Arguments that state that Prague is the most beautiful city in the whole world

Old town of Prague and Prague castle, Czech Republic.

Beauty is a very subjective matter, yet for so many experienced travelers the Czech capital proves to be the perfect combination of breathtaking beauty and mind-twisting heritage. There are many arguments that residents of this city will throw at your face once you ask them whether their city is really the most captivating one.

How it came to be that no one left this city without fascination about its surroundings and what makes its architectural heritage the most unique in the whole world? Let us find out in this brief overview of the Czech capital.

Jaw dropping heritage that shines from its streets

Prague, Czech Republic. Evening Cityscape Of Old Center. Famous Old Town Hall, Church Of Our Lady Before Tyn, St. Vitus Cathedral In Night Lighting. Famous Landmarks, UNESCO World Heritage

Stories about unforgettable Prague stag activities have reached far and wide. Even more famous are breweries that come from this city. But, what arguments state that this is really the most beautiful city in Europe or possibly the world? What is that very thing that you can find here and nowhere else that make Prague claim this glorious title?

Well, for starters, Prague is home to the most unique combination of cultural heritage that you can find in the “old continent”. That means that the streets of Prague hold the special combination of all major epochs of architecture. Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau just to name the four major epochs that make all the other cities sigh with envy once they realize that nowhere else in the world you can find such amazing cultural phenomenon.

There is one thing that made this phenomenon possible and it is, unfortunately, less present among other European nations. The residents of Prague were careful enough not to destroy the things built from the previous rulers. Most of the other cities in Europe were insensitively overwriting the heritage of the previous epochs in order to strengthen the presence of a new ruler. But not here.

This is the most important fact that speaks in favor of such vivid surrounding that you will encounter once you set foot on Prague soil. The end of the second world war marked the time when most of the European heritage got destroyed in one way or another.

Evening view of bridges over Vltava river from Letni Park. Prague, Czech Republic

Somehow, through political schemes, this breathtaking city was spared from the horrors of war which eventually gave its shining glory that we can witness today. Nothing can tell you more stories of this city then the calm Vltava river.

She is home to 18 bridges in total that represent one thousand years of history of this city and that is the very fact why we call Prague “the city of bridges.” Throughout history just like anywhere else in the world they were destroyed and rebuilt but one bridge stands as a testament to the glorious past like no other.

We are of course talking about Charles bridge that holds the famous title of the “most beautiful bridge in the world”. Construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles IV and finished at the beginning of the 15th century.

Famous red rooftops and the perfect combination of colors

Prague at the sunrise

Just to think about that millions of curious travelers come to witness the gorgeous statues that can be found on it is the thing of deep admiration nonetheless the very reason to finally visit this city on your own. Imagine the stunning feeling they experience once they find out that there is so much to this city than this breathtaking bridge…

Another phenomenon that adorned postcards from this city for centuries is the number of colors implemented in its surrounding. This city is famous for its red rooftops that give the tasteful sensation in comparison to its European counterparts that are either gray with too much concrete or with too much color that eventually make the city look like a children coloring book and not famous historical hotspot.

This might as well be the very reason why so many legendary painters founded their greatest inspiration while painting in Prague’s charming streets. The residents of this city were always very well aware of all these beautiful facts about their cities outlook and they never let big companies take advantage of its charming viewpoint.

Illuminated Tynsky temple
You can’t find anywhere the big brands commercial that shine from some old building since preservation of charm was always more important than a few extra dollars that can be put in their pockets.

There are countless more reasons to be named in favor of the title of “the most beautiful city” but the only definite way to find out is to come and witness the beauty of this city with your eyes and soul. Once you come here the only thing that we can guarantee is that you will wish to come again regardless of time spent in the capital city of the Czech Republic.

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