Taking advantage of your skills in any career


For anybody who’s spent any amount of time looking at jobsearch websites, we’re often faced with a barrage of outlandish qualifications, education requirements, etc., that may result in us feeling a little inadequate and unqualified for our chosen occupation.

However, with a little imagination we can examine our current skillsets and see what skills may be underlying so as to significantly boost our resumés and further our careers. 

Whether you’re a dedicated musician, a film buff or even an online poker hotshot, there’s plenty of ways that you can highlight and develop your learned skills in today’s modern workplace.

For example, many of us can easily spend a few hours idly watching an endless array of movies and TV shows on Netflix. But rather than seeing this as a strictly passive activity, through a bit of creativity, you can foreground any critical thinking developed in the viewing of any particular series, and even show how the broad range of cultural influences learned can reveal you to be a well-rounded person capable of communicating to different audiences.

Similarly the popular activity of video gaming has just about managed to shrug off its reputation as being a complete waste of time, as even The Daily Telegraph have shown how certain gaming apps can help train our brains to be more calculating and effective.

And when modern computer gaming interfaces are combined with complex strategy games such as poker, that’s when we start to see a wide-ranging mental skillset developing. 

A quick inspection of Mr Smith Casino for their online games of poker and blackjack will show that apart from the possible financial benefits, these games can also help develop long-term strategic planning, and help provide a tactical understanding of the opposition that is essential for being any part of the competitive entrepreneurial market.

Whilst there may be clear competitive benefits in the online gaming realm, when it comes to music, it seems that the ancillary effects can be potentially therapeutic. For those hobbyist musicians, it could be worth noting that your musical skills could be used to help treat a wide variety of health complaints ranging from stroke patients to premature babies.

But the most important thing about learning a skill such as being a poker player at Mr Smith Casino or even just drumming, is surely the fact that once learned, it can easily be taught to someone else. And few jobs are more central to the running of our society than being a teacher.


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