Dearborn Heights Pharmacy – Quick Action When You Feel a cold Coming On

You know the feeling, skin starts to get sensitive, your nose starts running, maybe your head starts to ache, the early indications of a cold. This is where I was last month ahead of a business trip, I simply didn’t have time for a cold. I ran to Dearborn Heights pharmacy to try and find something to stave off this onslaught which was coming. The staff at the pharmacy were amazing and offered me a range of options to help me, naturally I tried them all and that cold never really showed its teeth. If you feel a cold coming on, here is what you can try. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is excellent for boosting your immune system and when you first feel the effects of a cold you need to try and fill up with as much Vitamin C as you can. This may not get rid of the cold altogether, but it will ensure that your body is fighting fit and it will minimize how much the cold affects you. Oranges, satsumas, orange juice, broccoli, all packed with Vitamin C and perfect to give you the boost you need. 

Hot Toddy

A hot toddy is a drink which is made with hot water, whisky, tea, honey and ginger and it is an old wives’ tale which really works. To prepare this make a cup of black tea and add a shot of whisky, half a table spoon of honey and grate some fresh ginger. The whisky is to help you sleep, the hot water will help you to sweat out the infection, the ginger and the tea have great anti-oxidants which will help the body to flush out and the honey is helpful to soothe the throat and the body. Take this on a night time and you’ll feel great the next day. 


The best time to start taking any anti-flu tablets is as soon as you feel the cold coming on. If you begin to take these once you are in the grips of cold they will be far less efficient. The symptoms are at their worst once the infection has grown, taking anti-flu medication prior to this is a great way to minimize the growth of the infection and ensure that the cold passes without the symptoms becoming too bad. 



Another option which is great for the early stages of cold is to go to a steam room and sweat it out. The mixture of the heat and the humidity will encourage your pores to open up and flush out your system, which will help you to get rid of the infection. You may still feel some symptoms of cold but because of how much you will sweat out, the effects will be minimal. 

My advice would be to try all of these tips when you first feel those symptoms starting up, just to be sure that you can get rid of the beast. 

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