of whom were better and all of whom were different from the last. 

Focus on Pace

The big mistake which many pool players make is thinking that they have to smash the ball each time, this in fact is very rarely called upon. The key is soft and steady pace, understanding just how hard or soft you need to hit the ball to make the pot and to keep your position. The only time where you need real pace is if you are trying to add some serious spin on the ball, but in truth that is not required very often. 

Picking Your Game

Playing 8-ball and 9-ball are very different games and so it makes sense if you pick one and focus your efforts on that. In 8-ball there are more positions to navigate and smaller pockets for the balls, conversely 9-ball has heavier balls and there is a lot more focus on playing plants and long range shots. The best advice would be to focus on 8-ball pool and then if you fancy trying out 9-ball later you can use the skills you’ve learned in 8-ball to enjoy a game with just 9. 

Work hard and keep practicing, I guarantee you that you will continue to get better! 

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Five reasons to try vaping

The trends in smoking have changed considerably over time. From the advent of the pipe through to cigarettes, their cachet and cool in the 1970s and 80s to their health issues and adversity in the 90s and 2000s. Things have now changed again with electronic cigarettes or vapes coming to the fore and becoming increasingly popular. It seems now that these devices are significantly more ubiquitous than the old-school cigarette. But what is it about vapes that have made them so popular? Are they healthier? Is it a cost thing? How do they taste? If you are wanting to know more about the reasons behind the rise of the e-cigarette, here are some reasons that may help explain its popularity.

Health benefits

At this stage, there is absolutely no proof that vaping does or does not cause cancer. The jury is certainly still out on the long-term effects of these products. What research by e-cigarette Australia organizations has shown, however, is that there are plenty of short term benefits? Because vapes do not contain smoke there are immediately oral and dermal benefits. For example, a smoker’s breath will smell better. Things like lung capacity and circulation are also not affected adversely.


Research has shown that a regular smoker will spend around seven percent less on their habit annually if they vape. However, it is interesting to note that the value of the transactions that enable you to vape is higher. In other words, you spend more when you pay for your poison, but you need to pay for it less frequently. So, for the casual smoker who only engages in the habit occasionally it might be more cost-effective to smoke cigarettes, but if you are a regular consumer then you will lower your bill by going electronic.


E-liquid comes in a huge range of flavours and the diversity is far greater than what you will experience with cigarettes. That said, if you love the taste of traditional cigarettes it is not always easy to replicate the flavour in an electronic device. What vapes do however provide is a much smoother and cooler tasting experience, which can make the habit significantly more enjoyable and accessible to new consumers.


Everyone knows that nicotine in traditional cigarettes is highly addictive. What many don’t know is that there is also nicotine in e-cigarettes which means that they too are also highly addictive. Some experts have even suggested that vapes can be more addictive than traditional smokes due to the fact that you can buy extra strength e-liquid. While vapes contain fewer chemicals and toxins and might be less likely to cause cancer, what they don’t do is help in any way with the addiction. In fact, for many people e-cigarettes are the gateway to other drugs.


The popularity of vapes is down to many things. Cooler and smooth smoke is one factor. The increasingly serious legislation that bans cigarettes is another. The better breath and the hope for improved health benefits is another factor. It is also a fashion thing. The list is long, and the experience is good. It is no wonder that it has become so popular.

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Online Entertainment: Choose Your Own Adventure…or not?

Technology has changed the face of our world in many ways. In an instant we can log onto our computers or pick up our mobile device and connect with people from all around the world. The world is still vast, but it has become smaller because everything is right at our fingertips from new friendships, new love interests, breaking news stories, shopping and even gaming. The internet has allowed us to choose our own adventure every time we log on, or has it?

Sadly, while the internet gives us the option to do certain things, laws have expanded that may or may not allow us to participate in the activities we are interested in. This is especially true when it comes to online casinos such as slots and table games.

Regulations Limit Play

Like most things, the online gambling has rules and regulations associated with it, much like any brick and mortar casino you visit. For instance, Europe has regulations in place that allow European citizens to play games online without restrictions, but the sites that are offering the games must acquire a license to allow such game play. While it is frustrating that these laws, rules and regulations are in place, they exist to ensure that each user has access to fair games that are secure and that all money is handled in the proper manner. While this may limit people from other countries from partaking in European based sites, it ensures that those who do play can do so with peace of mind that everything is on the up and up.

