5 Reasons To Get A Liberal Arts College Education

Many students will not encounter the world liberal arts until when it is time to search for a college. The term, then, becomes a source of confusion. The simplest explanation for a liberal arts college is an institution that offers a traditionally broad education. The students take such courses as philosophy, literature, math, and physical as well as social sciences. The graduating student has a broader range of skills and knowledge as opposed to the modern student who could be an extreme specialist. 

Liberal arts colleges offer the advantage of a wide range of subjects. However, the work can be overwhelming, or you may want to focus on other matters. Paymyessaywriter.com provides homework help services to take the extra load off your back and also enable you to achieve higher academic grades. 

In a world that is becoming increasingly specialized, why would a student choose a liberal arts college? 

1. It Broadens Your Range Of Skills

Graduates from liberal colleges leave with a wider range of skills. The skills give them the flexibility needed to adapt and also find jobs in a fast-changing world. The broader knowledge and skills will prepare a student for the global market. 

The mind of a graduating student is not tied to working in a particular environment. As a result, the student will be more creative and open to the opportunities that come his or her way. Such students also exhibit creativity arising from extensive knowledge. 

2. Employers Prefer Students From Liberal Colleges

Graduates from liberal colleges are more competitive in the job market. Employers prefer such graduates because they possess a wider range of skills. These skills help the workers to perform more duties than those who specialist. The skills also add to their creativity, helping organizations to find a solution. 

3. It Is A Perfect Opportunity To Explore Personal Interests

Liberal arts courses introduce you to a wide range of skill areas. This knowledge helps you to identify areas of weakness and strength. By the time you graduate or are choosing your majors, you have determined your passion. 

Students who pursue areas of passion have proven to be more successful. Such students perform their duties passionately and will achieve more within a shorter time. Such students will also achieve self-actualization because they work in an area of interest.

4. Your World View Will Expand

The world today is expanding so fast that it cannot accommodate traditional biases. The chance to take on different subjects and topics will result in a more knowledgeable graduate. The knowledge acquired helps you to conquer the world as a professional or entrepreneur easily. 

5. It Offers A Better College Experience 

It is rewarding to live and learn with open-minded fellows. Since the courses are not tough and ignite your creativity, you will enjoy every lecture and interaction on campus. It will translate into an incredible college experience for the students. 

A college with a liberal arts foundation will teach you more than the skills required for a career. The college will open your mind to the world and unlock your imagination. All this happens in a relaxed environment that lights up your creativity.

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Why Environmental Issues Should Be a Part of the School Curriculum

Children go to school to prepare themselves for the bigger battles in life. They need to study math and science so they can become future doctors and engineers. They have to learn the basics of reading and writing so they can communicate well. The school is a training ground for kids as they aspire for bigger things in life.

We’re teaching them a lot of things, but we forget about the problem they need to prepare for most – global warming. It used to be a simple and irrelevant issue but is becoming more alarming these days. Even adults keep denying the existence of climate change. They dislike conversations in regard to environmental protection. The problem is that they didn’t grow up learning about these issues. We kept placing environmental problems on the sidelines. 

Since we’re now facing the wrath of nature, it’s important that kids understand the importance of global warming at a young age. They have to see the relevance of these problems in their lives. The schools need to create a curriculum that gradually explains the complexities of the issues to kids of different grade levels. It might be challenging, but we have to trust kids to grasp these issues. If they can survive complex mathematical problems, there’s no reason for them to fail in understanding issues related to global warming

Schools need to be practical

The reason why a lot of educational institutions are failing is that they don’t prepare kids for life. The curriculum seems outdated. They still teach unnecessary subjects that children don’t use when they grow older. When they decide to take a career path that doesn’t utilize the knowledge learned at school, it’s a huge waste. 

However, global warming is an issue that affects everyone now, and will be even worse in the future. Therefore, all children have to understand what the problem means to them and their future. Teachers have the responsibility to instill environmental awareness among children. In fact, it shouldn’t only be at school. At home, children have to learn how to save the environment. Segregating waste materials is a good start. If they see you do it, they will emulate you. It also helps if you hire the services offered by a junk removal Jacksonville company, so they will know that their waste items get thrown away in the right places. 

They will lead the battle soon

Right now, leading environmental activists are adults, but it’s only a matter of time before things start to change. Children are eventually going to lead the fight. They’re also going to be our next political leaders and heads of big corporations. If they understand the importance of environmental responsibility at a young age, they will do well when it’s their turn to take the lead. 

