How Much Does a Face Lift Cost In Washington D.C

Have you noticed loose skin creeping in over the last few weeks, months, years and slowly but surely, they are becoming more apparent? You may have considered having some surgery but you are unsure about how much a Face Lift Washington D.C costs. Before receiving any kind of surgery you want to make sure you know exactly what is involved and even more importantly who will be carrying out your procedure.

What is Involved in a Face Lift Procedure

A Face lift refers to lifting the tissues of the cheek and jaw line, individuals with stand-alone cheek laxity and little to no neck laxity are candidates for a face lift. The Face lift procedure requires an incision that is placed where the ear interfaces with the plane of the face and extends into the temple a few centimeters and behind into the post-auricular crease. The lift is created with tension on the muscle and not with tension on the skin. When undergoing surgery for the face lift there is no way to have scar less surgery but the scars will be hidden as well as possible between natural crease lines in your skin. You will see immediate differences after your surgery and you can be sure that you will not be disappointed. You will have a whole new youthful appearance and will feel a million dollars with a surgical lift and decrease in the wrinkles and extra skin.

Who Carries Out the Surgery 

Choosing the surgeon to carry out your treatment is a huge decision. With a face lift being a surgical treatment, you want to be sure that you are in the safe hands of someone with plenty of knowledge and experience in their field. Many procedures can end up being botched when research on your surgeon is not done properly and you receive surgery from a lesser experienced or back street surgeon. When having a face lift, you want to be sure to have regular consultations before the surgery is carried out, you want to have a real expectation of what you are expecting from your results and you also want to build a trusting bond with your surgeon. If it potentially costs more for your procedure to be carried out by a highly trained, fully qualified and experienced surgeon then it would be considered money well spent when you can guarantee the quality standard of the treatment you receive. When having consultations your surgeon will provide you with imaging and give a clear picture of what changes will be taking place. By doing this you are left in no doubt of what is going to happen and if you are in any doubt about your new look then this gives you the opportunity to raise any concerns. Receiving surgical treatment of any kind is a big deal and once you start its very hard to go back so you want to be making that all important decision straight away. 

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Top 3 Reasons Why People Opt For Plastic Surgery

Last year there were more people in the United States who had plastic surgery or a cosmetic treatment than any other year since records began. The reasons for these decisions are plentiful and they are no doubt aided by the fact that these treatments are not only more accessible than ever, it seems there is a clinic on every corner, but also the prices have tumbled and they are no w very affordable.


I myself regularly have little tweaks done to my body, a little botox or liposuction at my local clinic Sono Bello, plastic surgery is not something that I have been too interested in trying just yet but I completely understand why many would take the decision to do so. Let’s take a look then at why so many people went to the clinics last year to have there bodies changed, re-shaped and augmented.


Confidence is the biggest reason that most give when they want to have some plastic surgery, or to be more specific, helping to overcome their lack of confidence. A body hang up can really bring people down, it could be a crooked nose or small breasts and the result of these body hang ups changes the day to day outlook of the person with them. Having a nose straightened or a breast augmentation can give people a spring in their step once again and for many, this is why they head to the clinics.


Plastic surgery is being used more and more to help people with outstanding body problems, whilst medics have long used this surgery for the likes of burin victims or facial reconstruction, we are now seeing more people have surgery when they have body issues which cause health problems. Let’s take for example ladies with overly large breasts, the weight of the breasts can put incredible pressure on the lower back and cause disfigurement and a great deal of pain in the future. Plastic surgery can reduce the size of the breasts and improve the condition of the back.


Not everyone has a body hang up that they would like to fix and many go under the knife to enhance various areas of their body. The most common way in which people want to enhance their body is for weight loss results. I’m not talking about liposuction here, I’m talking about those people who have lost a significant amount of weight and wish to have excess skin removed. What happens when people have gained a great deal of weight is that their skin stretches as the weight is gained, when the fat is lost it leaves the stretched skin behind. For any person who has managed to achieve the great feat of losing vast amounts of weight, being left with this excess skin is a bit of a kick in the teeth so they head to a clinic and have the skin removed professionally.

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