The Monopoly Problem

In countries such as Canada, there are additional roadblocks that may keep some people from partaking in online gaming. Often referred to as state or province monopolies, users from one area of Canada may not be able to play on a site that is based out of another state. These monopolies see to it that only the citizens who are living in a province can play on online casinos within their province. This is annoying to most, but it is done to keep regulations very tight and keep the money within the province itself. From a business standpoint one can understand, but for someone who just wants to log onto the internet and have some fun, it can be frustrating. In many areas of Canada and beyond, because of frustration with monopolies, many have had to rely on offshore casino sites to gain internet access to their favorite games.

Legal Limitations

Residents of European countries and Canada are not the only ones who will have to consider laws when they log on to be entertained online. Australia has some of the most restrictive laws, as the only type of online betting that is allowed is a sport betting. Any and all other gambling is fiercely prohibited in Australia and even the promotion of such activities is illegal. Does this stop Australians from seeking out online entertainment that involves their favorite casino games? Probably not, they just have to seek out offshore options.

Americans may find their ability to play games online that involve the exchange of money, such as casino games, is quite limited. This is not because online gambling is prohibited, as it is in Australia, but because the United States restricts the use of real money transactions from outside of the country for gambling purposes. There is some more in-depth regulation in several states, but despite a lot of talk, no real moves have been made to regulate and legalize online gambling that involves the exchange of funds from other countries.

Is there a Solution?

The number of people logging onto the internet at any time to seek entertainment is astronomical. As such, it seems that there a global regulatory system could be put into place that will allow people from all around the world to log on, play the games they want to play, and to be able to do it securely, fairly and legally. Unfortunately, the rules and regulations in each area are quite different and each country has these regulations in place to protect their own interests. Protecting their own interests may just be why many countries aren’t all that interested in global licensing and regulations. Until then, many players have to search for offshore options or settle for games that don’t necessarily require the exchange of real money.

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Snifter. Tatiana Kukanova investigates a new app for finding drinking partners.

A new app.

There’s a mobile application for drinking partners now available on both Android and iPhone platforms called Snifter. It’s name refers to the glass commonly served with a brandy and is colloquially used as a way of inviting someone out for a drink. Anyone up for snifter?

It uses the same software technology as Tinder, Facebook and Travel Adviser, like an amalgamation of all three into a handy application. Relying on GPS functionality, profile management to match matching suitable partners along with a helpful local pub listing and review. The app simply finds like-minded members in local areas and links them up via a profile matching message. From that point on, it’s up to the new friends to enjoy their time as they see fit.

When would it be useful?

For those with different work patterns to that of other friends or parents with the odd hour to spare but would rather share it with another, it could actually be of benefit for people needing a bit more sociability in their lives.
I decided to put it to the test on a close friend, Tatiana Kukanova. Tatiana is a mother and part time researcher at University of Arts, London who despite having a busy schedule, finds those odd times of the day when her child is at day care, her work assignments are done and her partner is still at work. ¨I have always loved the pub but have found it hard to find anyone to match my schedule to join me for pint she has mentioned on occasion.

The experience.

Tatiana creates a profile by answering basic questions on politics, cultural pursuits, education and career. Very quickly it starts to feel like a social cleansing experiment and makes her feel uneasy. ¨ I wouldn’t ask these things straight off when I meet a new friend ¨ she admits.
After a few hours, she receives a notification along with a proceeding message from another member asking her out for a pint. Happy that she can make that time and assured by short duration (only 45 mins) she headed for ´The Nags Head´ to meet her drinking partner.

Whilst enjoying a lager top with a packet of crisps, she found her buddy ( writer and cartoonist Ian Weisburg) to make for interesting and pleasant company.
That being said, she didn’t foresee the added complication of meeting random men for drinks in the day with some sense of judgement from her partner. ¨He´s not the jealous type but he did find the whole thing slightly weird¨.

On reflection Tatiana concedes that meeting women for social drinks might actually be better, although disliked the sexism that it implied. She felt it would make the whole thing more comfortable for herself and her partner.

Could it last?

From the brief experience Tatiana had, it would be interesting to see from a range of people who might benefit from such an app. The gut feeling is that it might be a guy thing, where there’s a sense of security to the situation. Rather depressingly woman are having to be so guarded around strangers and drinking.

The phrase ´Tinder for Boozers´ was bandied about the office when I mentioned this app. One can foresee where there’s drink and the unknowing of strangers, could lead unpredictably towards difficult circumstances.
Ultimately, perhaps people should get off their phones and strike up conversation naturally? I’m sure pretty soon you will know if that person is a suitable drinking buddy or not.

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