Your Wedding Invites Complete the Perfect Wedding

Your wedding ceremony will be the most exciting and memorable day of your life. Is the day that you create a legal bond with your significant other, that bind you together for the rest of your lives.

No matter where you go around the world, the wedding ceremony is the most special occasion. And it’s not just special for the couple, both families will give it the respect and attention it deserves.

Because it is such an important occasion, everyone wants to go perfect. This is particularly true for the bride and groom. They will do everything that they can to make every single detail just right.

The Big Items are typically the Focus of Wedding Planning

The bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses, the groom and groomsmen’s tuxedos, the ceremonies which include the bachelor and bachelorette parties, the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding and the reception, all are sought to be made memorable and pieces that collectively make a completely wonderful experience for all who attend.

To make sure that all of these come off the best they possibly can, takes time, focus and usually a pretty penny. And it is true when they are done well, they make the events special. But to make sure that the weeding is its most memorable, there is one thing that should be focused on as well.  And though it is not often looked at as extremely important, the wedding invite company that you select can make a big difference on the quality of your wedding events, and the memories you create.

Wedding Invitations are a Really Important Part of a Memorable Wedding

For instance if you select a top wedding invite company like Basic Invite, you will guarantee that you get the best and most beautiful cards available, and even wedding thank you photos cards that fit every occasion and add a wonderful finishing touch.  Basic Invite all offers services that make selecting your invites and tracking your guest relations, easy and thorough. Here are a few of the benefits you get when you order your wedding cards through basic Invite.

Basic Invite Offers the Best Wedding Events Invites

Almost Unlimited Colors – Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. Once you select a design you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options so you can make sure the card is exactly how you want it down to the littlest detail. This is what we feel sets us apart from almost any other online stationery company and is what we feel is our biggest draw.

Custom Samples – Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers the ability to order a printed sample of their actual invitation so they can see exactly how it will print as well as the paper quality before they ever have to place their final order.

Over 40 Different Colors of Envelopes – Basic Invite is just as colorful with our envelopes as we are with our invitations. Customers can choose from over 40 different colors when it comes to their envelopes so that they can make their invitation stand out even before it is opened. All of our envelopes are peel and seal so the envelopes can be quickly and securely closed.

Address Capturing Service – Basic Invite offers an address capturing service that allows customers to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request their friends and family’s addresses which will be stored in the customer’s account and can then be selected during the design process. Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all Christmas card orders.

Foil – Foil cards are available in gold, silver, and rose gold. Customers can choose flat or raised foil on all of Basic Invite’s foil designs.

Thank You Cards

To make sure that your guests know how much you appreciate their attendance and their gifts, Basic Invite offers a wide range of beautiful personalized thank you notes. Be sure to order yours as a nice finishing touch to each of your wedding related events. 

Best of all, right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51

Make sure that your wedding is the best that it can be by focusing on making sure that you take care of all the things that make it great. Order the best quality invites from basic Invite.

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4 Signs That Show She Likes You

If you’re constantly confused about whether the girl you’re dating or have a crush on likes you or not, don’t worry any longer. You’re exactly where you need to be right now. This article is here to try and enlighten you a little with the 4 signs that tell she’s into you. Many men aren’t really that good at detecting whether that ‘girl’ likes them or is interested in them. In fact, there’s even plenty of research that backs this claim. However, today you’re going to break free from that norm. Hereinbelow are four signs you need to know.

  1. She’s Gathering Intel On You

During the first days of getting to know each other, it can be very easy to miss the subtle signals that show she’s interested in you. So, here’s one sure way of telling whether she likes you or not. When she starts digging into your hobbies such as football, musical instruments or playing a bit of slots on slots sites or related casinos, or she wants to know your favorite foods and such then she likes you. When a girl digs your vibe, she will generally start collecting information that concerns you.

  1. Making Future Plans

Playing the long game is a very good way of finding out if the girl you’re interested in is into you or not. Confused, huh? Well, what we mean here is for you to invite her for something that’s a long way out, maybe one or two weeks. If she doesn’t like you, there’s a high chance she won’t commit to it and will want her options kept open.

