How Mobile Technology Is Changing Bingo as We Knew It



Back in the day, when someone mentioned ‘Bingo’, we would imagine a group of retirees gathered together in a roomy hall yelling numbers at each other. But all that has changed now, thanks to mobile technology, transforming the game into something more interesting than we always assumed. In fact, the move to take gambling online opened doors to so many growth opportunities.

In the early days of online gambling, it was just a web-based access to a real-world sports betting account, and you had to send cheques through the post. In quite a short time, online gaming has expanded to accommodate real money games with accounts which can be funded electronically within seconds. The games are almost a limitless array of fun titles.

We have reached the point where mobile games have a high resolution virtual image, quality graphics and a trustworthy random number generator. Today, while riding the bus or waiting at the dentist’s, you can whip out your phone and indulge in a quick betting game.

Going online has made gambling a lot more accessible. Take the bingo app for example, so easy to understand, and rewarding too. Players can get jackpots and bonuses as they play. Other ways mobile has transformed bingo include:

  1. Ability to play anytime and anywhere

There are many apps and mobile websites that give you immediate access to start playing bingo with a couple of taps, on any mobile device. As long as you’ve got an internet connection, you are good to go. It’s a fact that many bingo rooms are trading off for the native mobile apps and mobile websites to give players unlimited access to the game.

Some apps help you find bingo games to play. There are others that offer a rating service to guide your decision. You can find out more about cash prizes to be won in each game, so you can choose how big (or small) you want to win.

  1. Better user experience

Mobile apps give players a more improved experience when playing bingo and other online entertainment. Bingo gaming is no longer limited to just desktops. With native apps, bingo rooms offer a more immersive experience for players. There are even side attractions to keep players entertained. For example, scratch cards and even mini casino games which can be obtained in the app.

And for people who don’t want to install the app- perhaps- no more memory space-, there are mobile websites to visit. Thanks to the magic of HTML5 and mobile web technology, you can get an amazing experience on mobile devices.


  1. Power of numbers

Now that there are smartphones and other mobile devices everywhere- there were over 1.8 billion smartphone users in 2015– bingo is accessible to a wider audience. Because the bingo game can be easily incorporated into a mobile device, it is suitable for any user.

For one, its simple to play, does not require extended learning and has a sufficient amount of interaction for the user. It offers an experience people are willing to keep going back for. In recent times, the user interface (UI) of the app has improved significantly, so it is expected that the number of users will keep growing.

Bingo will continue to grow more appealing as mobile technology evolves, and we’ll all experience it at some point.


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