Why Microservice Architecture Gaining Even More Importance in 2019?

Microservice Architecture

In a dynamic environment where businesses operate in this age, most corporations are drifting towards the microservice architecture.  Why is microservice architecture gaining even more importance in 2019?

The main reason why microservice is gaining valid popularity is because of the gaffes with the monolithic development architecture. Microservice is simply jumping in to fill the gaps and inefficiencies of the old system.

Faster problem solving

On the monolithic architecture, you would generally have problems fixing a single anomaly in code without interfering with the other parts of the application. The beauty of microservice architecture is that it isolates every program and makes problem-solving a lot easier.

Additionally, if you want to upscale a specific section/program of the app without affecting the rest, you would need to reorganize the whole application architecture. This could be expensive.

For example, when your app deals in online payments and you just want to revamp the security features of the payment section, you would have to modify other unrelated components like servers and databases.

More stable and secure

Microservice also happens to be one of the safe bets in application development history. With this arrangement, you are sure that one cyber attack does not paralyze all essential company functions.

With the monolithic application architecture, any attack on even simple components as registry could end up disabling the whole app. Similarly, fixing the problematic parts places companies in a fix as it means upgrading the whole app environment.

Given that applications are fairly expensive to develop and maintain, you would usually be safer with an approach that greatly reduces the risk of starting over.

Microservice application development approach has gained much attention and a ton of blogs have written on its pros and cons. In the blog Svitla- a Silicon Valley based application Development Company, microservice is loved by developers due to its ability to develop decoupled application programs that could be deployed on their own.


The fact that the application programs operate independently allows developers to isolate and correct defects within the application without interfering with the whole app. This is equally important in testing each component of the app to determine the weak points and strengths.


Microservice produces programs that are reusable, making them more effective in bringing down development cost. Also, microservice is compatible with a wide array of many applications. This ensures efficiency in the deployment and smooth flow of services.

Improved flexibility

Unlike the monolithic development architecture, microservice offers much more flexibility in providing a great User Experience. When the company decides to change the theme of their enterprise application, for example, they could do it effortlessly.

In the old order, you would require developers to literally dismantle every component part of the application to effect one change. This presents a huge financial implication and is, therefore, not good for business.

Easier to develop

Microservice is gaining importance because developers generally love the freedom that comes with Microservice architecture. Developers have the freedom to choose the coding language to use.

Is Microservice architecture a silver bullet?

While microservice presents a host of new efficiencies lacking in the old dispensation, it also has its fair share of drawbacks.

One notable challenge is that due to the number of interactions that have to occur to link each program to the other, communication could take up more costs. You could also experience challenges of consistency especially where developers use different programming languages.


Microservice architecture is gaining even more importance in 2019 due to its improved efficiencies. While it also has challenges, they are outweighed by the major benefits that come with its usage in app development.

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