  1. The Coy And Lingering Gaze

In many cases, when a girl wants you to approach her she’ll most likely continually lock eyes with you. However, once you start chatting her up, if she’s into you then that look will tend to be more alluring and soft. It will show that she wants you. It’s usually referred to as the coy gaze. If you aren’t paying close attention, it can be very easy to miss. Anyway, now that you know there’s no reason to let that happen, is there?

  1. Letting Her Guard Down

When you’re making headway with your crush, at some point, her guard will start coming down bit by bit. In fact, she’s going to do this on purpose with the goal of giving you a preview of the vulnerable side she carries with her. However, this will happen in spurts. Why? Because she needs to ensure she trusts you and that revealing her true inner being will not send you running away. It’s usually a very tricky balance of emotions for her at this stage.


Whether she likes you or not can sometimes prove to be a very difficult question to answer. But, if you know exactly what to look for then it really doesn’t have to be. Being in the dark when it comes to things of this nature can be really frustrating. Hopefully, this piece has helped show you why this doesn’t have to be the case for you. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and bag that girl of your dreams.

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Top Tips for men: How to date a confident beautiful black woman

When it comes to the games of the heart, there should be nothing in your way stopping you from getting a brand new girlfriend. If you are interested in dating a black woman then more power to you! Interracial dating should honestly be no different from dating someone from your race. The woman you are about to meet will be confident, powerful and ready to love you. So, here are the top ways to not screw it up and simply enjoy dating a beautiful black woman for who she is.

Tell people about your relationship

Whether you’re going out with one of the hottest black women in your area, or you’re just seeing one of the black London escorts on the side, you must be open and honest about who you are dating. Your black girlfriend isn’t someone who needs to be treated like she is special or like she is a “unicorn”, basically something that looks magical and unique. No, she is just another woman who wants affection and attention from other men. 

If your friends or family start to act surprised about your choice, don’t be afraid to challenge them on it. It should not be a big deal to date someone from another race. Interracial dating is completely normal and, if anything, helps the world heal from the previous racial divide and tension. If your friends and family truly want you to be happy then they will respect your choices and your relationship.

Be Confident

A confident black woman needs a man by her side that is sure of himself. She doesn’t want someone who is timid and feels like he hasn’t got a voice of his own, instead, she wants someone who can be a man and show off who he is with confidence. So, be prepared to grow a spine and let your brand new girlfriend know your likes, dislikes and overall interests. Confidence is generally attractive to all women. So, take some pride in who you are. It will only put you in a better position.

Power Couples

Now, when it comes to having an interracial relationship, you need to see both you and your girlfriend as the perfect power couple. Both you and she have your own freedom and opportunities that are going to help you grow as people. The best way to see your relationship is as an opportunity to be independent together. Together, you can support each other emotionally, mentally and physically through life’s ups and downs. If you view your black girlfriend as a person, rather than a “trophy” (and God help you if you do), you will find that your relationship can do wonders to boost both of your confidence levels and help you develop into better people. 

Avoid Comparisons

So, we’ve all probably heard the rumours about black men and their junk size. Well, this is a stereotype that hasn’t really helped out by Pornhub and its portrayal of black pornography actors. Either way, you need to realise that your black girlfriend isn’t going to compare you to other black men. Sex isn’t everything and your girlfriend genuinely just wants your love and attention. The more you compare yourself to other people, the more likely that you will damage your relationship, especially if you start to compare yourself to other men that she has dated. This will probably offend her.

So, relax and just enjoy the moments of intimacy you do have with your girlfriend. If she is a queen outside of the bedroom, then you are going to be in for one heck of a ride when you get in there.

Enjoy your relationship!

Interracial relationships are beautiful. Your black girlfriend is going to be a force to be reckoned with, especially if others start to challenge your relationship. Embrace the love that you share together and don’t let anyone else stand in your way. Be with whoever you want to be and be happy together. That is all that truly matters.

