Top Luxurious Destinations 2016

Travelling right now is quite a popular activity for many people. Selecting a destination is the first step one your road to a holiday and luxurious destinations seem to be all the rage right now including the destinations mentioned below.

Las Vegas

For high rollers, many hotel casinos offer special accommodations allowing the guests to enjoy casino games similar to those available from Spin Palace which you can access from all day long. This is true at the iconic Caesar’s Palace which features the 181 room Nobu Hotel. Guests can retire to this peaceful and serene hotel with easy access to the bustling and trendy features of the city whether its casino gambling or gourmet dining.

Paris, France

Paris is the most luxurious city to visit here with luxury hotels found across the capital. One of the newest openings is the five star Peninsula Paris Hotel. Paris also spoils guests with its rich cuisine and delectable pastries. Within close proximity to every major landmark is a top restaurant. For instance, when visiting the Eiffel Tower consider dining at the chic Monsieur Bleu.

Cape Winelands, South Africa

Located within driving distance of Cape Town, this wine region has seen an increased number of luxury lodges open in recent years. Mont Rochelle is a newly remodeled lodge with a new spa, renovated rooms and two restaurants. This summer a new inn will open, Leeu Estates, built from a 19th century Dutch home.

The Hamptons, USA

No matter where you hail from, the Hamptons can please anyone with its luxurious feel and accommodations. The Hamptons have long been the summer playground for the rich and famous. Visit the many vineyards that have been established here or take in the charming Montauk Lighthouse.

Ijen, Indonesia

For the adventurous at heart, Ijen provide numerous luxury activities including hiking to the top of a volcano, viewing a crater within a beautiful lake and steamy geysers. Luxury tours and hotels can be booked for Ijen.

While this list only provides five possible travel suggestions, there are even more alternatives to consider.

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