Reputation Management Consultants Reviews – How a Reputation Management Firm Can Immeasurably Help Your Business

Do you know what your online reputation looks like for your business? If the answer is no then you aren’t alone and there are a worrying number of companies who have no idea what is being said or written about them online. There is hope however and it comes in the form of a reputation management company, dedicated companies who can greatly help you to clean up and increase the stature of your online reputation, in fact you only need to look at the online reputation consultant management reviews to see just how much they have helped a number of companies. If you aren’t sure whether or not this is a service which you need, here are just a few ways in which they can help you.


The first step is of course to understand what your online reputation is, before the team can set about maintaining it, improving it or fixing it. Within a day you will have a full idea of what your company’s reputation looks like online and this will set the ball rolling for improving the fortunes of your company.

Social Media

Does your social media reflect the values of the company? If not then the rep management team will first set about to fix this. The power of social media is absolutely incredible and on one hand you can go viral and bring in huge amounts of success to your company, unfortunately you can also bring disgrace to the company with an ill-timed Tweet or Facebook post which can cause irreparable damage. The rep management company will first clean up your social media and then they will help you with what to post and most importantly, when to post for maximum engagement.


Word of mouth has long been a favorite marketing tool and in the modern era this type of conversation is had online, via online reviews. You may be blissfully unaware that your business is being slated on the online review sites and this could be preventing more customers from coming through your doors. The reputation management team cannot delete poor reviews but they can give you the chance to respond, which can often turn a bad situation into a good one. The reputation management guys will also set up alerts so that you know whenever someone is leaving a review, good or bad.


When someone searches for your company’s name on Google what will they find? If the answer is some negative articles then the reputation management company will be able to help you. Using SEO tactics the reputation management company will be able to produce lots of positive content about your business and then this will ensure that those negative articles are then stuffed further down the search rankings so that nobody will see them.

If you are not managing your online reputation then you could be damaging your business.

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What Benefits Are There to Using a Reputation Management Firm?

For many years celebrities, politicians, important pubic figures and large firms have used public relations services to ensure that their reputations remain intact. These days that type of PR is still very much in operation and has taken to the internet to help out a great number of people and businesses in building, growing, maintaining and protecting reputations, you only need to look at the reviews to see for yourself just how many people rely on these services to  protect themselves online. Such is the way of the internet that these days, protecting a reputation is not only for the cells and big businesses, but for small and medium enterprises too. If you aren’t sure what benefit you could get from this kind of service then read on to find out more.


the first question is are you even aware what kind of reputation you have online? Most people aren’t and this can be quite damning in itself. A bad reputation can do terrible damage to a business and if you are not aware of whether you have a good reputation or a bad reputation online then enlisting the support of a rep management firm can help you to get on top of it and take action.

Removal of Slander

Reviews online are a great tool to help you to attract more customers but these review systems are very open which makes it easy for anyone who may have a particular grudge with you, to leave a scathing and slanderous review. Equally, if you have ever had any unfounded accusations leveled at you then this may be the most popular result online when searching for your company, regardless of how unfounded the accusation was. An online reputation management company can ensure that your prospective clients see the truth about your business online and not the slanderous comment of someone with an axe to grind.

Guilt by Association

One of the biggest reputation management consultants complaints is the guilt by association which takes place online. For example, if you have a partner or associate who has run into trouble or who have been operating unethically then you will of course want to cut ties with them. The trouble is that removing all of the links that tie the two of your tougher online can be very tricky and this could cause many to think that you are guilty, solely because your partner is. A reputation management firm will be able to help you to cut all ties with your former partner and ensure that any prospective clients and customers do not put you in the same category as the company which you were previously associated with. There is nothing worse than being considered guilty of something purely through association and if you ant to avoid this then a reputation management company is the way forward, for the future health of your company and its success.

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Don’t Let Your Business Be Destroyed by a Poor Online Reputation

Combat Poor Online Reputation with a reputation management strategy
Photo by CC user y0mbo on Flickr

If someone wants to get to know about your company, brand, or product, they will do so online. Unfortunately, people tend to only look at the first page of Google (90% of people don’t look further), and they believe whatever shows up there. So, if something negative shows up, they will instantly have a bad opinion about you. This is why you need online reputation management to make sure people see the good things about you instead. Let’s take a look at key things to remember.

Reviews Are Important

A poor online reputation can be caused by a wealth of different things, but mainly by poor reviews. A 2012 Nielson study demonstrated that online reviews are almost as trusted as word of mouth recommendations. 80% of people, in fact, didn’t buy something after they saw a negative review. Plus, there are five times more negative reviews than positive reviews out there. Unfortunately, a single poor experience can therefore completely transform people’s opinion about you, even if they are unfounded.

Remember Dell? In 2005, a blogger called Dell’s customer service “Dell Hell”. His post went into great detail and went viral, getting shared all over the world. Dell saw a huge decline in their business as a result of this single post. Dell didn’t think a single blogger could make any kind of difference, but they were wrong. His post was catchy, it was shared, and Dell suffered.

Social Media Is Dangerous

Sometimes, something that seems not so important can get out of control. Twitter and Facebook, for instance, have become hotspots for people who want to complain, and they have expectations. In fact, 50% of people think that businesses should resolve complaints if they have been aired on social media. Unfortunately, some companies don’t monitor their accounts or, worse still, delete negative reviews. This is a huge mistake.

Take Hyundai, for instance. A Melbourne Hyundai dealer was quoted on their Facebook page, saying there was an issue with the inflated prices. Hyundai ignored it, but the rest of the country (Australia) didn’t. The post was shared 18,000 times, 38,000 people liked it, and 10,000 comments were posted in a single week. It hit national news before Hyundai finally responded, and their reputation was badly damaged.

Hoaxes Also Exist

Unfortunately, some people just like to complain. They will write things that are completely untrue, and internet trolls find it hilarious to spread rumors based on false information. These can be very difficult to combat as well.

Take the Just Jeans debacle. Somebody downloaded the Just Jeans logo and created a fake social media page in its name. Anyone who posted on the page, believing it to be the actual company, received an abusive response. The result was that Just Jeans had to apologize for something that they didn’t do, and didn’t even have any control over.

The lesson to be learned is that you have to monitor your online reputation, control it, and, if it is broken, fix it.

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