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3 Signs That Your Marriage Is Headed For Divorce

Being married is one of the hardest relationships that a person can be in. While you likely love the person you married more than anyone else on the planet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that things are going to be easy for you in your life together.

For many marriages, things don’t end up working out long-term. And while there are things you can do to bring a marriage back from the brink, some relationships are just better to be left to run their course. 

If you’re wondering whether your floundering marriage will be able to stand the test of time, here are three signs that your marriage is headed for divorce

You Find Excuses Not To Spend Time Together

At the beginning of a relationship, any time spent apart can seem like torture. But if you’ve found that you’re starting to enjoy the time you spend separate from your spouse, this could be a sign that things aren’t going well.

According to Stacey Feintuch, a contributor to Reader’s Digest, the time you spend apart from your spouse doesn’t necessarily have to be negative on your marriage to present a problem. Even if you feel like you’d rather be at work, watching shows on your own, or spending time with friends and family, this could have a very big impact on your relationship with your spouse, which could lead to a rift in your marriage. 

Evidence Of Contempt In Your Marriage

How you think about and communicate with your spouse can be a big indicator of how long your marriage will last. One of the biggest threats to your marriage in this way, according to Marni Feuerman, a contributor to, is feelings of contempt.

When you or your partner does or says something that puts one of you above the other, this is a sign of contempt. This type of behavior could include things like mocking each other, name calling, rolling your eyes, or using hurtful sarcasm or humor. With contempt in your marriage, things like love, respect, appreciation, and kindness will quickly be eaten away at. 

The Majority Of Your Feelings Are Unhappy Ones

While there are bound to be times in every marriage where feelings get hurt or unhappiness sets in for one reason or another, if you start to find that you or your spouse are feeling unhappy in your marriage the majority of the time, this could be a sign that a divorce is imminent.

According to Bela Gandhi, a contributor to, most couples can ride through the little fights or disagreements. But once you start feeling like these are the rule and not the exception, things can start to go downhill fast. 

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs or symptoms in your marriage, you may find yourself closer to a divorce than you realized.

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How to Live Your Life to the fullest

Take Care of Your Health

One of the most important factors that will enable you to live your life to the fullest is your health. Being healthy allows you to do just about anything you want, whenever you want.

Taking care of your health means eating right, avoiding stress and exercising on a regular basis. It also means maintaining your body so that little aches and pains get taken care of immediately and do not turn into bigger problems down the track.

Get Regular Massages

People that want to live full & happy lives are proactive about their health. They look for good quality food, stay away from drugs and alcohol and stick to a fitness regimen that keeps them in great physical condition. Included in this regimen should be massage therapy. Getting massages on a regular basis can help keep you in good physical condition and help to keep your muscles loose, limber and injury free.

If you have any physical challenges like a bad back, massage therapy, like remedial massage, can do wonders to help eliminate pain and relieve any ongoing issues. Creating a good relationship with a skilled massage therapist can be a smart decision and will help you maintain your health throughout your life.

Have Fun Regularly

One of the keys to living your life to the fullest is making sure ‘fun’ is a part of your schedule. Too often we feel committed to work and our routines and don’t include time for us to simply have a fun. We think that having a good time is a privilege rather than a right.

The reality is, however, that having a good time is as important as work or taking care of your family. Studies have shown that those who include an element of fun in their lives, live longer and happier lives. So make sure that on a regular basis you do something fun.

These tips can be very good things to remember and to do throughout your life. If you choose to take them on, you will find yourself happier and living life to the fullest.

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6 Ways to Save for a Wedding

The happiest day of your life will be an occasion to remember. Unfortunately, it costs money to hold the biggest party of your life. Saving for a wedding can be a struggle if you’re starting from ground zero.

But we’re going to show you some of the tricks you can use to save for a wedding. Let’s take a look at some of the secret saving tips that can get you ready for your big day.

