Can You Trust the Person You Are Dating?

It goes without saying that the dating world can be a little tricky to navigate at times.

With that thought in mind, how trusting are you of the person you are seeing now?

In the event you have your questions about them, it is best to put everything out there on the table. Doing so can make for less tension and let you know if you should stay or go.

So, how trusting should you be when dating someone?

Is the Individual in Fact Available?

One of the trickier pieces of the puzzle in dating someone is making sure they are totally available.

As an example, someone may say they were married for a period of time and are now officially divorced. There is also the chance they say they are in the middle of divorcing someone.

So, are you going to be satisfied with the answer they give you?

One thought is to get online and in fact see if you can find out some evidence one way or the other.

As you can go online if divorced to find out how do I get a copy of my decree absolute, use the web to see the one you are dating.

While you hope they are upfront about being divorced, they may be keeping something from you. That something could also be information outside their divorce status. For example, what if they have a criminal record and you stumble upon it while online? Would you still consider dating them moving ahead?

By doing some online research, you are one step closer to finding out if the person is on the up-and-up or hiding stuff.

Will Finances Come into Play?

Depending on how far along you are in dating someone, the talk of finances may or may not come up.

In the event it does come up, are you going to be in a good position to have the chat or chats?

If you’ve been dating this person for a while now, they may show some interest and you may too of combining resources. This more times than not would mean moving in together.

Now, you may not feel you are at that point where you want to do such a thing. In fact, it could take years for you to get there.

That said you want to be careful. This would be so that you do not end up in a financial bind do to another person’s not being totally honest with you.

Last, you also want to know what kind of character the person you are dating has.

Sure, while you may see some things early on, other actions may take a while to rear their heads. The last thing you want is to be caught off guard by one’s behavior so much so it leaves you questioning dating them.

Along with how they act around you, you can also see if they have any notable trail of social media activity. If so, the hope is they have not posted any questionable comments or images over time.

In trusting the person you are dating, what will make you think twice about moving on with them?

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Harris Scott Kreichman – Conference Call Ideas For The Family

Given that much of the world is in lockdown right now over the CoVid-19 pandemic we have seen a huge rise in people using conference calling to stay in touch with family I was introduced to this by my colleague Harris Scott Kreichman who was kind enough to invite me to a chat with his family and it was a real hoot. Hopefully after all of this pandemic situation has passed us by we can still maintain this level of contact with our friends and family who we may may not live near, and here are some great ideas for what you can do during the chat.


You don’t have to be in the same room as each other to play bingo and this makes for a really fun idea to play with the family. Online you can find ready made bingo cards as well as virtual bingo machines which will give you randomly numbered balls. All you need is someone with a little bit of humor about them to call out the numbers and then all people need to do is mark the numbers as they go, and shout nice and loud when that House comes in.

Pub Quiz

There is no reason why you can’t complete a pub quiz with the family as well, albeit without the pub! There are two ways in which you can do this, the first is that you have a dedicated quizmaster who asks the questions, alternatively you can ask each group or person to ask the questions. If you like you can think up the questions on your own, alternatively you can download them from the internet, where you will find an enormous range of quiz questions about a range of topics. Remember that if you are going to take it in turns to ask questions that you must ensure each round is worth the same points so that nobody is at a disadvantage.

Board Games

There are a whole host of board games which you can still play, despite the fact that you are not together with your family .Take a game such as Monopoly for example, all you need to do is have one person or group with the board and the money divided up, and then roll the dice for each member who will then decide on how to proceed. This requires quite a bit from the person with the board but it can still be a great deal of fun. You can also play some card games such as poker, which are ideal for this scenario. Naturally you are going to have to put your faith in the fact that everyone is honest and assuming that they are, you can have a g great time playing cards with the family.

Charades is also a great idea and a lot of fun!

Just because you aren’t together does not mean that you cannot enjoy a fun game with the family.

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Having Fun and Adventure With Your Family is Easy This Holiday Season

The holidays are nearly upon us and this means that the family will be together for an extended period of time. School will be out and you will also likely have time off from work so parents and kids will be together and wanting to make good use of this time. The winter holidays are a great time to bring family together around fun and entertaining activities for you all to enjoy. Here are a few easy ways to make this the best holiday ever.

Visit a Disney Theme Park

A trip to a wonderful world of Disney theme park is an unforgettable, lifetime experience. The parks have been designed to fulfill every fantasy and desire that young people have. They are big, beautiful, and extremely larger than you can imagine. They have Disney characters walking throughout the park, and your favorite Disney merchandise is available for sale. Most importantly they have rides and attractions that are designed to thrill and fascinate young people. Many of the rides are Interactive, and others teach important things to young people about history, courage, and good ethics. The parks also have tons of things for adults to do, so won’t feel as if all you’ll be doing is standing around watching your kids have fun.

If you choose to go on a Disney vacation, buy your tickets online to avoid the queues. Disney is known for having very long lines so if you purchase tickets in advance online, you will do yourself a great service. You can buy tickets for all the Disney parks online, and also when you purchase this way, you receive a discount over what you would pay at the park. So order your vacation early and save some money as well.

Visiting Family

Most families don’t get enough time with their extended families, so anytime you can bring the kids and visit relatives; whether it’s cousins, grandparents, or others, it is the potential for wonderful vacation. If your extended family lives near you, you can plan events for the group to do together. In fact you can do things like going to theme parks, and cultural places where your group might enjoy the day and each other’s company.

Staying Home

When you talk about options for a holiday, one option is to stay home with your family. Since you’ll have time off your work, you can have uninterrupted time with the kids and spouse in an environment that you know very well. You can plan all sorts of activities that the family can do that may involve short-term trips which can occur during the day.

You can visit your local zoo, aquarium, museums, and other fun and interesting cultural places in and around your town. You can also have this type of vacation cheaply and it will allow you to spend your nights in your own bed. It may not be a glamour filled or super exciting, but the kids will appreciate that you are there and engage with them during the holiday.

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