We keep complaining that the world is hopeless, and the environment is damaged beyond repair. The truth is that if we take the right steps, we can still put an end to these problems. 

We also have to trust our children to be smart enough to take the lead. It’s their future at stake, so they need to understand what’s going on.

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AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts and How to Make The Most Out of Studying Here

Last year I completed my degree at the incredible AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts, a truly life changing experience which has given me memories for a lifetime. This is a college which is widely respected as one of the best in the country and having spent 3 years there I can see exactly why. If you are plan to apply for this college or you have been accepted into the college then you have to ensure that you do all that you can to make the very best of this experience. In order to do that, here are some tips which may help you out. 

Be a Yes Person

I found that saying yes to any task or responsibility which was offered really helped me in terms of my status as a student and in terms of my learning here. They are always looking for students to support with many things when there are events on and when you get involved in that you have a real chance to meet new people and learn new skills. 

Try Something New

There are so man opportunities here for you to try out new things and I would suggest that you should also take these chances. If you are trying to become an actor then there is nothing wrong with trying your hand at singing or stage design, they all add strings to your artistic bow! There are lots of small groups which offer you the chance to try out new things, so give them a go and see how far your talent can take you

Grow Thick Skin

The environment here at AMDA is highly competitive and truth, pretty brutal, which is why you are going to need to have thick skin in order to survive and thrive. The reason for this is because they are preparing you for the world of drama and arts and that too is incredibly brutal. Getting rejected is not nice, nor is being heavily criticized for something which you have put your heart and soul into. Unfortunately however once you get out into the real world this is exactly what things are like so this will serve as great preparation for that. 

Be Open Minded

It is really important that you drink up all of the inspiration which you see around you during your time at AMDA, there is an extremely diverse and eclectic student body. If you are able to open up your mind then you can get some amazing inspiration from the rest of the students which can really help you in building new concepts in your art, and displaying a very unique style. In approaching this with an open mind you will also be able to make more friends and create a much needed support network around you .

You are going to have an amazing time at AMDA, good luck for the future. 

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3 Things To Teach Your Kids About Being Safe Around Animals

While many children love seeing or being around animals, even the tamest animals or pets can sometimes be dangerous if your children aren’t careful. Because of this, kids the world over get bitten by all types of animals on a daily basis. And while many times these injuries aren’t serious, they still could be easily avoided had your children known how to safely interact with animals.

So to help ensure that your kids never get hurt by an animal, here are three things to teach your kids about being safe around animals. 

Stay Away From Outdoor Animals

One of the most important things you can teach your kids about animals is how to keep their distance, especially when it comes to wild animals. Although an animal may look cute and harmless, you never know what an animal could be carrying that could cause serious harm to a human.

To best teach this concept to your child, Dr. Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, a contributor to KidsHealth.org, recommends that you teach your kids never to go near animals they see outdoors. Additionally, you should also teach them never to feed animals they find outside, even ones that may traditionally be seen as harmless to feed, like ducks. 

By drawing a line here, you’ll help to keep your kids away from animals that could bite or attack them. 

Know Where To Keep Their Hands

Not all animals your children encounter will be wild animals. Many times, your kids will see a dog or cat in your neighborhood that they want to pet or interact with. And while their instinct might be to run at the animals, it’s important that they know how to approach pets in a safe way.

According to Hanady Kader, a contributor to Seattle Children’s Hospital, you should teach your children to keep their hands behind their backs while they ask permission to approach or pet someone’s animal. Once they have permission to get near or pet someone’s animal, teach them to keep their hands where the animal can see them and to move slowly and cautiously closer to the animal. This will keep them from scaring the animal. 

Teach Kids When To Leave Pets Alone

In many homes, kids will have pets of their own to play with. But just because an animal is familiar with your child doesn’t mean you should let your guard down completely when your children interact with this animal. 

To help your kids stay safe, even around their own pets, Scholastic.com advises that you teach your kids never to approach or pet an animal while it’s eating, sleeping, or playing with one of its toys. The animal could be reacting negatively to this disturbance and lash out at your child. 

To keep your kids safe from animal bites or other negative encounters, consider using the tips mentioned above to teach them how to stay safe around animals.