Know Where You Stand

The first step to saving money for a wedding is to know where you stand. In other words, you need to be aware of how much you need to save and how much you already have saved.

Use an app like Mint to track this. It aggregates all of your bank accounts so you know exactly how much you have. You can also use it to track your expenses.

Whenever you manage money online, make sure you install a VPN for extra security. For help with this, use a guide from Troypoint and they will show you how to get started.

Garnish Your Own Paycheck

Always pay yourself first. Instruct your bank to send a portion of your paycheck to your savings account so you don’t run into any problems with saving.

Most banks have this facility available. Use the previous step to know how much you can safely garnish from your paycheck and still cover your daily expenses.

Be Careful Where You Spend

Saving money for your wedding shouldn’t be confined to pure saving. It should also include saving money ON your wedding. Don’t think you have to have a huge wedding in order to have a great day.

Get married on the right day, choose an affordable venue, and don’t worry about not splurging on the little accessories nobody ever notices anyway.

See how you can keep your wedding costs down when planning your wedding and your savings journey will be a much easier one.

See What You Can Get from Others

The chances are you already know people who have got married. Use this to your advantage. See if they have anything from their weddings that they would let you borrow.

One quick tip is to take an old bridal wedding gown and have it tailored according to your tastes. This is much cheaper than spending thousands on a brand new dress.

Ask for Help Instead of Wedding Gifts

Request that your family and friends chip in with help, either through their time or through helping out with the cost in lieu of a wedding gift.

Most people would rather help with setting things up instead of agonizing over which wedding gift to buy. A wedding organized by your family and friends is always that much more special.

Hold the Wedding and Reception in the Same Place

Want to know how to cut your savings goal by thousands with one decision?

Just hold the wedding and the reception in the same place. It’s becoming increasingly trendy to rent one venue instead of two. This will save you thousands because you don’t have to worry about preparing two different venues.

Unless you’re a rabid traditionalist, this won’t affect the outcome of your day.

Last Word – Saving Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

These tips will not only help you to save money for your wedding but they’ll help you to save money on your wedding. You don’t have to live like a monk in order to get the money together.

And you certainly don’t have to take out loans to enjoy your big day.

Do you have any other tips for saving for your big day?

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4 Things to Look for in an Engagement Ring

If you’re looking to propose to the love of your life, you are probably asking yourself how do I find the perfect ring? Do I spend a lot or spend a little? There are so many things to consider. Cost isn’t the only consideration when you’re looking for the perfect one to make them say, “I do!” Here are four things to look for when you’re shopping for an engagement ring.

1.      Finding the right style

There are many different styles of rings. From Classic single diamond solitaire to nature inspired to vintage styles. The traditional ring is usually a single setting diamond that highlights the single gem as the focal centerpiece.

If your soon-to-be spouse enjoys being out in nature, there are rings made to inspire the active lifestyle with inlaid settings and swirling vine style molding. For those who cherish the vintage style, there are timeless rings that have intricate moldings and detailed filigree bands. If you’re loved one is more into the contemporary or modern style, these usually are made as bezel settings with thin metal surrounding the gem or tiny diamond chips inlaid throughout the ring in a dual crossed pattern.

2.      Gems

The traditional gemstone for an engagement ring has usually been the diamond, but with newer times and people wanting more affordable rings or just something that will stand out, other gemstones have become popular.

Choosing diamonds is still perfectly fine and you can judge them by the carats. A single carat diamond is quite large and depending on its cut can be as large as 10 mm which is larger than the average ring finger that is 6 to 8 mm. The second most asked for gem is the ruby. The deeply red color conveys your heart’s desire. The ruby is also quite hard with a Mohs scale score of 9.0.

The third most requested gemstone is the nave blue sapphire whose brilliance shows your depth of love as deep as the ocean. It also has a hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs scale.

3.      Handmade or Prefab?

Deciding whether to have the engagement ring handmade or whether you should buy one right off the shelf is an important consideration. Making this decision depends on how much time you have before you decide to pop the question.

