Nine University – Reasons to Go Back to Studying

Simply because you have left the traditional education system does not mean that your time with education is up, in fact you have even more reason than ever to go back and focus once again on your education. Each year there are literally thousands of people around the world who go back to study for courses, diplomas and certificates, and they do so for a number of reasons. I can include myself in this as I have just recently started an online course at the brilliant Nine University after putting it off for far too long. 

If you needed any inspiration which may help you to avoid waiting on the fence for as long as I did, then here are some reasons why people will go back to education once they have finished their mandatory schooling. 

Career Change 

Studying so that you can change career is a big one and that was the key reason as to why I have started the course which I did. Nine University specialize in teaching people how to launch and succeed with an Amazon FBA business and given that I had always wanted to start a business this just made the most sense to me. If you have spent your career as an accountant and you wish to switch to marketing, you may feel that this is something which you are not skilled to do, this is why heading back to education could very well be a smart move and it could increase your prospects greatly. 

Failed It 

When you get older you have a completely different view to education, in part because nobody is forcing you to do it any more. It is for this reason why many people who have either failed certain classes in the past or perhaps didn’t get the grades that they wanted, will opt to go back into education in order to get those grades which they feel that they should have got first time around. When you do go back in this capacity you can do so in a more relaxed manner and that can often mean that you end up with those higher grades. These of course can be used to get a job or perhaps just because you begrudge the fact that you didn’t get them first time around. 

Just Because

Going back to education doesn’t have to mean going back to get a qualification and many people simply go to short courses in order to gain a new skill or because they wish to add something to their arsenal. Night schools for example are very popular and whether you are looking to learn woodwork or a new language, these courses can provide a great deal of benefits to all ages. 

There are many reasons to go back to education and it is important that we crush this taboo that adults shouldn’t keep learning, we most certainly should and in doing so we will make ourselves better people with healthier brains.

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