Natural Fertilizers and Their Benefits

Winter has a tendency to destroy lawns. According to professional lawn care company TruGreen complaints about winter include that it kills the blades, injures the roots, and saps any remaining life out of soil. Unless you have signed up with a professional lawn service like True Green, you will spend all of spring and most of summer trying to restore your lawn, only for it to start all over again. Yet, if you know how to treat your lawn, using natural products, essentially becoming Mother Nature’s best customer, you may be able to avoid this. And this is particularly true if you sign up with a proper service like True Green, who use natural products only.

The Importance of Going Natural

True Green prides itself on avoiding chemical products, something that is clearly appreciated. If you read the company’s reviews about the different lawns that they service, you will in fact see that this is one of their key advantages. The company also encourages anyone who finds a review helpful to comment. In commenting on this review, they benefit future customers as well.

So why is it so important that they only use natural products? There is, unfortunately, a widespread belief that natural products aren’t as strong and that chemicals are therefore superior. While it is true that chemicals will work, perhaps even better, this is only for a very short period of time. Not just that, when you start to introduce chemicals to the environment, you are causing untold damage to a variety of other things as well, including plants, groundwater, and more.

When you use something natural and go organic, you allow Mother Nature to do what she is best, and that is to support natural plants. There are lots of fantastic organic products out there and they work incredibly well. Not just that, you can also use organic fertilizers on any edible produce you grow in your garden, and you never have to worry about your pets or children accidentally come into contact with toxins. The simple fact is this: if you wouldn’t let your child ingest something, don’t feed it to the earth either, as your child will then indirectly ingest in anyway.

If you decide to go organic and to use natural products, you will see that your lawn effectively learns to support itself. Your grass will become luscious and green, and the envy of the neighborhood. With winter fast approaching, now is the time to call in the True Green experts so that they can apply a dormant fertilizer to your lawn, in the right amount and concentration. This will ensure that your lawn can rest over the next few months, ready to begin growing again in summer (at which point you need to fertilize again, by the way). Only natural products will be used, which means that you allow nature to do its work, the way it is supposed to do. Avoid chemical products and companies that use chemical products, the future of the planet depends on it.

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