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American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine – Benefits of Studying Here

American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is known around the USA and indeed around the world for its in-depth post-graduate courses which teach the history and the use of Oriental medicine and acupuncture. These are traditional medicinal methods and techniques which are still very much alive in the modern day. In fact more and more people are turning to these types of treatments rather than those of modern medicine, which in turn has sparked renewed interest in the subjects. This college is situated in Houston, Texas and across 6 on-campus schools they have thousands of students who arrive here from all over the country. Past and present students alike have spoken glowingly about the college and its programs and here are just a handful of benefits which you can count on if you study here. 

Benefits of the Material 

Study ancient medicine and acupuncture is not only fascinating but it can help you greatly in your life. When you learn about the ways of Oriental medicine you will begin to take better care of yourself as a result and you will also be able to help friends and family with any healthcare needs. The skills which you learn here can be taken into modern medicine courses, you can start your own practice or indeed you can go on to teach this topic in the future. 


There are many small courses which the college offers but in terms of post-grad there are really 4 main courses which students focus on. 

  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 
  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
  • Master of Integrative Healthcare Leadership
  • Master of Integrative Wellness Management 

As you can see from the courses the two Masters courses focus on administration and leadership within healthcare, and the two doctor programs focus on a deeper understanding of Oriental medicine and how it can be safely and efficiently practiced. Both Masters courses are 1 year in total and the Doctorates are 4 years of study respectively. 


The lecturers and the staff which you will find here in the college are of the very highest level and many of theme have trained in Oriental medicine and Chinese medicine in Asia which they have then brought back with them to the USA. Thanks to pairings with no less than 8 sister schools in China, the college can ensure that it has a constant flow of highly skilled teachers coming to the university. 


Within the walls of the college there is a clinic which is dedicated to Oriental medicinal practices and acupuncture and this gives students the opportunity to lear and practice what they are learning on real patients. This gives a learning experience like no other and it can help students to gain hands-on experience of what they are learning about in the classroom. 

If you want to study traditional medicine then there is no better place to do it.

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American Musical and Dramatic Academy Reviews – What is Life Like on Campus at AMDA?

Last year I graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, an absolutely amazing school which has taught me so much about myself and about performing arts that will stay with me forever. I love speaking to students who are about to embark on this amazing journey and the truth is that I am a little envious of them, as I would love to go through that experience again. Many people ask me about life at the college, in terms of both education and student life, and so I thought I’d write a quick piece to explain what life is like for a student who is studying at this illustrious college. The American Musical and Dramatic Academy reviews don’t quite tell the full story, so let me fill in the blanks. 

Social Study 

To be completely honest in the 3 years that i spent at AMDA I cannot really remember too many nights out or parties, there were plenty of course, but never weekly or monthly, usually only after a big event. The socializing which I did during my time at the college was during study, because here the two go hand in hand. For example there are rehearsal rooms on campus which are free to use, so a Friday night would often look like my friends and I rehearsing a piece. This was how we socialized, by dancing and singing and laughing with one another. This must be one of the few courses in the world where you can study and have fun at the same time. 


There are events taking place all of the time and there are lots of chances for you to get involved. Although I was specializing in dance I spent a lot of time creating props and backdrops for plays, learning lines and acting as an understudy, as well as joining the chorus on a couple of occasions. It was almost every weekend that there would be some kind of event and when that happened there would be a real buzz around campus. 

Extraordinary People

Within performing arts the majority of the students are confident people who are creative and have no issues with expressing themselves. The result of this was that you could be talking to a pianist, a singer, a dancer and an actor around the same table, all laughing and joking and all very similar personalities. I think I took for granted the people who I studied with and surrounding myself with fellow creatives really helped me to come out of my shell more and be more expressive. Whilst the college did teach me a lot about the world of performing arts, it was the amazing people who I had the pleasure to meet who actually taught me about myself. 

I can assure you that you are going to have the most amazing time at AMDA, make sure that you squeeze the life out of it.

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Why Learning Beyond the Walls Is Important

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The world is changing and so are the education needs of the leaders of tomorrow. Conversations around the re-framing of the education strategy place more emphasis on wholesome personal development of the learner. Individuals who will prosper in the future are those that adopt life-wide and life-long learning. 

Emerging technologies such as automation, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are increasingly being used to solve society problems. Jobs in the immediate and distant future will require the holder to connect the virtual world and the physical world to effectively solve problems.  

Unrestricted learning           

Effective and efficient problem solvers of the future need a learning environment that doesn’t restrict them to the traditional classroom. Learning “within the walls” cannot help learners develop as whole, dynamic, and collaborative people.  

