The habits of couples who stay together happily

When it comes to relationships, everybody is different.

Everyone has different love languages, and different ways of expressing their feelings for another person. Some may focus on sex and physical intimacy, others may focus on gift giving or kind words. All of these are valid, and should be celebrated in their own right. 

There’s no one way to show love for somebody- yet there are a few habits to pick up that can strengthen a relationship further. When looking at healthy, happy couples, there are a few particular traits and habits that a lot of us can learn from.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring this in more depth. We’ve collected 6 key habits of couples who stay together happily, to help you feel better and more secure in your own love life.

Existing outside of the relationship 

To start off with, one of the most important hallmarks of a healthy relationship is that both parties have their own lives. As pointed out in this handy article, existing solely as somebody else’s second half can be draining and bad for your self esteem.

Try to keep other hobbies and interests alive outside of your relationship, to keep things interesting and to keep yourself sane too.

Giving small gifts and making kind gestures 

Instead of always focusing on lavish gifts and over-the-top gestures, simple gifts and expressions of love can be wonderful ways to keep a relationship happy and healthy. Pick them some wildflowers on your way home from work, or wake them up with their favorite coffee.

Being open and frank about their interests

Sex isn’t an important factor of every relationship, but for a lot of people, it’s vital. Healthy, happy couples find great success in the bedroom in most cases, and this is often due to good levels of communication. Being open and frank about sexual interests with your partner is a key part of success in a long term relationship.

Sex toys are often a point of interest for many couples, and there’s a lot of great resources dedicated to this online. Have a look at this GiftWits guide for some inspiration.

Speaking positively about their partner

Another great habit to build in a relationship is positively discussing your partner with other people. Showcasing that you’re proud of a loved one and positively discussing them with others is a great way to increase happiness in a relationship. 

Being supportive of their partner’s ambitions

Something that many happy couples have in common is mutual support. Building the habit of constantly supporting your partner’s dreams and goals is an incredibly important part of staying happy in a long term relationship.

If your partner has a show or an event that they’re putting on, for example, try to make sure that you’re there to support them. Even if it’s something like a sport that you’re not particularly interested in, making the effort will make your partner happy.

Making compromises

A final trait to note is the ability to make compromises. Something that every successful couple has in common is the ability to make compromises and deals. Knowing which battles to fight is a vital skill to have in a long term relationship, as pointed out in this helpful article.

Mindfulness is a great skill to pick up in regards to this. Before flying off the handle about something, take a step back and analyze it. Is it the best use of your energy, or should you work out a helpful compromise instead?

To sum up

As we noted earlier, everybody’s love language is different so some of these may apply to your relationship more than others. If there’s something on here that seems new or interesting to you, why not give it a go? We’re sure that your partner will be thankful for it.

Above all else, communication and honesty are a must in relationships. If you’re struggling in your current relationship and can’t figure out where to go next, try sitting down with your partner and having a conversation with them about it- it’ll help you both in the long run.

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