How to Store Wine Correctly – A Guide from Underground Cellar

Is there anything more pleasurable than enjoying a glass of your favorite wine at home, peacefully relaxing, and just living in that moment? Wine is one of those things that many people look forward to, not just for those peaceful evenings at home, but to enjoy with food, share with friends and family, and even as a “treat” after a busy day. What this means is that you probably have at least a few bottles on hand at all times. But here’s the thing, if you’re not storing your wine properly, you’re not going to get the true flavor and enjoyment out of it.

This guide from Underground Cellar discusses exactly how you can store wine correctly so that its integrity is never at risk.

You Want to Keep the Temperature Just Right

The first rule of thumb is that wine does best when stored in a cool area. That doesn’t mean it should be cold, but it should be cool. In most cases, anything over 70° F will cause issues and can make the wine age much faster. So, what’s the ideal temperature? You want to aim for a storage area that is as close to 55° F as possible. That is often considered the “perfect temperature”. Should the temperature be 10 degrees higher or lower, it won’t matter too much.

Humidity Is the Enemy

Not only does the storage location need to be cool, but you also want to be sure it’s free from humidity. If it gets too humid mold can actually start growing, which will ruin your wine. On the flip side if it’s too dry the cork in the bottle will dry out, which then spoils your wine. Just like with the temperature it’s about finding that exact right level of humidity. Generally speaking, you want to hover around the 70% humidity level, but really anything between 50%-80% is usually okay.

Choose Solid and Stable Racks or Shelving

Because you want the bottles to be stable in how they sit, you want to be sure you’re choosing a racking or shelving system that is solid and will keep the bottles secure. Rather than standing them right side up, wine should always be stored on its side. Storing the wine on the side means it keeps the cork wet and you don’t risk it drying. Many find that storing the bottles on their side also tends to be a space-saver, which is perfect when you don’t have a lot of space to work with.

Keep the Sun Away

The final tip is to make sure the bottles aren’t stored in an area where the sun is shining on them. The best light conditions are no light at all, and to have it be dark. The UV rays in the sun will damage the quality and integrity of the wine rather quickly.

Enjoy a Perfect Bottle of Wine Each Time

These tips will ensure that you’re able to store your wine properly so that you can enjoy a perfect bottle, and a perfect glass every time.

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