Owner of Botox Cosmetic Bay Area Beauty Parlor Talks Botox

There are a lot of questions which people have around botox and whether or not it is something which they should look to have done. In order to give you the very best breakdown of this treatment we have the owner of Botox Cosmetic, Bay Area beauty parlor ran by the brilliant Michelle Daniels. Michelle has been kind enough to share with us some of her tips for how you can get the best out of botox and why this is a procedure which nobody should be afraid of.

If you have been wondering as to whether or not this is something for you, here is why you may find it to be the perfect solution to your aging issues.

Botox Safety

One of the most important things to mention when it comes to botox is that you use ignore anyone who tells you that this is not safe. This is in fact a very safe procedure and one which has been helping people for many years. There is only one possible occasion when this procedure is not safe is when the botox solution is in fact out of date. Now this can be easily avoided by checking before the botox is administered, making sure the bottle is both in date and sealed.

What You Can Expect

Another area where there seems to be a great deal of myth is the process of actually administering the botox. Contrary to what many might say, this is not a painful process whatsoever, not before, not during and not after. Even the most squeamish person will say that it stings or scratches, but never that it actually hurts. The injections only go beneath the skin rather than the flesh which is why they don’t quite hurt as much as one may think, and the injection of the fluid really doesn’t hurt at all. Botox administration features lots of little injections which are over and done with before you know it.

The Results

The first point to make about the results of the injections is that they work, and they work every single time. The results which people look forward to are always matched and it is very rare that someone would come away from having botox injections feeling dismayed at the results which they see. Not only this but as long as you properly care for your skin, you can anticipate those results lasting for anywhere between 3 and 6 months. Eventually your skin will absorb the botox and that will result in your face and your features going back to exactly how it was before you had the procedure done.

The final post which Michelle wanted to stress is that this is no longer the expensive procedure that it was and that now it is more accessible than ever before. This again is something which puts so many people off having botox, when in reality it is far more affordable than they may realize.

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