Gun Safety Tips For First Time Gun Owners


When you are buying a gun for the first time, it can be pretty confusing and difficult to figure out just what you need to do to keep everyone, including yourself, safe. Still, you have to do the research and read over the rules so that you can know what you need to do.

When thinking about purchasing a new gun, whether it is your first time or not, you have to consider the safety concerns. Also realize that the type of gun does have an impact – whether it be a pistol, shotgun or rifle. Even paintball guns and BB guns require knowledge of these rules for gun safety.

In America, owning a gun is an inherent right, but we still have to know that there is a great responsibility when it comes to owning one. It isn’t enough to be able to purchase one, in order to continue the safety of the right, you have to know how to keep it safe – when using it, when transporting it, and when storing it. Use the following steps to ensure that you are being the most responsible gun owner you can be.

Take a Gun Safety Class

When you are even considering getting a gun, you should look into gun safety classes right away. While handling a gun and shooting it might seem simple, it definitely isn’t the easiest thing to do. Much like driving a car, you will need time to practice and learn before you can be left alone. That’s why many places will offer gun safety courses. The National Rifle Association (NRA) has local safety classes all over that are some of the best you can get.

There are different levels of gun safety classes in some locations, so if you have experience with one type of gun but don’t have experience with another type, you may want to still take a class on that specific gun.

Get Comfortable With Your Gun

Some people like the DIY aspect of getting an ar10 80 lower and building their own gun  with the intention of using it for protection. However, the problem is that they don’t use the gun to get comfortable enough with it to actually use in a time of danger. Then, if something does actually happen where the gun is needed, they aren’t prepared to use it and can severely hurt themselves or someone else.

Get comfortable with your gun. You purchased it, so you might as well use it. There are gun shooting ranges almost everywhere so that you can go and shoot a few times. You should do this every few months just to ensure your gun is still in working conditions.

You should also get comfortable with loading, unloading, and cleaning your gun – something you’ll learn at those aforementioned gun safety classes.

A Gun is Always Loaded

You must understand that guns are extremely powerful and there are too many accidental discharges each year because people don’t realize that. Even if you know that a gun isn’t loaded, you have to handle it like it is. Depending on the gun, there is a chance that you forgot about a bullet or there is still something in the chamber. If you share a gun, it could have been loaded without your knowledge.

Never, ever underestimate the amount of damage a gun can do. It isn’t worth the risk to joke around and assume that a gun isn’t loaded.

Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger

When you are holding a gun, cleaning it, showing it to someone, or just moving it to transport, your finger should never be on the trigger. In fact, it should not be near the trigger until you are ready to fire the gun. If you keep your finger there any other time, you run the risk of an accidental discharge or a mistake that can be extremely detrimental.

Once again, it isn’t worth the risk.

Never Point a Gun at Anyone, Including Yourself

Never point the muzzle of a gun toward yourself or toward anyone else. This goes for whether it is loaded or unloaded, because once again, you never want to assume a gun is unloaded.

For the safety of everyone, keep the gun pointed away from people when handling it or even when you let it sit down. It is best to never handle a gun around a large group of people unless you absolutely have to.

Have a Gun Storage System

Having a gun safe is important for all gun owners, of course, but it becomes a necessity if you have children in your home. Young children are naturally drawn to guns because we always tell them not to touch them. They will seek out guns if they aren’t properly locked in a safe. Also, anyone who is having psychological challenges or taking mood altering medications should never have access to a gun.

Even if you keep your guns unloaded (which you absolutely should), you must put your gun in a safe. There are different kinds of safes on the market, including ones that require keys, ones that need a combination, and more high tech safes that require your fingerprint. You’ll have to work within your means to find the system that works the best for you, but there is something out there for everyone.

Educate Everyone in Your Family About Gun Safety – Including (Especially) Children
Gun responsibility and safety is your responsibility for everyone in your home. If you have someone living with you, you have to make sure that everyone understands these rules as well. Make everyone in your household aware of the basic gun safety practices.