In a world where everything is changing, an effective education system needs to prepare students to be dynamic. The learners should be assisted to appreciate and be inspired by the fluidity of things. The learning environment should give them freedom to see, think, and feel concepts outside the walls of a classroom. 

Allowing students to think freely will enable them to find “outside the box” solutions to the most pressing societal needs.  

Learning with technology  

Integrating technology in learning is another way of taking learning beyond the walls. Studies show that most jobs in the future will involve heavy use of technology. Therefore, making technology widely and readily available to young learners is a crucial aspect of education designed for the future. 

Learning with technology will help students to grow not just as users of technology products, but as innovators as well.  

Social and emotional awareness 

Learners need to develop life-long social and emotional awareness and skills, which are often gained outside academics. 

Higher emotional intelligence will help them to not only persist through near-term education goals but also navigate the dynamism of the world at large. Support for passions, curiosity, and inquiry is key to helping learners become aware of themselves in society. 

Focusing on personalized learning is instrumental in supporting self-motivated learning because it appreciates uniqueness as opposed to stifling it.  

Real-world experiences  

Part of a learning experience beyond the classroom is helping students to create real-world connections. Partnerships with respected individuals, community organizations, businesses and higher learning institutions provide a way for young students to adopt an authentic and experiential learning approach.  

Many forward-thinking schools are taking time to design an educational experience that they give learners. Verso International School – an international school in Bangkok – is a good example of a school that is taking education beyond the classroom.   

Verso has a unique architectural and administrative design to allow for flexibility of learning. Students can easily move from the classroom setup to the natural world and into the technological world. They have partnered with other organizations to design a learning system that allows students to learn through hands-on experiences. The system is also designed to support students gain self-identity as well as develop awareness of the people and society around them.  

Learning beyond the classroom prepares students to be ready for the future, to be self-confident and to take control of their learning progress. It allows them to develop critical thinking and flexibility in readiness for the fast-changing world. This type of learning also equips them with skills that will help them to use technology to take advantage of opportunities and face challenges of the future.

So if your child is still learning within the wall, then it’s time to guide them out of it. Life for your child begins beyond the wall.  

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College Stress Management Tips You Want To Try Out

Stress naturally appears when tension levels are higher than energy levels. As a result, you end up feeling overloaded. College students know the feeling more than most. Student life is always exciting but there are also so many things that have to be done that it is quite impossible to not be stressed out.

Fortunately, there are always ways in which you can deal with stress. Before you applied to college you read American Musical And Dramatic Academy Reviews or similar articles. During college, there are many things that can be done, like the following.

Make Sure You Get As Much Sleep As You Need

Student life is always so busy. There are many things that you can do so you may often find yourself awake at 4 AM in the morning, only to then have class at around 8 AM. When you first go through this schedule, it will not be a problem. However, as time passes, it gets more and more difficult to deal with all the stress you will feel.

You want to be sure that you get as much sleep as the body needs. A failure to do this will lead to numerous health problems, like obesity, depression and diabetes. Generally speaking, you do need at least 8 hours of sleep every single night. Follow this tip and your body will be much more equipped to deal with stress.

Make Sure You Eat Well

When you just eat fast food, you can be sure your health deteriorates and you end up stressed out of your mind. The body’s energy levels go down when your diet is not a good one. Be sure that your diet is rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. At the same time, do all that you can that you get all the macronutrients the body needs.

Start Exercising

Stress management is not as easy as you might initially think. Whenever you are stressed, the best thing you can do is to work out, even if you really do not feel like it. The great news is that you just need around 20 minutes per day in order to drastically reduce your stress levels. According to specialists, all exercise types work, as long as you enjoy it and you get the body moving. Options like yoga and swimming are very popular among college students but you can also go full out on MMA training or power lifting. Just do what you enjoy.

Do Not Use Fake Energy Boosters

You surely heard about countless students that rely on artificial stimulants like prescription medication, caffeine pills or energy drinks in order to stay awake when study sessions are long. The problem is that when you put the body through a diet that includes these fake energy boosters, you end up depriving it of sleep. This brings us to the problem already mentioned above.

Emotional Support Helps

It is sometimes really tough to adapt and adjust to college life. A way to do this is to have friends so that you can vent all your frustrations. Choose family members or friends that will not judge you or try to give advice. You can so easily reduce stress when you just vent a little.

