Why bootcamp has become so popular

Many people have vowed to get their fitness back on track in 2020 however, many fell off the fitness wagon hard and fast. This is because they have either gotten annoyed pushing their way through the gym crowds. Alternatively, they have gotten bored running on the treadmill in a never-ending cycle. The fantastic news is that there is a form of exercise which is a little bit more exciting than the usual gym routine in order to help people to keep on track with their fitness.

Fitness boot camps have been happening across the world for years now, but many people are only now starting to realise how much fun – while at the same time being a fabulous workout – that these can be.

The word ‘bootcamp’ comes from a military-style of training during which cadets are trained to become soldiers or, alternatively, military officers. The camps consist of rigorous exercises such as stretching, running, relays, pushups, pull-ups, and obstacles.

During Bootcamp classes, gyms or personal trainers bring together a collection of like-minded people who have a common goal that they want to achieve through workouts which are rigorous. The camps take place out in the open, in gardens in addition to other open spaces.

With so many different exercise methods which are available to people who want to lose weight, why are people flocking to boot camps?

Here are a couple of reasons.


If your aim is losing weight, the normal course of action is to go to a gym. However, if you are embarrassed to do so owing social circumstances or for some other reason, you would seek out an alternative. As hiring a personal trainer can be expensive in addition to inconvenient, many people opt for Bootcamp classes.


When you work out in a gym, you are going from one set of four walls to another. However, at a fitness boot camp, you have the additional advantage of working out in the fresh air. The envigorating garden air refreshes your mind body and soul. It fills you with a zest to take your exercise seriously as well as achieve your goal.

Training in a group

Any Bootcamp is made up of like-minded individuals who come together in order to achieve a shared goal. As everybody is working to reach the same fitness goal, Bootcamp groups take the form of support groups.

Friendships which develop in this atmosphere span a lifetime. Members of the group keep in contact even after the camp has disbanded. They continue to motivate one another so that all of them can keep up the pace which was set during the camp.

Endurance, Discipline as well as Confidence

Bootcamps not only train you to work out but they also instil discipline, build confidence in addition to inculcating endurance. Your body and mind are trained to follow a certain routine as well as work within the set format. As we said in the previous paragraph, working out with other like-minded individuals gives you the sense that you are not alone in your struggle. In addition, this assists you with building your confidence.

Many fitness newbies are reluctant to engage in bootcamp workouts. This is because they feel that they won’t be able to keep pace with the perceived military-style training. However, beginners actually find attending gym more intimidating as opposed to bootcamp.

Go to Bootcamp with an open mind. Everyone is at different fitness levels and are striving to get fitter in addition to stronger. The most essential thing is to take decisive action as well as to give Bootcamp a go..

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