Even more importantly, you have to teach children that they are never to touch a gun and they are to walk away and tell an adult if they see a gun anywhere they are. You can’t be with your child at all times, so you can’t always be there to take it away. Gun safety in many cases will extend outside of your home.

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Essay: What Freedom of Speech Means to Me?

Freedom of Speech is the right of all free people

An important basic human right

Every US citizen is protected by the First Amendment in the Constitution which guarantees freedom of speech and is acknowledging it as an important basic human right. This has important implications, such as the fact that citizens have the right to express their personal opinions and with that also comes the responsibility to protect the original goals of the US government.

There is no limit upon freedom of speech and this basic right can be used where ever a person may find himself as long as the person exercising that right does not interfere with the constitutional right of other US citizens. Any nation where people have lost their right to freedom of speech is ultimately poorer and weaker.

Without freedom of speech people loses the right to express their beliefs and this is a really a very sad situation because every human being should have the basic right to be able to speak when things is not right and they should not be hindered when they do so.

Without freedom of speech effective organizations with specific goals to up lift society will have very limited effect because they will have no way of expressing what they believe. Fortunately this is not the situation in the US because citizens have the right to speak out about many things because of the basic right of freedom of speech.

Interaction between public and government

There should to be a healthy interaction between citizens and their government and this can only be accomplished when there is freedom of speech. In a democratic government everyone participates and everyone has a contribution to make to the success and growth of the government but without freedom of speech as one of those basic citizens’ rights none of this will be possible.

The reality is also that freedom is not merely a description of something it goes way beyond that. Freedom should in its fullest sense be a way of life and it should be a continuation of those initial goals of the founding fathers of the US which forms the basis for the freedom which is enjoyed by citizens in this country.

As every citizen knows the civil rights as far as the US is concerned is contained in the bill of rights which is one of the most important documents as far as US citizenship goes. Freedom of speech is the ability to speak out for those things which is considered to be necessary and it is the ability to do so without persecution which is making this basic right so valuable.

There are many countries where people do not have the right of freedom of speech and those people have no say in those matters which concerns their governments and their society.

No longer slaves but free people

The citizens of many countries is still effectively in slavery because they have no real freedom. They cannot express themselves as free people do. US citizens is fortunate that they no longer find themselves in this situation. Slavery has been abolished in this country and all US citizens is now free people with equal rights.

This allows people access to the same things such as equal opportunities and employment opportunities. There is no a longer situation where certain employment opportunities is only allowed if you are male. Female’s citizens in the US is no longer subjected to this kind of discrimination.

We also have to consider the fact that freedom in this country was not easily accomplished but they were many martyrs, people were sacrificed for the liberty which we now enjoy. There were people such as Martin Luther King Jr. who was willing to sacrifice everything in order to ensure a better way of life for all US citizens regardless of culture or background.

This was really an extraordinary person who was able to analyze the situation in the US and he was able to change the mind of people and to bring about the formation of new ideas and beliefs which eventually resulted in a changed society.

Many of the freedom which we experience as citizens in the US can attributed to the unceasing labors of Martin Luther King Jr. Assistance in the writing of essays can be obtained from CustomWritings.

Appreciation for our way of life

It is often said that people do not appreciate something until that thing is lost. However there are millions of people who grew up in a US where there was no real liberty for all the citizens of this country.

It required real sacrifices to bring about our current way of life and it’s only when this is fully understood by all US citizens that we can truly appreciate what we have today and then we can really take the necessary measures to ensure that we are able to protect our basic human rights.

Then we only have to look at other countries who has not yet reached the same conclusions which has been reached by people in the US and therefore they are still basically slaves to their convictions and way of government. This is why a lot more has to be done to contribute and to maintain the current level of US independence and liberty. The more we learn about this subject, the better off we will all be.

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