Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, the third largest island in the Hawaiian chain of islands, is also known as ‘the gathering place’. The nickname perfectly suits the island, which is home to two third of the total population of Hawaii. Also, Oahu bears a diverse range of ethnicities and cultures. Indeed, Oahu is ‘the gathering place’! Oahu can, no doubt be a firm candidate for one of the best tourist destinations in the world! With warm and balmy weather year round, Oahu boasts to greet its visitors with a pleasant aura, unlike their hometown or country. With a miscellany of traditions, art, food and language, even a casual stroll on the island can become an interesting, and mesmerising trip. Oahu is almost shaped like a diamond and, is covered with ocean and mountains from all sides. This makes it a very natural and serene tourism place. There are many beaches surrounding the pacific oceans and sitting by the bay is always a fun thing to do. Some of the famous tourism places, which makes Oahu, one of the best travel destinations to visit are,


Luau is a place with a very unique concept. You won’t find this kind of place with such a unique concept, elsewhere. Here, you will get to know the history of the Hawaiian people in a very entertaining and engaging way. You’ll get to know the day to day activities of the people of the past. The food, the celebration, the activities, you’ll get to know all of these. What’s more is that you’ll get to participate in these activities! You’ll literally perform the activities of the Hawaiian people while learning about their history. You’ll get to enjoy the scrumptious seafood famous for the region.

Iolani palace

Iolani palace, is the only royal palace in the USA. You’ll get to have a royal experience when you’ll enjoy the traditional music and dance in the throne room. You’ll also enjoy the royal feast in the banquet room of the palace. You can also play on slot sites or similar casinos and enjoy other rich urban experiences.

Kailua beach

Sunrise is always a desirable sight when the first rays of the sun, gently kisses the horizon. Kailua beach is the perfect place to enjoy the scenic rise of the sun. The palm fringed beach further enhances the view and makes it picture perfect.

Kahanamoku beach

Sunset is also not to be missed. Kahanamoku beach will give you a dream sunset view, which you will cherish for a long period of time.

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