If you’re planning to have your ring handmade, cost and time will be what determine when you’ll be able to set the stage for asking. Many people have planned video engagement parties and even asked during a movie. If you’re budget conscious, you may also consider buying something already made. A handmade ring from an artisan is a one of a kind investment that would guarantee that no other person will be wearing your fiancé’s ring.

4.      Material: Gold or Something Else

Traditional rings are usually made of yellow gold and are the most affordable. But with new technologies the industry is able to create rings made of more durable material. But, truthfully, almost any metal can be turned into a ring. If you’re looking for a natural ring, you might consider a ring made of wood.

These don’t necessarily lend themselves to having a gemstone embedded, but they can create a unique ring for your soon-to-be spouse.

Tungsten is an extremely durable material that many men’s rings are made of. Again, they aren’t easily resized and tend to not have gems embedded. The softer metals such as silver, and even platinum make for great rings to have gems settings installed. But gold comes in white, yellow and rose colors that are resizable, beautiful and traditionally long lasting.

Finding the right ring for your perfect engagement entails more than just finding one at the right price. These four things are just a few to consider when you’re choosing the perfect engagement ring. You’ll make that day memorable and special whatever you decide.

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Valentines Day in the Lake District

Have you planned something special for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day?

Think outside of the box this year and go beyond the usual flowers, dinner and date night…we have the perfect gift for you!

Instead share an amazing experience with your partner that you will never forget. Treat yourselves to the privacy, peace and natural beauty of Eskdale and our stunning corner of the Lake District National Park. Escape the day to day chores and distractions and simply enjoy each other’s company in the comfort of your own luxury cottage, especially prepared for YOU.

Leave your car at the cottages and stroll to Boot village’s many highlights, breathing in the fresh mountain air and soaking up the stunning views of the surrounding mountains. If you would like a challenge, you can hike up England’s highest mountains, Scafell and Scafell Pike. If you would prefer an equally scenic, but more gentle amble, you can walk to Stanley Ghyll Force 60ft waterfall, which will leave you blown away by its beauty!

We have brand new kitchens, fitted less than a month ago, in all our cottages, so you can cook to your heart’s delight and enjoy exclusive, romantic dinners in, or alternatively, you can head out and walk less than 200 yards down the road to sample the local ales and hearty Cumberland food on offer at either of our excellent village pubs.

We also have a visiting Spa Service, My Personal Sanctuary, who provide a range of indulgent treatments and come direct to your cottage.

We still have vacancies this Valentine’s Day with both short breaks and weekly bookings available on all our smaller, one bedroom cottages, so make a change this Valentine’s and make it one to remember!

Choose from one of the following one bedroom cottages at Bridge End Farm:

Whillan Beck Cottage – this cutely contained one bedroom cottage is right next to the river as its name states, so you can wake up and fall asleep to the sound of the water.

Wrynose Cottage – this spacious and sumptuous one bedroom cottage has fantastic fell views from the upstairs bedroom, so you can wake up to the sight of the surrounding mountains. Many also choose this cottage for the exquisite bathroom, with claw foot slipper bath – see photos below!

Stanley Ghyll Cottage – this detached one bedroom cottage stands away from the rest at the end of our cobbled driveway, adjacent to our private walled garden. With a marble bathroom and upstairs living room with fabulous views, you cannot make a better choice!

Hardknott Cottage – this one bedroom cottage has an open plan downstairs living and kitchen area with high ceilings and an upstairs galleried bedroom beneath our 500 year old beams. Take a step back in time and absorb your historic surroundings.

We can also offer all our Valentine’s guests half price chocolates and champagne this year, so splash out and reserve your stay this February!

Visit our website to view all of our romantic Lake District Cottages

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5 Things a Groom Shouldn’t Forget on His Wedding Day

It doesn’t seem likely to forget the important things on your wedding day, but it’s surprising just how many things you can forget when things are getting stressful and there are many things to remember. Here are some simple (and not so simple) things, which you should remember in the run up to the big day.

