David Crawford MD – Why You Need to Stay Healthy During Lockdown

We have never experienced what we are going through at the moment with CoVid-19 and whilst there is a lot of misinformation and untruths coming out based on that lack of knowledge, there are some things which we know for certain and staying in shape is one of them . In fact as son as lockdown began my amazing physician David Crawford MD got in touch with us to see how we were doing and offer some simple tips on keeping ourselves safe, a real measure of the brilliant man that he is. One thing which David really hammered home was the importance of staying in good physical condition and here is why. 

Mental Health 

The challenge of having your world tipped upside down and changed so drastically was always going to be mental health, after all being imprisoned in your home will affect your brain in ways that we couldn’t predict. What many people fail to remember however is that physical and mental health are very closely linked and if you are able to stay in shape you are going to be doing a great deal to help improve your general mental wellbeing.


At some point it is likely that we will all contact this disease unless there is a vaccine or a cure that is released. For most people CoVid will be nothing more than a flu, and for some it will be nothing at all. The reason we are in lockdown in fact is that we need to minimize the impact on the healthcare system. Those who are having the biggest problems are the elderly, those with underlying health conditions and those who are in poor health. If you are overweight or you are not looking after yourself then you are really heightening the chances of having a very bad time of it when you do get it. It just makes sense to keep yourself in good shape and ensure that you are boosting your immune system as best as you can. 

Other Issues

As I have just mentioned, the point of lockdown is to ease the pressure on the healthcare system, so that we do not all get ill at once. A key reason therefore in staying healthy is that in doing so you are going to greatly reduce your risk of needing to go to the doctor or to the hospital for any other reason. If you do then you’ll be using up hospital time which could be spent on the crisis and you are also going to significantly increase your chances of getting CoVid whilst you are at the surgery or indeed in the hospital. 

There are two paths you can take during lockdown, you can become lazy and eat your weight in junk food, or you can look after yourself, boost your immune system and ensure that you come out of quarantine looking the best that you ever have, which is it going to be?

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