These Coronavirus Short Term Rentals Guidelines are Important for Health Workers

A mere six months ago no one could have anticipated what a small virus outbreak in Wuhan China would do to the world. During that time we have seen the virus spread to every nation, cause hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions have contracted it and gotten ill.

The coronavirus has proven to be very communicable and deadly. These two factors have caused economies on every continent to shut down some or all of their activities leading to a worldwide recession and predictions of economic calamity for an extended period of time.

Countries around the world have had to move resources wherever there are virus hotspots in their countries, causing health workers and other first line responders to have to pack up and move out of their home cities. When they move to these hot zones they must have accommodations that fit their specific needs based on key guidelines. 

For the majority of those healthcare workers who respond to the coronavirus short term rentals are the best option for accommodations. But these rentals must meet a strict criteria for protecting the health and wellbeing of the healthcare workers.

How to Select the Ideal Accommodations for Short Terms Stays During the Coronavirus Outbreak

If you are in need of accommodations while working in the New York area as a health worker during the coronavirus outbreak, you should select quality corporate housing like SoBeNY. They have facilities that meet the highest standards for comfort, security and safety. Their corporate housing is ideal and provides a relaxing and clean space for you to come back to after long shifts in stressful conditions. Additionally, their housing adheres to and even exceeds the guidelines set by the CDC and WHO for businesses operating during the coronavirus.

The Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are working closely with governments and businesses to ensure that standardized guidelines and procedures are enforced by any businesses who are serving customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The guidelines include standards for hygiene and the procedures detail how companies like short-term rentals should treat their customers and their premises. Some of the standards and procedures include:

  • All businesses providing accommodations must conduct top-to-bottom cleaning and disinfecting of all of our properties using Tier 1 antimicrobial and antiviral products.
  • All businesses providing accommodations must conduct continual training of staff members in enhanced novel coronavirus awareness.
  • All businesses providing accommodations must ensure all of our staff members are practicing frequent proper hand washing guidelines.
  • All businesses providing accommodations must also provide the necessary resources for our staff to practice social distancing, including facilitating work-from-home measures where feasible.

Additionally the best short term rental accommodations like SoBeNY enhance and maintain their ventilation systems within all of their properties to ensure optimal airflow. Good airflow will cause clean air to be circulated and minimize transmission of the coronavirus.

If you are a health worker in need of short term accommodations in the New York area, select a company that takes your health, safety and care seriously. 

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