The Biggest Horse Racing Event in UK this 2016

The Biggest Horse Races in the UK in 2016 will get your blood pumping ... photo by CC user 43555660@N00 on Flickr

Ready to take in some of the biggest horse races in the UK this year? If your travels are taking you to United Kingdom in 2016 and you love horse racing, attempt to check the following equestrian festivals…

1) The Grand National

A National Hunt event that ranks as the richest steeplechase equestrian event in Europe, the Grand National has riders competing for a purse that exceeds one million pounds every year.

The 2016 iteration of this race will be held in Liverpool at the Aintree racecourse on the 9th of April, and with the longest run of any National Hunt event, and some of its most challenging fences, it should be as compelling a spectacle to watch as it always has through the generations.

2) Ladies Day at Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival is the biggest horse racing event in UK in 2016, and knowing that, it kicks off the year in a major way, with no less than 28 events occurring over four days.

Out of all the races occurring during this period, we believe that Ladies Day, which falls on the Wednesday during the week of the Cheltenham Festival, is the best day to go to the track.

Not only does the day start with three Grade 1 contests in a row, but everyone comes to the grounds dressed in their best outfits. Think ambitious hats, flowing dresses for the women, and dapper tweed jackets for the men.

If you are unlucky enough to not be able to attend the races in person on this day, you can still get the news of what happened that day on the web. For Ladies Day Cheltenham 2016 results, just click here…

3) Gold Cup at the Royal Ascot

Another equestrian sports event worth checking out in the UK during the spring is the Royal Ascot. Founded in the 18th century by the monarchy of the day within walking distance of Windsor Castle, it has retained its close connection with the British Royal Family, as its members often attend the bigger races when Ascot week is going on.

The Gold Cup is the most prestigious of the races held during the course of this event, as it is seen as a proving ground for horses known as stayers.

Run over two miles and four furlongs, it is the ultimate test of endurance for these four year old horses, the reward for which is a 1st place prize of over 200,000 pounds.

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