6 Easy Steps For The Perfect, Glowing Face Makeup


Healthy, dewy, even skin – although we wish we only had good-skin days, sometimes we all have to fight the symptoms of a long night or a stressful week and create a glowing makeup look that can hide the signs of exhaustion. Luckily, there are numerous amazing and super easy techniques that can do miracles to the skin, but it can be difficult to find our ways in the endless maze of makeup products. To help you out, we collected the six most important steps of creating a flawless, even face makeup!

Before you start…

Ensure your skin is prepared and ready for all the layers of makeup. Regardless of the quality of your foundation and brushes, foundation and concealer can easily cake up and look unnatural if your skin is not clean and moisturized beforehand. Gently cleanse your face, take off all the excess makeup and use a light, water-based moisturizing cream 10-15 minutes before applying primer and foundation, this way, you will leave enough time for your skin to absorb the hydrating cream and get ready.

  1. Prime & Moisturize

After your regular skincare regiment, continue prepping with a correctional primer. Besides making the makeup stay in place all day, the right primer for your skin can also help you achieve a flawless base and help your skin stay healthy. To find the one that works the best with your skin, take a minute to observe your skin type. If your skin tends to be dull and have dry patches on the cheeks and temple, search for a hydrating primer with a dewy effect, but if you would like to fight your oily, problematic skin and cancel out the shine, go for a balm textures primer with a matte effect. Make sure you always apply a layer before continuing with foundation or any makeup product. Not a big fan of primers? No problem! Help your skin out with a gel textured moisturizer or a refreshing, cucumber or rosewater toner. Face moisturizers won’t just help hydrate skin but will also create a perfect base for makeup.

Pro tip: Primer waters can be the perfect option for you if you are looking for something super light!

  1. Conceal & Colour Correct

Cancel out any discolouration and make your skin tone look even and with the help of colour correcting. Grab your concealer pens and use green for redness, orange and salmon for purple under eye areas and dark acne scars and purple for dullness. Don’t worry, you don’t have to apply every shade all at once to cancel out everything. Instead of going overbroad, focus on the one or two main discolouration problems and don’t forget to blend everything out precisely with a soft brush. If you are lacking a few of these concealer colours, a matte, cream or liquid eyeshadow will do the job perfectly.

Pro tip: Never apply too much concealer – a little amount will do the job and it will be way easier to blend things out.

  1. Cover Your Canvas

Now that your skin has been prepared, it’s time for the foundation. Just like the primer, it might take time and experimenting to find the right one for you. Before investing in a foundation, consider 3 aspects: its texture, coverage and shade.

While people with dry skin might want to say goodbye to powder foundations, women with oily and problematic skin should try out a light, gel or mousse texture. For everyday wear, our team recommends trying out a light to medium coverage ones, and to find the perfect shade, take time to find out your skin undertone. If you have really light, porcelain-like skin, cool undertone foundations will work the best, and if you belong to the group of girls with more orange and deep-toned skins, your dream foundation will be a warm under-toned one.

Pro Tip: If one layer is not enough, gently go over your skin with the remaining product on your blender or brush to ensure a fuller coverage. For night outs, you might want to double the layer of a light-coverage foundation, but always check the result in natural light before going out.

  1. Halo Highlight

The term “halo highlight” might sound familiar from hair salons, but after the popular balayage technique, halo highlighting has become the new favourite makeup trend of various makeup artists. While different highlighting techniques can be too complicated and overwhelming, following halo highlight will help you easily apply highlighter to the right places. The aim of the halo way is to emphasize the places where the light would naturally hit the face, creating a glowing, yet still natural effect. Grab a liquid highlighting pen or a cream highlight, and gently go the top and bridge of the nose, cheekbones, brow bones, temple and cupid bows to get the glowing halo effect.

Pro tip: For special occasions, add a cream highlighter or a shimmery body lotion to your collarbones as well!

  1. Rosy Cheeks

After adding the highlighter, it’s time to frame the face and give it more definition with the help of a blush and a bronzer. A light, pinky peach shade is perfect for the casual, busy every days, because although it is such a subtle shade, it still gives the skin that rosy cheek effect. After applying the blush to the apples of your cheeks, grab a warm toned, matte bronze and pat it through your cheeks with a big, angled brush. The bronzer with the blush will bring out the natural characteristics of your face and will emphasize the glow of the highlighted areas even more.

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to use a hint of shimmer in your blush or bronzer, but try to always include at least a matte shade.

  1. Lock It In

Even, healthy, dewy skin – now that everything is finished, the last step is to fix your makeup so it will stay there all day and all night. For this, use a makeup setting spray (a refreshing spray for lighter days and a heavy-duty locking spray for night outs and super warm  days), but if you want to get a bit of an extra coverage, apply a powder on top of your liquids (such as a powder highlighter on top of your liquid one). Mixed with the setting spray at the end, this technique will beautifully blend and emphasize every little part of your makeup.  For those luscious lips, you could choose to go with a pop of colour, or a more natural look with a gloss or stain.  To complement your makeup ensemble, you could opt to add that extra sparkle by whitening your teeth , a look that never goes out of style.

Pro tip: Looks too much at the end? Makeup is all about experimenting – if you are not satisfied with the final look and you have a cakey feeling on your face, brush the excess of with a huge powder blush.


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