Adam Seger – What Makes Tapas The Perfect Dinner Party Food

I have always loved hosting dinner parties and no mater what the reason is behind it, getting things together and then hosting is just something that I enjoy. What I particularly enjoy is trying out new meals and new ways of eating for each dinner party that I have. For this reason I have been avidly reading the brilliant book from TV chef Adam Seger, which breaks down a range of options which you can create if you are hosting your own dinner party. So far the best meal option that I have found has been tapas, which has gone down a storm at just about every party that I have thrown. Here is exactly why this makes for the perfect dinner party option.

Something For Everyone

We live in a world whereby everyone wants something different and there are more dietary requirements that people have, than ever before. This of course will pose a challenge to most dinner parties, but not if you are creating tapas. The reason of course is that tapas is a collection of many dishes and that means that you can create something for everyone. No matter whether you have meat eaters, vegetarians or any other kind of eater in your midst, you will be able to create something delicious for them which they are going to love.

Little and Often

The problem which I have with a formal dinner party is that there is very rarely time to have a proper conversation. Everyone is sat down and waiting on courses to be served, the host or hostess is going back and forth from kitchen to table and the whole affair is frustrating. When it comes to tapas however the party simply rolls on all evening and everyone will pick and eat as and when they choose. This rips away all of the formality of the event and it means that people are just so much more relaxed. Not only this however, people are also more inclined to have lengthy conversations throughout the night.

Ahead of Time

From a hosting point of view something else that I really love about tapas is the fact that you can prepare so much of it ahead of time. This means that it takes the pressure off you having to cook everything fresh once the guests arrive and it also means that you will have plenty of time to get ready, greet the guests and actually host rather than just cook. There are some meals which will need to be cooked fresh, but in the main you can prepare these and then quickly fry them off before you serve them up. The key to hosting a dinner party is making things as easy as possible and this is exactly what you will find when you create tapas.

If you have a dinner party coming up, this is the perfect option for the food, tapas really is the way forward.

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