How to know if God is calling you

Many people float through life unaware of their life’s purpose. Then all of a sudden, they have an experience that leads them to believe that God might be calling them to a higher purpose.


Prophet TB Joshua once had a similar reckoning which has led him from what was sure to be a life of abject poverty in Nigeria to a life spent preaching God’s word across the globe.

Is the Lord calling you to a similar mission or a different one altogether? By looking for the signs listed below, you can get clear on whether God wants you to do his bidding, wherever you happen to live.

1) There’s something troubling you that won’t depart your mind 

Ever have a nagging thought that just won’t leave your mind, no matter how hard you try? When there is a moral conundrum that will not leave your subconscious, it is a sign from the Lord that he is calling you to do something about it.

Ignoring it will only make the thought grow bigger until it prompts you to act, so get up off your butt and help make the world a better place.

2) An apparent call to action comes to you as you pray 

Most of the prayers offered up to God are normally are met with silence not because he doesn’t care, but because he is engaged in the perfect act of doing things in the way nature intended.

It doesn’t mean that he isn’t listening: he most certainly is, and as many people find out, you end up receiving what you need at the moment it is required.

On the other hand, it can be jarring when you are on the receiving end of a request, as people aren’t used to a deity speaking to them.

Just as the Lord has listened and helped you all your life, don’t deny the call of your heavenly father: what you must do may not be clear at the outset, but take the first step towards helping him create a better world.

3) Someone enters your life who spurs your faith

As it has often been said, the Lord works in mysterious ways. When someone enters your life that helps you engage with your Heavenly Father in a more profound way, you need to search for the meaning behind it.
By praying deeply on this matter, you can better understand what you need to do with this new accomplice in your ongoing Christian faith.

4) He speaks to you in a way you can understand 

If there is anyone that understands how you tick, it is your Father in Heaven. After all, he is the one who created you in the first place.

If you are a quiet introvert, he will speak to you in an understated, almost whispery fashion. If you are a loud, brash person, his message for you will come through a powerful medium.

Don’t look for the message to come through an unexpected source; it will be through a method that you will understand, even if the meaning of the message is unclear at first.

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