4 Creative Ways to Keep Your Alumni Lively -Top Networking Ideas

If you’re a member of any alumni association, you’ll opine that such networks offer both social and economic benefits. They offer a platform to share opportunities, contribute to the well-being of your former school, and even have fun! 

However, an average institution will have thousands of former students and staff. As such, you can be sure that managing such a large group will not be a cushy job. 

This article offers alumni networking ideas that will strengthen the glue holding the members together. Read on irresistible insights. 

Why An Alumni Network?

It is not uncommon to think that you’ll be self-sustaining after graduating with top honors from your dream university. However, this belief fades away when reality sinks in and graduation excitement vanishes.

It’s at this point that you realize that an alumni network is essential!

When you connect with former students, you’ll get crucial tips that will help you to navigate through your job search escapades fast. 

This way, you’ll get golden job opportunities while helping others to jump the hurdles you’ve struggled with in the past. 

Besides the benefits that students get from alumni networks, the institutions also benefit a great deal. Some of the gains include:

  • Monetary help in infrastructure development and other projects – alumni in the US contributed a whopping $12.5 billion to their institutions
  • Insights on the dynamics of the job market, thus influencing the curriculum of their respective courses
  • Unique ambassadorial roles where they further the agenda of the institution with minimal cost implications

How to Remain Active in Your Alumni Association

If you want to obtain optimal benefits from your alumni network, you should regularly engage in all activities. This way, you’ll showcase your loyalty to the institution, thus ensuring that you remain relevant. 

While this sounds simple, its implementation can be tricky. Here are several methods that you can use:

  • Join all the Alumni’s Social Media Platforms. Once you join these groups, you should share insightful messages to draw the attention of all members 
  • Answer Questions. Most of the alumni’s platforms will be flooded with questions on different topics. If you give factual information, you can be sure that you’ll remain in the limelight
  • Keep Constant Communication. Always ensure that you check on alumni members. Let them know about your challenges and experiences. 

Top 4 Alumni Networking Ideas for Your Consideration 

1. Friendly Tournaments 

Meeting and having fun is one of the cheapest yet highly effective alumni networking ideas. You can decide to form teams based on factors such as the program, year of graduation, or any other parameter. 

2. Service Day

Engaging in charitable work will offer you both fulfillment and a chance to bond. You can decide to visit the destitute, the elderly, or the sick. 

3. Seminars and Conferences

This is one of the most impactful activities that you can undertake. It allows alumni members to share their knowledge and experiences with others. 

4. Alumni Night Out 

An alumni night out offers a chance to raise funds for helping needy students. You can charge all the attendees a fee that’ll be instrumental in offering scholarships.

Additionally, the platform allows mingling and sharing of ideas. 

Bottom Line

While creating an alumni network is easy, ensuring that it remains active requires concerted efforts. If inactivity reigns, then you can be sure that the association will not meet its objectives.

This article enumerates the 4 best alumni networking ideas for your consideration. If well implemented, these techniques will certainly make achieving your goals a breeze.

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