American Musical and Dramatic Academy Reviews – What is Life Like on Campus at AMDA?

Last year I graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, an absolutely amazing school which has taught me so much about myself and about performing arts that will stay with me forever. I love speaking to students who are about to embark on this amazing journey and the truth is that I am a little envious of them, as I would love to go through that experience again. Many people ask me about life at the college, in terms of both education and student life, and so I thought I’d write a quick piece to explain what life is like for a student who is studying at this illustrious college. The American Musical and Dramatic Academy reviews don’t quite tell the full story, so let me fill in the blanks. 

Social Study 

To be completely honest in the 3 years that i spent at AMDA I cannot really remember too many nights out or parties, there were plenty of course, but never weekly or monthly, usually only after a big event. The socializing which I did during my time at the college was during study, because here the two go hand in hand. For example there are rehearsal rooms on campus which are free to use, so a Friday night would often look like my friends and I rehearsing a piece. This was how we socialized, by dancing and singing and laughing with one another. This must be one of the few courses in the world where you can study and have fun at the same time. 


There are events taking place all of the time and there are lots of chances for you to get involved. Although I was specializing in dance I spent a lot of time creating props and backdrops for plays, learning lines and acting as an understudy, as well as joining the chorus on a couple of occasions. It was almost every weekend that there would be some kind of event and when that happened there would be a real buzz around campus. 

Extraordinary People

Within performing arts the majority of the students are confident people who are creative and have no issues with expressing themselves. The result of this was that you could be talking to a pianist, a singer, a dancer and an actor around the same table, all laughing and joking and all very similar personalities. I think I took for granted the people who I studied with and surrounding myself with fellow creatives really helped me to come out of my shell more and be more expressive. Whilst the college did teach me a lot about the world of performing arts, it was the amazing people who I had the pleasure to meet who actually taught me about myself. 

I can assure you that you are going to have the most amazing time at AMDA, make sure that you squeeze the life out of it.

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