  1. Set an alarm!

You might have been out drinking the night before in celebration of your last night as an unmarried man, but don’t forget to set your alarm for the morning. Many grooms have accidentally slept in a little too long, and while it might not mean missing the entire ceremony, not giving yourself enough time to get ready for your wedding will cause you unnecessary stress and worries.

  1. Be prepared to look your best

This might seem very obvious, but you should be ready to look your best when you get married. This means buying new clothes and accessories that you can wear with pride. Remember that you’ll be having photographs taken by your own professional photographer and also friends and family who are attending the wedding. Whatever you wear will be in everybody’s photographs to remember for a long time after you’ve tied the knot. You can buy men’s formal suits in many different styles and colours, so it won’t be difficult to find something you feel comfortable and look great in.

  1. Eat breakfast

It’s easy to forget to eat breakfast on the best of days, so your wedding day can become so stressful that you don’t remember to get some food. However, if you’re prone to feeling nervous, anxious or getting stressed in those kinds of situations, it’s definitely a good idea to get some food down you. You probably wont eat for a good few hours until well after the ceremony and photographs have been taken, so you’ll be glad you took the time to have some food.

  1. Don’t drink too much in the morning

Both the bride and groom might have a few glasses of champagne on the go in the morning to calm their nerves or help them celebrate the fact they’re finally becoming husband and wife, but don’t get too carried away. Being tipsy or, even worse, drunk on your wedding day can be an absolute disaster, so if you’re desperate to start knocking back the pints, save it for the reception afterwards when you can finally let loose and enjoy yourself.

  1. The rings!

While this is more of a job for the best man, the rings are definitely not to be forgotten on your wedding day. Just imagine the embarrassment and horror of getting down the aisle, saying the vows and then not having a fashion ring to put on your bride’s finger. Check with the best man beforehand that he definitely has the rings, since it could turn out to be a disaster if they’ve been misplaced or lost.

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Is That Individual Worth Dating?

Whether you are a woman or a man, online dating can be a blessing or a nightmare.

As individuals turn to the Internet to meet someone, there should be the least bit of trepidation.

What someone says about themselves on the worldwide web can be very different from who they are.

How much time and effort will you invest in doing an online search or two of the person you might be most interested in?

Know as Much as You Can Before Dating

So that you can know as much as possible about an individual before dating them, consider these tips:

1. What will the Internet tell you?

For starters, do your best to know as much as possible about them.

No, you’re not a detective, but that does not mean you shouldn’t do some research here and there.

Is it in the back of your mind that someone you’re talking to online may not be telling you the entire truth? If so, what options do you have in front of you?

One option of course is to end the conversation and move along.

Another is to do a criminal records search.

In that search, you can find out if someone is withholding certain information from you. Most important would be that they in fact do have a criminal record.

While a few traffic tickets are not a big deal, domestic violence, robbery and other such offenses are.

2. Listen to them 

Face it; many folks had to listen to someone go on and on about themselves either before or during a date. In all honesty, it can get pretty boring in a hurry.

That being the case, you should still look to pick up on certain statements.

For instance, does someone show contempt for people of authority? If so, that could be a warning sign that they are not respectful of others.

An example of this being a red flag would be someone who talks bad about their employer.

Yes, while many people have issues in the workplace, most people are thankful to have a job in the first place. As such, bashing an employer or co-workers can be more than your everyday frustration.

While you can’t always focus on every said or written word, do your best to listen and look with attention.

In the end, doing so could save you much time and frustration.

3. You get what you paid for

As using the Internet to buy items may not always pan out; joining a dating site comes with ups-and-downs too

Always remember that you get what you pay for.

On the one hand, you could end up meeting the person of your dreams by dating via the Internet.

On the flip side, it could turn out to be a nightmare at the end of the day.

You may find that meeting someone through friends, work, even church would be better.

For all those married couples out there, it had to start somewhere, right?

That said many of them could likely share a dating nightmare or two.

As such, don’t feel bad if you go through a bad date or two along the way to finding your true connection.

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