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How to Save on Your Next Certification



One of the things you can do to push your career forward is acquiring new skills. Even better, you can pursue specific certifications in your field as a way to boost your career. Multiple studies have shown that certified professionals earn more than non-certified employees, which makes investing in certifications an option worth considering.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to earn the right certification for your career. You can also take steps to reduce the cost of getting certified by a substantial margin. We are going to review the best tips to use if you want to save on your next certification in this article.

Avoid Failing

As silly as this may sound, the main reason why people spend more on their certifications is, well, because they failed on their first try. Rather than spending $200 on your Mikrotik certification, for instance, you may end up spending twice or three times that amount because you failed the first time.

The way to avoid failing the test is by preparing yourself better. The internet is on your side when it comes to preparing for certification exams. There are resources and materials to go through, mock tests that you can take, and plenty of resources on how to prepare better for the test.

Compare Courses and Certifications

The same certification doesn’t always cost the same. Depending on where and how you pursue the certification, you may need to pay more. A simple way to get around paying more for the same certification is by comparing exams from multiple providers.

Some certifications also come with a comprehensive training program, which makes the whole process of acquiring the skills you need to become a certified professional more streamlined. Comparing training programs and courses is also something you want to do before making a decision.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA training is a good example of how the same training and certification could cost differently depending on the institution providing the training. Thanks to findcourses.com, finding and comparing training programs is no longer difficult. You instantly have access to programs from multiple institutions with a simple search. If you want to learn more about CCNA training, there are a selection of training options here.

Take It Online

Aside from the wealth of resources you can use to prepare for your certification exam, the internet also provides plenty of opportunities to get certified as well. In fact, many top training institutions have started offering their courses and certifications online.

Online certifications are generally more affordable than their offline counterparts. You don’t have to travel – which is a saving on its own – and the training institution doesn’t have to deal with high overhead costs. The result is more affordable training programs for everyone.

There is another advantage of opting for online certification: flexibility. You can study at your own pace and take the test when you are ready. You can complete the test from the comfort of your home or office too, so you can skip being nervous before the test.

You can earn your next certification and advance in your career without breaking the bank. The tips we covered in this article will help you get started with becoming a certified professional right away.

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Corporate Innovation Labs – A Combination of Art and Science

Everything around us comes from us, humans. This is the focal point of innovation: driving us, as humans, to come up with new things. That is only possible if we question and think about our experiences, believing everything is possible. Through corporate innovation labs, it is possible to bring together the artistic (from humans) and the scientific (from experimentation).

Corporate Innovation Labs Bring Together and Differentiate Progress

Art is about making changes. It is about evolution, about bringing together studies of and perspectives on that what already exists. This is true for both what is in the mind and the physical. Science, by contrast, is a lot more constrained because it has to follow linear rules. There is an important place for that, but innovation labs are about bringing those two together. It is about exploration, with art being about coming up with ideas, and science being about turning those ideas into reality.

Science and Art – The Cornerstones of Innovation

Art is known to drive scientific innovation. Similarly, science is an inspiration for art. Essentially, they are innovation’s bookends, their cornerstones. They work together to change how we see the world. One cannot exist without the other, and that is something to be celebrated.

However, people continue to see the two as separate things. Metaphorically, they are the bookends, one being on the right and the other on the left. But we forget that the things in between the two bookends are what actually brings them together. This is where the real breakthrough ideas happen.

How to Get Art and Science to Fuse

Science, engineering, design, and art all have to come together if we are to experience great innovation. Design and art is about getting the compelling stories and analogies together. This is about challenging knowledge and methods, inspiring techniques, and creating alternative structures. This is what then makes people push engineering, technology, and science, who will translate the art and design into reality. It is about pushing boundaries, going beyond what is expected, and that is how the future will be shaped.

At the same time, the digital age has made the world more complex and it is important that innovation tools are in place to benefit from this complexity, rather than make it stop innovation. What corporate innovation labs can do is provide that platform in which art and science can be blended, converged, integrated, and exchanged. Some say that we are in the Renaissance period of innovation. Real progress is currently being made and these are exciting times. The original Renaissance truly changed the world, teaching us so much as humans that the pace of advancement was almost unheard of. But, at the same time, the Renaissance was destructive as well, rather than solely constructive. It is hoped that the new Renaissance, which is as much about art and science as the original one, will be even more constructive in nature, using lessons learned in the past to really drive improvement.

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